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British Men: Have You Been Castrated?

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posted on Jun, 17 2009 @ 11:59 AM

Originally posted by Mintwithahole.

Originally posted by Grumble

Scallies (aka plastic scousers) who seem to be those idiots who think that faking a scouse accent makes them somehow scouse (liverpudlian).

O.K., can someone translate that into English for me?

Translate it!!? I understood it, it simply doesn't make any sense. . . Who exactly are these people who fake a scouse accent? And why do they do it? Is it because you associate the scouse accent with thuggery and crime because if it is you're so wrong.
As a scouser I don't want to appear over sensitive to criticism but I honestly thought these kind of ignorant remarks were a thing of the past.

No no no... wrong end of the stick. Being half-liverpudlian myself, i take great offence from two types of people.

A) those who associate all thing liverpudlian with crime etc


B) those idiots who WANT to be classed as thugs (using fake accents as a way of 'bigging themselves up'.

For your information, these types of thugs usually live on the outskirts of Liverpool, prescot, whiston etc and give all scousers a bad name.

No offence intended at all. I love scousers, just dislike the scallies.


posted on Jun, 17 2009 @ 12:40 PM
reply to post by mr-lizard

No offence taken my friend. I thought this was yet another knock at us scousers (and half scousers).It's nice to see that those old steroetypes are slowly breaking down.
Take care mate.

posted on Jun, 17 2009 @ 02:07 PM
reply to post by Grumble

your about right ! i live just outside the uk thankfully, its amazin watching the news some nights ie the story of a romanian barmaid who refused to wear a red dress to work. she argued that as a devout muslim it was to revealing so couldnt wear it , she loses her job, then sues for unfair dismissal. fortunatley the judge saw her coming and gave her a pittance of the £23,000 she wanted

posted on Jun, 17 2009 @ 02:56 PM

Originally posted by ItsallCrazy

Personally, i think the French are going to start it. They seem to be in the only country in europe with Balls. Being british and saying that, its bitter to my tongue XD

The FRENCH?!?!? Mate you cannot be British, if you are you gotta be welsh or something... Jus kiddin

The French have never had any balls. The thing in this country is that the politicians have no balls, they're scared crapless of any form of criticism, which is the why the scumbag immigrants that griefed our troops on the return from Iraq got off scott free.

The people are a different story.. if you guys (americans) had to fight your goverment it'd be a long and bloody battle..

If I could get into the Houses of Parliament you could beat everyone in the room to within an inch of their life and they'd probably still offer you a cuppa

The french beheaded one of there kings and sparked a revolution that almost swept across britain?

Perhaps it is the Divide the media has set up between us that makes us weaker. For example, I'm not american, i'm british. I DONT want to be best buddies with the french because of history and the germans? No body wants to be there friend

But you see, we all just working-class people, scatterd across the world, ultimately in the same fricking boat. There will be hunderds of sites across the internet maybe with a thread just like this?
I think the whole world wants a Revolution and we are running out of time i fear!

posted on Jun, 21 2009 @ 04:46 PM

Originally posted by neformore
I have to say that this "you should have guns" argument is wearing kinda thin.
We don't need guns. Its not the British way. We will sit and tolerate and tolerate and then one day, we simply won't tolerate any more. It happen with the Poll Tax, it happened with the fuel protests, and its happened with the current MP's expenses. Change comes gradually. You don't have to fire off a semi automatic rifle to bring it about.

Not the British way? There is no British way, it's something the mass media brainwashes you with. The British way is what you want it to be (within reason).

You really don't have a clue about the gunclubs, firearms and the NRA.

You are allowed a firearm by common law. The firearm is not illegal, it is only certain ones that are 'prohibited'.
It's only statutes brought in by successive goverments (not by the people) that have restricted them.
From WW2 the restrictions of firearms have really took place. We might of 'won' that war but the deals and strings successive governments have pulled certainly wouldn't make you think so.
The British public have been brainwashed into fearing firearms ever since the 2 questionable massacres in the 1980s and 1990s.

Here's a brief run-down on the laws:
But gun control is a relatively recent phenomenon in Britain, where ownership of firearms was relatively common a century ago.

The contrast between UK legislation on gun ownership - among the strictest in the world, and that in the United States - among the most relaxed, might appear stark.

But in fact both countries' firearms laws can be traced back to the same source.

The right to bear arms was guaranteed in the 1689 Bill of Rights, in which the new King William of Orange enshrined a series of rights for his subjects - Catholics were famously excluded.

This was enshrined in common law during the early years of the US, and later informed the second amendment of the US constitution, which explains why the right to bear arms remains so strong a factor in America.

'Driving factor'

Meanwhile back in Britain - where hostile natives and rogue bears - were less of an issue, few people took up the right to carry arms.

