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British Men: Have You Been Castrated?

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posted on Jun, 16 2009 @ 07:25 AM

Originally posted by Grumble Apparently socialism has turned into overbearing government control.

Same in the US.

Originally posted by Grumble Thought crimes?

The only thought crime I'm aware of is when I consider saying no to the wife..

Originally posted by Grumble Cameras everywhere?

Blame the chavs.

Originally posted by Grumble Garbage bin police?

It's true that they actually have CIA equipment in use to catch people not using their bins properly.

Originally posted by Grumble Political correctness gone mad?

Same in the US.

Originally posted by Grumble
Furthermore, it seems the underclass (chavs?) has grown and is now a threat to anyone on the streets of your cities, and no one stands up to them?

This is true. All it requires is to stand up to them and they soon back down. Some chavs accosted me the other week. I broke the nose of the ringleader and the rest ran off.

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posted on Jun, 16 2009 @ 07:29 AM

Originally posted by SearchLightsInc

My husband is british, he is quite aggressive and certainly will not take much crap from anyone.

Castrated? No, but the British public has a disturbing amount of trust and complacency in allowing the social institutions and government decide what what is right and wrong, acceptable and allow alot of things to happen without much protest.

But no, not castrated. many are quite sick of it, and try to leave the UK. They aren't weak, they just have a heavier boot grinding down on them, that's all.

I wouldnt call it trust of institutions but rather the over-bearing feeling of helplessness that you cannot change something so you dont bother. I have no trust in our justice system - nither does anyone i know. We joke about it, you kill someone and your out within a year, rob a bank? your in for life. I'm pretty sure any american can understand how screwed over we feel but what about the rest of the world? The men who have NEVER been able to defend and feed there familys? The next revolution will not just happen in a country, it will spread over the world should the media be kind enough to stream it.

Personally, i think the French are going to start it. They seem to be in the only country in europe with Balls. Being british and saying that, its bitter to my tongue XD

The French, please say your kidding? Maybe your right, because they have been protesting a lot in recent memory. However, you should feel proud with the protests of your countrymen during the G20. Those people all seemed to have "cajones."

However, the complacency you speak of is like a virus, because here in America it is the same way; make no mistake about it. People seem to have a lack of confidence and are unable to believe that they can make things better for themselves.

However, they never want to talk about the way things are and frequently offer the reply "Let the politicians handle it or I hate politics and don't follow it.' To me, complacency is like a plague and it has spread throughout the world. No one stands up for their convictions and most everyone acts like drones instead of the individuals that they are.

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posted on Jun, 16 2009 @ 07:31 AM
I can only speak for America, I have never been to the UK. My wife went a few years ago and loved it.

The CCTV I hear about, and the random stabbings from the 'chavs?' sound bad, but it is certainly no better here in the US. The only difference is who is poking us and where. We are taking up the *** from the banks and corporations! There is plenty of random violence to go around, but we have a lot more real estate, so it is spread out and not as obvious on the local news, and not covered at all nationally.

I feel for you Brits not having guns. I know first hand that they are not necessary to defend yourself, but now that the police are carrying them it is a serious imbalance of power!

For the poster that said he may have been afraid to intervene if guns were as common as they are here, I say that the chavs would probably feel the same way. A bunch of teenagers with kitchen knives are not going to feel so confident in attacking a guy in a suit if he is likely to be armed! The guns here do more for deterring crime than anything else.

posted on Jun, 16 2009 @ 07:34 AM
reply to post by neformore

And when I looked this morning, everything was in the right place!!!

If we want to better community, we have to take the decision to stand up and be counted. I have stood behind the owner of a local takeaway while one chav with the help of his "posse", have threaten him and his staff.

As soon as people stood up and walked behind the owner, this chav backed down and apart from a few insults as he and his friends "legged it", that was it. The police turned up about five minutes later and did nothing but said they would look at the CCTV.

Just my experience.

And what change are you expected at the next general election? The only change I can see is a huge Tory majority. Or are the British voters (who bother to vote) going to vote for the Libdems or smaller parties in huge numbers to change anything?

