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Hey hey hey, research conspiracies everyday!

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posted on Jun, 25 2009 @ 03:49 PM
reply to post by Majestic23

Millie, the woman, heard someone in some woods across the creek or river calling "hey you". So she turned and followed this man. Let me say that I believe with all my heart that this particular idiot, the creeper, fed on fear. Millie lived in a time when running away from an abusive marriage, already pregnant with another man's child, just wasn't done. Society would have rejected her and from what I could tell she agreed with the judgment. She had judged herself unworthy of God's grace. But she wanted some sort of happiness in her life and figured what the heck, I'm already pregnant by my boyfriend who wants to take me to safety and I want some safety in this lifetime. So when she died, she wasn't expecting to be saved. Following someone who acknowledged her seemed the natural thing to do.

Suzanna was his daughter. She was his first trophy. When we finally made contact with him, I knew him intimately. It was almost like a book in my mind opened and I knew that what he'd done in life he'd continued to do in death. He was a classic predator. He fed on weakness, pain and terror and it didn't matter if the person was young or old. The sleepy pickles he used to knock out victims. I think the cotton candy and cookies were about him luring children away from gatherings to hurt or kill them.

One thing we tried doing one day was to go in the bathroom and just be quite and we each had notebooks. We sat there quietly and wrote things down as they came to us. Pictures in our head, pains in our bodies, anything that came to us we wrote down. We did not talk or try to get anyone to talk to us. Incredibly we saw some of the very same things. For one, my assistant saw a blanket on a little girl's bed pushed down off the bottom corner. I saw a child's blanket on a morgue gurney with white enamel wheels. My assistant started hearing a little girl talk about hiding where he can't find me. I felt a man in the front of the shop. I saw him very clearly and the only thing missing was that he had no whites to his eyes. And then I felt his frustration which was turning into rage. A rage so strong that I had to break off the connection. He was looking for something and couldn't find it. It took me a good 15 minutes to disconnect from that rage, so we never tried it again. When we did later compare notes we were amazed at how many things we both saw alike.

This man killed his own daughter, Suzanna and wrapped her in a blanket and threw her out like trash. Then he killed himself. He got here to the morgue before she did and waited on her. Trophy #1. Millie was #2. Millie explained to us that she could hear her family call her and she would try to get to them, but each time she tried she always ended back at the scene of her death and was led back here. The one time she tried to take Suzanna with her, when the Creeper caught them, he made her watch what he'd done to his own little girl to kill her. After that she never tried to take Suzanna away.

The Creeper is what we named him because he liked to follow us around all day long sometimes. He even would lean over and place his "chin" on my assistant's shoulder like her daughter does. He never respected our space. He also let us hear him walk. It was always one heavy foot fall, not two, but it would happen so close to you that you'd feel almost like you were going to be stepped on any second.

We played "who's that creepin" by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy for him all the time which he hated. I did everything I could to piss him off because I knew him so very well. Hey as a child, been there done that got the t-shirt, so nothing he did was exactly new to me. I'd already survived hell as a child so what was to fear. We laughed at him, talked about how weak he was, how pathetic his attempts were to frighten us, anything we could to make him feel bad.

posted on Jun, 25 2009 @ 04:13 PM
reply to post by pasteldonna

What we had was a man/spirit or soul I guess, who considered himself invincible. He was all powerful and he got off on terrifying all those he seduced into following him to this place.

One day I realized that if I had died as a child, I would have assumed I was going to hell too. I was told that I was making the incest happen so I was making a grown man go to hell for what I was making him do to me. I was four so I bought it hook line and sinker. I thought, I wonder if anyone has ever talked to these folks about fear. So I went in the bathroom and talked about my experiences with fear and how I would have clung to anything I could have found as a child rather than go to any light anywhere because I would have believed it was hell's door. I talked about how being afraid of someone actually gives our power to them. I talked about judge not lest you be judged and added to that a rule I have on my list which is "that includes yourself". There were a good many souls here who had done just that, found themselves lacking and followed blindly this man who saw himself as the ruler of an empire. We only thought there were a few souls. Maybe 5 maybe 10 at most. We were wrong. There were hundreds and thousands. And the control he had over them, they themselves had given to him. I talked to them just as I would talk to anyone and hoped maybe someone would listen and take their power back and leave. About 30 mins. after that "counseling session" in the bathroom, I walked in and on the floor was a suction cup like those you use to hang things in windows. It was slimey and corroded. Really icky. But I thought how sweet. Someone is saying thank you. We learned later that it was a ploy from the Creeper to shut me up. He wanted to throw us off track so we'd stop pointing out to his victims that they had the power to walk away.