But there remained no legal restrictions on gun ownership throughout the Victorian era.

Victorian crime image
Gun laws were almost non-existent in Victorian time

In 1870 a licence was introduced for anyone who wanted to carry a gun outside their home. But there were no restrictions on keeping a firearm indoors.

Mild restrictions came into force with the 1903 Pistols Act which denied ownership to anyone who was "drunken or insane". It also required a licence for firearms with a barrel shorter than nine inches - what we nowadays refer to as handguns.

Prior to World War I there were a quarter of a million licensed firearms in private hands across the country.

But after soldiers returned from the trenches the government became concerned about the number of weapons they had brought home with them.

The establishment's fears were heightened by the rise of socialist and anarchist movements and the 1917 Russian revolution.

The 1911 Sidney Street siege in east London - which ended with a bloody gunfight between police and a gang of Latvian anarchists - underlined the dangers.

Further restricted

The result was the 1920 Firearms Act, which introduced a registration system and allowed local police forces to deny a licence to anyone who was "unfitted to be trusted with a firearm".

Restrictions were tightened with the 1937 Firearms Act, which banned most fully automatic weapons.

The 1967 Criminal Justice Act required licences - but not registration - for shotguns.

Hard on its heels, the 1968 Firearms Act consolidated existing laws and gave the Home Office the right to set fees for shotgun licenses.

Two tragedies nine years apart were to see the law further restricted.

Following the Hungerford massacre in August 1987 - when Michael Ryan killed 16 people and himself with two semi-automatic rifles and a handgun - pressure was put on the government to tighten the law.

Hungerford gunman Michael Ryan
Fresh laws followed Michael Ryan's killing of 16 in Hungerford

The result was the Firearms (Amendment) Act 1988, which banned semi-automatic and pump-action rifles; weapons which fire explosive ammunition; short shotguns with magazines; and elevated pump-action and self-loading rifles. Registration was also made mandatory for shotguns, which were required to be kept in secure storage.

Even stricter controls were introduced after the 1996 killings in Dunblane, when Thomas Hamilton murdered 16 primary school children and their teacher with four legally-held pistols.

The Conservative government drew up legislation banning handguns above .22 calibre. But following their general election victory, Labour introduced the Firearms (Amendment) (No. 2) Act 1997, which outlawed .22s as well.

More recently, in response to a series of high-profile shootings, the Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006 was introduced.

This made it an offence to manufacture, import or sell realistic imitation guns; doubled the maximum sentence for carrying an imitation gun to 12 months, and made it a crime to fire an air weapon beyond the boundary of any premises. It also increased the age limit for buying or possessing an air weapon from 17 to 18.

An FAC for rifles and carbines is easy for any sensible and responsible citizen of the UK to get hold of.
The police cannot stop you from owning a firearm, they can only follow the control laws.
You've got to jump through a couple of hoops but the only thing stopping folk getting an FAC is FEAR.

At my gun club we have dozens of paid-up members and the legal weapons you can own are awesome to behold.
SLRs of .22 calibre and mags if 30 rounds.
Carbines of up to .44 calibre.
Bolt Action assault rifles and sniper rifles up to .50 calibre.
Plus black powder / cap and ball pistols and now 'nitro' propellent handguns.

All legal, above board and not a thing the sheeple 'ban-em' brigade can do about it.
We go shooting em off on private land and at indoor shooting ranges. Scotland has the best areas for plinking and target shooting, but Bisley is a brilliant place for southerners.

The handgun ban was one of the biggest wastes in British history and did not prevent criminals from getting hold of weapons. It just forced the weapon ownership underground for them and they merely sourced the firearms in from overseas and smuggled them in from eastern bloc countries.

One of the other reasons the British Public haven't a clue about gun ownership is because one of the 'caveats' attached to being a gun owner is you are forbidden from openly telling of them.
That's how crazy the law is. Because if someone knows you own them the PTB dictate that there is a risk they'll break into your house to steal your weapons.

This is complete bs of course but its the governments way of keeping the 'word' and 'knowledge' of owning guns quiet.

Anyway, back to the subject.

The real danger is the 'do-nothing' mentality of Brits.
We are our own worst enemy. Binge drinking on the weekend, sit in front of the box rotting our brains on trash tv and p.iss and moan.
All well and good but when it comes to actually voting and making a difference, be it the BNP, Greens, UKIP etc nobody even votes.
Turn-out at elections is pathetic. Say what you will about Iran but at least the people go out and vote.
Looking at the adverts and how men are portrayed as useless idiots and reliant on a woman to 'fix' the problem you get a picture on how the British Male is considered castrated.
Sorry guys, I'm from the UK and have lived in Asia, Europe and now back in Britain and the typical Brit a far cry from being master and commander of his own destiny compared to our US cousins.