Without a change in the voting system, it will be business as usual with a Tory government rather than a Labour one.

posted on Jun, 16 2009 @ 07:41 AM
reply to post by dsm1664

That sounds a bit like what happened to me on the way home, We live in Sutton , south London and my wife and I were walking home after going to the pub for a change instead of sitting at home, anyways we poodling along the street and we're walking hand in hand as couples do, this guy who had also been in a pub ( slightly intoxicated) stepped onto the road to go round us, a car travelling far too fast for the road, skidded around him, no big deal and definately no chance to cause an accident, anyway this car skidded to a stop ahead of us and the passenger got out.

He was shouting obsenities at the guy who stepped off the kerb, and threatening him with violence etc.
I stepped up alongside the intoxicated chap which is something I don't usually do and said " he went round us so its our fault and besides if you weren't SPEEDING you wouldn''t have skidded".
The passenger went red in the face and started at me, not a good idea, Im no fighter but can hold my own if I wanted to from past experience.
He then started to try and insult the wife and I will not tolerate that I said " Come on then if you think your 'ard enough" and he backed down .
His parting shot was " Your both FAT" which we're not , we're just slightly cuddly , my parting shot was " We're fat and your stupid, and we can diet, what can you do?".

The CHAVS are mainly due to the medias portrayal of 'burglars' as they always seem to be buying Burberry as 'apparently it's class' ( re that as expensive so it must be posh , and if I buy posh , then I'm rich and people will like me) , everytime they arrested a burglar or 'young offender' they seemed to be wearing Burberry.

Kids hang around our way in gangs, most are immature adults with no education in the real world , sure they go to school but the have no real education in manners or respect because they have stories like the Europrats in Brussels thinking up stupid PC laws to 'protect the individual' and seeing as we here in the UK are 'not allowed to discipline our children' they become unruly and rebelious thinking that once they get away with something , they can keep doing it as no one can 'do anything about it' , of course all the other kids jump on the bandwagon because thats what all their mates are doing.

We have had kids screaming ( DAVE I LOVE YOU DAVE < DON'T LEAVE ME DAVE )was the most memorable
) at 2-3 oclock in the morning when theres a fair in town ( not often thank god) I simply shout " WTF is going on out here? , SHUT IT, or I'll start shooting" , that normally quietens them down and luckily for me they can't see me as they never look up ( im in a small tower block behind some trees

The Government has seen fit to 'worry about our protection from ourselves' and even those that owned firearms ( MY uncle had a gunclub in Olympia London) were told they have to hand them in after a couple of shootings Hungerford and a school massacre ( both by unstable individuals who should have been properly vetted , but anyone can apply for a license, without going through tests, the shotgun form asks for a referrence from a doctor, and 'have you any psycological issues' ( Like your going to say yes).
Most of the people who went to my Uncles gunclub were mature and responsible , a couple had the sense of inflated self esteem associated with guns ( one guy shot himself in the leg trying to 'quickdraw' ( twat ) but most were OK.
I for have shot many guns over my years both here and in the US, but have neer once thought of going POSTAL .
There is actaully MORE gun crime now than ever before , even though guns are hard to come by except on the black market.

We are slowly having our rights eroded to make sure that we cannot defend ourselves from the tyranny from Government but there are other ways of going postal against Government , you don't need an army full of gun totting yeehaws to overthrown the Government , we have access to the internet and viruses to send them, we can send 'powder' through the post, even talcum powder can be scary in an office as the whole staff have to be quarantined to make sure they weren't infected with Ricin or something insideous, then you have simple 'vandalism' , potatoes up mnisters exhaust pipes , smashed windows of their homes, all an inconveniece I'm sure and costly to the running of the country in the long run.

( I AM IN NO WAY ADVOCATING VIOLENCE AGAINST THE GOVERNMENTS of the world , just pointing out METHODS that can be utilised by the unscrupulous)

trouble is though with event's like these sometimes the 'innocent' office staff, those there to do a job and earn to support their families get in the way and in NO WAY should be harmed, they might even agree with those that dissent.

The only way to get the change we all desperately need is think of new ways to show our displeasure at current Government by having a new Government listen to us for a change, but nothing ever changes as we are too lazy to do anything, the majority of people are happy watching daytime TV and be spoonfed the BS TPTB wants us to have.