He called himself a collector and said this was his station. I had joined a couple of paranormal lists to see if anyone had ever heard of such a thing. We did see an episode of Paranormal State where an entity called itself a collector. I got one response back from someone who's family was originally from one of the Baltic states. There was a legend there of a collector who collected souls. If he was threatened with exposure, or about to be caught he could shape shift and remove himself from the threat.

A couple weeks later, I decided enough is enough for this poor baby. I asked God to get her out of here please. I yelled out, Rick if you're around would you please take this baby and Millie to safety. (at that time I had no earthly idea just how many souls were in that collection.) A bit later they were removed from the shop. I got to have a couple of sentences with Rick which was great but it was short sweet and to the point cause he had to go. He took them out. The creeper wasn't there when it happened but when he returned to find his first two trophies removed all hell broke loose around here. Our phones stopped working, cell as well as land lines. My mat cutter head was screwed down so it would barely move which by the way takes two allen wrenches. A voicemail was left from my cell phone to a friend's cell I was talking to at the time. It seems we cut him off before his message was done. Stuff was moved around where we couldn't find it. I felt the Creeper try to "get inside me" which felt like I was in a big glass dome full of hot air and the air was trying to suck the cooler air out of me and fill my lungs. It happened once later that evening at home.

I guess here is a good place to talk about trails. The best way I know to explain it is to use a snail for an example. That silvery trail it leaves as it moves across the sidewalk is similar to what spirits leave as they travel.

posted on Jun, 25 2009 @ 04:32 PM
We can't see them but other spirits can. The Creeper followed Rick's trail but could only go so far before it was blocked. For two days we put up with his tantrums while he tried to figure a way to get his trophies back. Then on the third day all was very quiet. My assistant went to the bank and when she returned she said I had company. So I said are you ready for this and she said let's get him over with. So we played his theme song and started taunting him. Unfortunately for him, he just couldn't stand being talked down to by a couple of human women. As my assistant held the egg, she started realizing he was in big trouble. She could sense, not hear, an argument going on. Then said someone else is here. Three new ones I've never felt before. He's in so much trouble. Then she heard bubbles like a hot tub bubbling which was weird. Then there was an amazing heat that washed passed us and she said lava? He's in lava? I said who are these three new ones. I'm thinking oh this is great. His bosses are here. But that wasn't the case. There were two male entities and one female. One called himself Michael, one Gabe (she couldn't make out the rest of that name) and the woman said you'll know my name when you need it. Then they explained that the creeper had remained hidden all these years. By calling out for help earlier in the week, and his chasing trying to find those two, he'd put himself on their "radar" for lack of a better term. But that he'd dropped off again. It was only when we started taunting him that day they were able to find him again and dispose of him and free everyone there. When that was happening my assistant broke down into tears and said I wish you could hear what I'm hearing. I've never heard so much joy, thanks, celebrations, tears of laughter all at once in my life.

Then they told us more would come but they wouldn't be bound here. They would follow the paths of the others who had come here, as they travelled. Here I have no clue about why they travel, where they go, if they have unfinished business or any of that stuff. All I know is that they see many trails leading here and it looks like a place they might find what they are looking for. We were also told some would come who needed my counsel, some would come because they were frightened and some would just come because it seemed like a good place to visit. Then they left.

A few weeks later, a Santeria group in the building I'm in, drummed up something that made my assistant sick. All day long she would feel that something was down in their shop that there weren't words to describe. But it was nasty. And it had never been human. I have been working with her to feel safe in God's armour but she's still carrying around some guilt that makes her feel he's not gonna give her as good a suit as I've got. So I asked again for him to shield her. By that time she knew the female who'd come was named Celeste and she called upon her. It was several hours later that Celeste came and we asked what to do with this thing. It was like a rent-a-demon they called up to use in their rituals or to do dirty work for them as far as I can tell. Celeste told us we had to deal with it and I said right. No problem but do you have an instruction book? She told us we were prepared with all the tools we needed to handle it ourselves. I was like ok sure I can do this. What is it I'm doing again? Totally out of my depth. She said we had to bind him and send him back. I asked send him back where. She said where he came from. So I asked God to please give Rosemary extra protection and proceeded to say what I needed to say and he got a one way ticket home.

We've experienced tons of nausea at times, depression, weakness, flu like symptoms, the list is long. But usually only negative things were while the creeper was being dealt with or this thing from the Santeria place.

Otherwise, it's pretty normal here right now. Questions?

posted on Jun, 28 2009 @ 02:23 PM
Apologies for the lateness of this reply Donna, I dont actually have anymore questions about your experience/research until I flesh out some ideas a bit.