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posted on Jun, 22 2009 @ 01:31 PM
reply to post by Grumble

No, I'm afraid that despite the insistent posts of a few self-deprecating pussies and nerds here, your ignorance on the subject is beyond description.

"Furthermore, it seems the underclass (chavs?) has grown and is now a threat to anyone on the streets of your cities,"

How can you, as an American (murder rate 6), try and say that living in Britain (murder rate 1.3) is in anyway 'threatening'? So-called 'Chavs' are not an 'underclass', they are simply the working class of the nation - a bunch of people who get drunk and pick fights. What if I were to say "Nigger gangs roam the streets of all American cities, shooting all in their path"? Can you see that your perception is warped by the kind of bumpkinned Daily-Mail-fearmongering cretins that plague belowtopbraincell? 'Chav' is a feeble term coined by pathetic, feeble weak-willed countrified rubes in this nation to deride and villefy the working class of cities and small towns. I've lived in London 20 years, and I've never been attacked or even threatened.

I'm not quite sure what you're referring to when you say "thought crimes", but I assume you are ignorantly alluding to hate crime legislation - which you evidently do not understand nor have the data on conviction rates (almost negligible). Germany is infact the country that prosecutes for nondescript offences like "Xenophobia". It is only by the trenchant recalcitrance of the 'castrated' Brits that we have been able to circumvent EU arrest warrant legislation that would otherwise render us unable to express our views. If you actually believe that you can be prosecuted for saying something that is not wholly pre-emptive of treason (ie "I'm off to kill Gordon Brown with this IED in my bag") then you are mistaken. PLEASE read the Daily Mail (the only paper the buffoons on ATS ever reference) with a critical eye. Or better yet, don't read the Daily Mail.

If the lackwits here ACTUALLY believe the French or Germans are going to 'kick off', they've got another thing coming. The only country not in bed with the EU is the UK, and it would be folly to mistake complacency for cowardice. Just because we don't get our knickers in a twist over every 'UN-BRITISH, FREEDOM HATIN' law, doesn't mean that this nation won't be the LAST to fall to tyranny across the earth. You couldn't be more wrong.

If we REALLY had 'thought crime' laws, how would the BNP (a party diametrically opposed to Zanu Labour) gain two Euro seats?

"And, of course, you have no right to defend yourselves, and you have no weapons with which to do so?"

"No right to defend yourselves?" What are you on about? That ONE CASE where an over-zealous country bumpkin was prosecuted for murder because he failed to exercise a few brain cells?

And if you believe that the wholesale of firearms to civilians is a good idea, you just GO ON AHEAD. It is not the British way to sit like a paranoid hick with a gun in your house waiting for the rapture; life gave us cunning, strength and gallantry - no mere gun is a threat.

And protect us from WHOM exactly? Our pathetically rural police force with their stupid comedy hats, whose 'heavy inventory' is (only recently, and lamentably) a taser, standard issue for US cops? Unlike the 'land of the free', if we are confronted by police we don't expect 15 choppers and a small army of live-round-armed thugs to pay a visit. Number of people shot by UK police in recent years? ONE, and it was a massive scandal

If the liberties in the UK are declining, it's because this government of Scots and ex-KGB thugs seeks to emulate the USA and Europe, particularly with respect to policing... the bottom line? You have all been speaking to too many nerds. Go to the UK, walk into a pub and say that Brits are all castrated pussies that don't defend their families and have no weapons... Please... And film it for me :O

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posted on Jun, 22 2009 @ 01:41 PM
I put it to you that any Brit posting that the OP is accurate in his observations is a bumpkin and a Daily Mail reader, probably with little better to do that while away the hours in his dreary provincial dump fantasising about the fall of man.

Just stop reading the Daily Fail. Or at least read the facts not the rhetoric. If it says "The government is to introduce plans..." that means "Some unstable, unelected, universally detested nutcase, probably Jacqui Smith in recent years, is gonna put a bill in the Commons that will likely fall flat on its arse". The only worrying bills are those put forth by the insidious lot - usually the Bilderberg attendees - in parliament, and they are not the ones pushing straight for more of a 'police state'. They have more brains than that...

I work at the forefront of the libertarian movement in the UK, opposing the hegemony of Napoleonic law and policing with every breath; but I'm sorry - it's people like you that discredit everything we work for.