I love England but am disappointed the way it heading down the toilet, but I can see it happening to the US soon.

edited to add the following and coz I can't spell ( thats wot yu get wiv a publk edukayshun.)

Oh and premier Brown wasn't elected, Blair went out and Brown stepped in to fill the void and hasn't bothered to tell anyone he's there. He SHOULD hold a vote on whether or not he stays, I sure as hell wouldn't vote for the slimy nogooder.

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posted on Jun, 16 2009 @ 07:41 AM
reply to post by Freedom ERP

A Poll in The Guardian suggested that 67% of the British Population who vote were likely to vote for a party listed as 'other' (This does not include LibDem)
The next one down was Tory
The next after that was the LibDems.

posted on Jun, 16 2009 @ 07:51 AM

Originally posted by Grumble
Thought crimes?

Not actually possible.

Cameras everywhere?

Only in city/town centre's and in shops and public places.

Garbage bin police?

Not really....there are those who go through your bins for identity fraud purposes but as for "bin police".... i don't think so.

Political correctness gone mad?

Same with most countries.

Furthermore, it seems the underclass (chavs?) has grown and is now a threat to anyone on the streets of your cities, and no one stands up to them?

Of course people stand up to them...happens all the time.
It's not as commonplace (attacks by youths) as the media would have you believe....and probably not as frequent as in the US.

And, of course, you have no right to defend yourselves, and you have no weapons with which to do so?

We have every right to defend ourselves.... we just don't need to go shooting everyone who looks at us funny

And why do you need weapons?
What's wrong with your hands, feet and head.

That's how WE settle our differences.

Maybe there are cowards that carry knives, and far more rarely guns, but on the whole.... it's usually a group of kids trying to intimidate you.

If I am wrong about this, please tell me how it really is (I will be relieved).

You are wrong.... because you believe it's different over here... different in comparison to any other country.

But if these things are true, I ask you, are you men, or did the government confiscate your testicles, too?

Yes.....we received £2000 per bollock.... a good deal i thought

posted on Jun, 16 2009 @ 08:01 AM
If some of the PC stories are to be believed, then yes it appears a LOT of the British population (well the indigenous Brits) are castrated.

Stories that the authorities frown and harrass people for displaying the British flag on automobiles because it is "offensive" to immigrants?

Maybe that is all made up, but if something like that dared happen here half the cars on the highway would be sporting flags the very next day.

If those stories are true, and yall do NOT do anything about it, something is seriously wrong.

posted on Jun, 16 2009 @ 08:12 AM
reply to post by James Random

So if we believe the poll then we can expect BNP, UKIP and Scottish and Welsh nationalist MPs.

Bring the general election on. This will be fun

posted on Jun, 16 2009 @ 08:25 AM
reply to post by DataWraith

Yep, maybe if more people were prepered to stand up to these people then the UK might be a better place.

However saying that, I'm currently reviewing my options to get out of here. Not because of the "chavs" or the PC of the country, but here in the UK we work some of the longest hours in Europe and we're expected to work through our lunches, eating a crappy sandwich at our desks.

I used to manage quite a large team in a marketing company, and I was somewhat of a rebel to the corporate world. I asked my staff to leave the office for lunch, not to work through unless they had a good reason (like hitting their target, so I got my bonus

Going off track slightly, but whatever people think of the UK, we have a lot of good people here, good hearts, but we're being pushed from so many angles. We have a leader that we did not elect, corrupt officials, high taxes and a high cost of living. Add the weather to the mix and boy, why would any immigrant want to come here? Oh, the free money and healthcare. Well the NHS is dead on it's feet, so it's the free money.

Give me a shak on a beach, and lots of free coconuts and I'm gone.

Life in the UK is over was never meant to be like this.

posted on Jun, 16 2009 @ 08:27 AM
Its not about checking your trousers. Its about getting up of your butt and doing whats right for yourself and your loved ones.

e.g. Im Scottish, middle aged and a grandfather. We have 3 gangs locally where I live and the knife culture is rampant. In a 200 yard radius from my home there are 8 likeminded males of about my age who protect our way of life at the end of our street.

We are not vigilantes, we are men who protect our own. Due to having 4 battles with these gangs since 2007 they now dont dare venture anywhere near us. The police have left us alone to do our own peace-keeping due, in my opinion, to their own attitude of not getting involved (fear? maybe).

As regards our rights and freedom. Please remember that us Scots have fought ( successfully)many of the laws pushed on our English brothers and sisters. We have our own parliament and have representation by the Scottish National Party. We are a diffirent culture to the English and are more like the Welsh or Irish in what we allow or dont allow.

Personally I have done everything to maintain and strengthen my anonimity. I have no bank accounts, no debt, no criminal record and no need to want from anyone.

The Scots stood in the front lines against the poll tax and with the miners and we will gladly do it again for our fellow Scots freedom.


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posted on Jun, 16 2009 @ 08:36 AM

Originally posted by Sonya610
If some of the PC stories are to be believed, then yes it appears a LOT of the British population (well the indigenous Brits) are castrated.

Indigenous? lol

Not many of those here...Think you need to read up on our history

Originally posted by Sonya610
Stories that the authorities frown and harrass people for displaying the British flag on automobiles because it is "offensive" to immigrants?

No, most of these "stories" are just ficton created by the tabloids. Lots of people have flags during international football matches.

One guy decorated the exterior of his house with the Saint Georges Cross. He was told to remove it, but then again his whole house was red and white. Not attractive.

Originally posted by Sonya610
If those stories are true, and yall do NOT do anything about it, something is seriously wrong.

They're not all true, so don't worry your prettly little head about it.

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posted on Jun, 16 2009 @ 08:40 AM

Originally posted by Sonya610
If some of the PC stories are to be believed, then yes it appears a LOT of the British population (well the indigenous Brits) are castrated.

And why would you want to believe tabloid stories, written to stir up trouble and create tension?

If those stories are true, and yall do NOT do anything about it, something is seriously wrong.

Yes......of course.... tabloid stories about race and immigration and so on being true.....

Good one

posted on Jun, 16 2009 @ 08:46 AM
Well I’ve got a criminal record for refusing to be Castrated...

About 4 years ago a man decided to take exception to my wife's driving (apparently she wasn’t going fast enough for him) so when we stopped at a set of lights he got out of his car and approached our vehicle. He then started shouting at her and swearing. I got out of the passenger side and told him to go back to his car. He refused and continued to insult my wife. He got very personal with the insults... at one point made a derogatory comment about her ethnic background.

I then smashed my fist into his face several times until he hit the ground!!!

I honestly believe that was a fare response to someone insulting my wife... i gave him a warning but it didn’t stop him!

Once he was down i stopped... i am not a savage and would not hit a man when he is down, unless i felt it was a life/or death situation.

I got convicted of ABH and given 120 hours community service.

Would i do it again???


There is no common sense anymore... there was witness's who backed up what i told the court. I never denied hitting him.... as far as i am concerned he had no permanent damage so it should have just been a case of going our separate ways and forget the whole thing.

posted on Jun, 16 2009 @ 09:03 AM
Might I add that some Americans on this thread are in danger of making themselves look quite foolish here. National pride is a sin and can take over our minds very easily. Do not make us defend our country against uninformed views, we are people of war, we have been making war forever, we are better at war and violence than even America. Let us forget about making war on others and our own people.
We have a hard balancing act. We need national pride to counteract our current apathy but this could easily turn into fascism. So denoting that we men in England have no courage is not helping anyone. Remember only a single individual can be brave, a country or group or organisation cannot be brave.

posted on Jun, 16 2009 @ 09:04 AM
reply to post by Muckster

Congratulations on standing up for what is right! In the US, the exact same scenario could go down the same way. The only difference, or thing you could do different, was act like a victim when the cops showed up. If you would have claimed you were afraid for your life, and thanked the police for showing up so quickly and saving your life, the other guy would have went to jail!