If Britain is such a 'police state', why is the conviction rate from CCTV so hideously low (none of it works); why are our sentences ludicrously light, and why are the police here so feebly equipped and legally unentitled to even TAKE YOUR NAME without a full arrest should you refuse? Enjoy your Kevlar paramilitaries with their tear gas, rubber bullets and water cannons, scum. Zanu Labour will pass - Sir Robert Peel will always rule the roost here. G20 was their feeble attempt to bring Euro-style policing to the UK, and it epically failed. Even tasers are too much for us to bear, it seems - and will not last long under a shaky, weak-willed and eager-to-please "Call me Dave" "Conservative" govt. Good, they're a #ing disgrace (and the tasers too...). The only people oppressed by the New Labour 'police state' are the cretins stupid enough to believe their tawdry lies and the BBC's transparent fearmongering...

Get a brain, morans.

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posted on Jun, 22 2009 @ 01:52 PM
reply to post by FMLuder


More than on person has been shot by the police in recent years. l

posted on Jun, 22 2009 @ 01:59 PM
reply to post by mr-lizard

2000 is not recent years; and my assertion was obviously cursory -.-. But alack, I understand this is ATS. I'd better make myself thoroughly clear in future.

It's not gonna be many more than 10 - which is a feebly low statistic. The point was to highlight the discrepancy between the UK and the USA with respect to these killings.

Three links, only one of which was pertinent (one of which didn't work) hardly undermines my point...

posted on Jun, 22 2009 @ 02:59 PM

Originally posted by mr-lizard
reply to post by FMLuder


More than on person has been shot by the police in recent years. l

I'll add to that post of clarity that the police, even in the shire constabularies now are now armed with military assault rifles plus the rest!

So that blows the 'not police state' argument out of the water.

posted on Jun, 23 2009 @ 11:05 AM
reply to post by WatchRider

... quoting from your links

"Due to police officers in the county not being routinely armed the force has its own specialised firearms unit based at locations around the county. The force has at any one time has 9 armed officers on patrol"

"Officers of the GMP, as in the rest of Great Britain, do not routinely carry firearms. Instead, the GMP maintains a firearms unit to provide them with a capability to deal with armed criminals."

Were you... not born with some vestige of comprehension? :S:S Those verily CONFIRM the 'non police state' argument
9 officers? Across a COUNTY? 9 officers policing MILLIONS of people?

A small armed corps of police designed to deal with heavily armed suspects is not conducive to a police state. Firearms are not standard issue anywhere in the UK for Police Officers.

You still fail to see my point. Whilst I campaign relentlessly for the re-Peelisation of the police force, these LUDICROUS and exaggerated claims that British police are in any way draconian or over-equipped when compared with other nations, 'Western' or otherwise, are completely unfounded.

The cops in this country, whislt a few remain megolamaniacal little arseholes, are something to be thankful for. Find me a country with a more libertarian police force... You can't. At G20, where i was an attendee, the police used TRIED AND TESTED tactics from Europe that pass by without recourse on a weekly basis on the continent, and were slammed as brutal tyrants and thugs.

The answer to the OP is "no, the so-called NWO will not get one over on the Brits." Stop having a hissy fit; a single loon government (or even a government in league with an even crazier supragovt) cannot undo centuries of sound and equitable politics.

I'm no Tory, and have no trust or faith in their Bilderberg leadership, but I know that once the house is filled with their recalcitrant backbenchers and they start packing the Lords, these bills will dry up bloody fast.

posted on Jun, 23 2009 @ 11:11 AM
reply to post by WatchRider

Oh, and an MP5 is not an assault rifle -.-

You're right though; the right to bear arms is guaranteed by Common Law. The 'no guns' culture is mostly an urban phenomenon, enshrined into law by the Blair admin.

My point is not that 'things are just fine', but that to say that British men are 'castrated' is slanderous and ignorant. The reason these Americans hear about our 'police state' is because we're whingeing the loudest - that, and Brits apparently spend WAY too much time #ing around on the internet.

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posted on Jun, 23 2009 @ 01:00 PM
You're just being an argumentative idiot and if you want to bury you're head in the sand and argue against the facts then do so at your leisure

Not a Daily Hate reader either. In fact I read none of the msm rags, they are all bought out and sing the tune of whichever political master calls the shots.
Online media is key.

Oh and I never said an MP5 was an assault rifle either. If you read the wikipedia entry:


The routine patrol officer is not armed but does carry a baton, a PAVA incapacitant spray, and handcuffs. All officers and civilian members of staff are required to wear a stab vest when on duty and "not in an office environment"; most choose to wear their vest at all times. Although officers are not routinely armed, Lancashire has several Armed Response Teams carrying G36 assault rifles, Glock pistols and Taser guns.""

G36 Assault rifle, is that clear enough for your tiny brain?

Yes and No, British Men like yourselves who deny the truth staring them in the face probaby are castrated or at least act like they are.
But typically are in denial, like most New Labour fan-boys, which you certainly are or are in emulation of.

Here's a lady who thought it was ok for the police to tell her their badge number.

Obviously not a police state looking at that clip eh?

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