I have done things the way you did a couple of times with similar (community service) results, then I learned the system, and now I play the victim. My favorite story is holding someone at bay in my apartment while I called 911, I told them I was scared and someone was trying to get in, I dropped the phone and commenced to beating him until the cops showed up and arrested him!!! That was a great day!

posted on Jun, 16 2009 @ 09:07 AM
I think alot of people in the uk are gullible..i dont meant that in a bad way.I mean lets look at the expenses fiasco...been going on for years and years,and no one talks about the EU expenses..that is some serious money.Why? because the media dont talk splash it everywhere and repeat it for weeks on end.I dont like how a large sector of the populations ideas of what is important,wrong or corrupt about politics or society is made by the media and they just follow.I dont think there will be any change in the Uk at all...everyone thinks Cameron is britains saving grace now,here we go again...

posted on Jun, 16 2009 @ 09:12 AM
I haven't read all the replies in the thread. This was written as a reply to the opening post.

I was a little offended when I read the opening post. "Chilling", "overbearing government control", "Thought crimes", "underclass (chavs?) has grown and is now a threat"?

I am a British man. Although that doesn't mean much to me. It's just where I live. We don't have the same pointless patriotism here that you have in the US. We don't stick flags in everything or stand and cry when we hear the national anthem (which isn't very often). Where I live, like you, I have a safe home in a nice environment. Nothing much has changed here in a long time. It's peaceful, everyone is friendly and you'll be surprised to know that it isn't raining.

Unfortunately you hear the very worst of my country and it leaves you thinking we're falling into chaos which is not true. Well not yet. All I hear about America is the failing economy, high crimes and murder rates, thought crimes, cameras everywhere, government control, blah blah blah.

If you looked at the US from where I am you would think terrible things about your country. You might be scared to live there. But you have to remember it's only the bad stuff that makes the news.

As for not being able to defend ourselves, I'm not sure that's true. I've known a few people that have got violent with criminals. One guy I know started beating an attmpted robber in his shop with a bat. The police just looked the other way. They're not bad people.

And as for weapons, I assume you mean guns. We don't want them. Keep them away. Guns just make things worse. If guns were legal and someone broke into my house I would be terrified that that had a gun. As guns are illegal you can be 99.999% sure that they don't have one, and because of this I would confront them as I can defend myself.

Both countries have the bad areas and good areas. I guess I'm lucky enough to live in one of the nicer areas if the rest of the country is as you described in the opening post. I can't imagine the US is any better though.

posted on Jun, 16 2009 @ 09:22 AM

Originally posted by Majestic23
Might I add that some Americans on this thread are in danger of making themselves look quite foolish here. National pride is a sin and can take over our minds very easily. ...

I agree, but I notice when I watch British TV or read British press that such things go both ways. Example: Top Gear (which is a wonderful show, by the way). They did an episode where they travelled to America, and they clearly went out of their way to stage the incidents in the show in order to portray the U.S. as backwoods, NASCAR, violent, etc. I find the same sort of misconceptions perpetuated throughout British media.

Let me ask you a question. Just what is a chav? I get the impression it is the socialism-inspired underclass, breeders but not thinkers, imitatiing the lowest of popular culture and violent by default as they are profoundly unevolved people. I am picturing Idiocracy here. But are they white people? Lower class whites here are generally referred to as "white trash," but given the history of the U.S., the racial makeup and so forth, it is hard for us to imagine roving gangs of white kids threatening people on the street. That would be an extreme rarity here.

posted on Jun, 16 2009 @ 09:36 AM
System, thank you for your post. I am relieved to read that things are not so bad for you.

I wonder if the media are intentionally portraying our respective countries as they do for reasons more sinister than national pride. Since the British Isles, Australia and New Zealand represent the closest cultures to the U.S. and Canada, perhaps it is important to the PTB that we do not "inspire" one another. I can assure you that life where I live, in the middle U.S., is pleasant, safe, and rewarding. We really do not see many of the negative things which are portrayed on television. In fact, we regard TV programming to be a freakshow.

Ragarding the guns, that is an argument for another thread, but I can tell you that we do keep them for the purpose of basic self defense, hunting, hobby and so on, but the primary purpose is to provide an armory for the people to fight the government. You will find that true American patriots (those who defend a set of ideals, not some ridiculous anthem or flag) are respectful of the U.S. Constitution and are not inclined to incite rebellion of normal political shifts, even those as extreme as what we see today. But, it is my firm belief that when and if the time comes to restore that Constitution, we are ready. That war will likely end without a shot being fired, because we are prepared to fight for real.

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