However I would like to ask a few questions about you if that is cool and dandy with you.

May I ask about your history in terms of the paranormal. Have you had many strange experiences. You said you had built up spiritual armour, what set you on this path?

Also just out of interest what are your views on the nature of reality and the powers that be etc... and do you have any predictions for the coming years?

posted on Jun, 28 2009 @ 08:57 PM
reply to post by Majestic23

Well let me think. I saw my father who died when I was five months old, the Christmas I was 5. I was enrolled in a school for kids who's birthdays didn't fall right to start school Sept. 1 and realized for the first time how unusual at that time I was. I only had one parent. He came to see me one night to tell me a couple of things. Then he said he couldn't see anyone else there, only me (I was too excited to listen to him closely) all I could think was things will be ok with Mother and she won't hate me now cause Daddy's really not dead after all. I'm 55 now and in all those years I've only seen him twice more. Each time was a dream in which he told me something important that I needed to know. I've searched for him in dreams and never found him a lot. I guess one thing I took from the first visit which was hugs and kisses close, is that there are rules for who a person can talk to and for how long. I remember hearing people around as a child. But they weren't where I could see them. I learned really quickly to shut up about that cause it got me yelled at and called crazy.
Other than that I can't recall any paranormal stuff at all til we opened our shop in a house which allowed us to live above it. During that 8 years I was an observor, not a participant. I have to admit at first it scared me to hear someone going through my kitchen at 4 in the morning when I was alone. My husband did sound and it wasn't unusual for me to assume it was him and call out but I stopped that after a lot of not hearing him call back to me. Losing half of me when he died made me want to know why him, why not me, where was he, what was he doing, why couldn't I be there instead, why was I having to do the whole grief thing etc. I think that I wasn't ready to go to this place until now. I've counseled abuse survivors for a long time now and frankly it was because of going through my own healing that I really began to take god's armour seriously. I had spent many years trying to convince him he was wrong about loving me without condition and then realized one day that maybe it was me who was wrong. He'd found something to love in me and I had to do it too and that's when that armour I wear became so important to me. Confronting incest with family perps and others who have enabled it for so many years can be horrible and it was for me. Without his support and protection I wouldn't have made it through and healed. Now I understand he's my gut,
leading if I choose to follow and watching and going are you seriously going to do that, when I don't. I remember one morning waking up hearing when we die we realize that this life was the dream and we are moving into what is true reality. I don't want to come back here and don't understand why any one would want to. Sort of negates the concept of a benevolent god to me. I mean we don't keep the wisdom we gained in former lives so what is the point? Also I believe that we can meet people in our dreams and I can't explain how it happens or why but I do.
Predictions? I'll go with King Solomon's...there is nothing that will be done that hasn't been done and nothing that will be said that hasn't been said before.

posted on Jul, 1 2009 @ 04:31 PM

Originally posted by pasteldonna
I've searched for him in dreams and never found him a lot. I guess one thing I took from the first visit which was hugs and kisses close, is that there are rules for who a person can talk to and for how long.

Originally posted by pasteldonnaAlso I believe that we can meet people in our dreams and I can't explain how it happens or why but I do.

Yes, it seems that there are rules. I am not sure if the rules are mechanically set or if it just takes an absurd amount of energy for the dead to contact the living. I think our relatives try to communicate in any way they can if they have an important message. If not in dreams or visions then in other ways. Their favourite song coming on when we think of them, objects appearing out of nowhere etc...

Originally posted by pasteldonna
I remember one morning waking up hearing when we die we realize that this life was the dream and we are moving into what is true reality

I see, yes, this was the impression I got. When I say impression I mean all encompassing truth that I could not get out of my head for weeks. I am afraid I will dissapoint you when I say this but I have no real way to describe how exactly this world is fake and the other one isnt. You understand how feeling close to god is like being as far away from any pain we have in this life as possible so all I can say is that the gap feels about as big as that, if you get me. Comparisons to VR simulations are obvious. I think a big part of this is that in that realm we feel a lot more.
Iwish I could explain this more accurately.

Originally posted by pasteldonna I don't want to come back here and don't understand why any one would want to. Sort of negates the concept of a benevolent god to me.
I mean we don't keep the wisdom we gained in former lives so what is the point?

Yeah, I also have massive trouble with this. But I think our lives replay over and over again and the higher self is the one that actually retains knowledge from our past/multiple lives. It has to forget its connection to god though to gain experience. Unfortunately this leaves us quite depressed realising we live our same lives over and over again. We have to hope its for a higher cause, either that or its a totally artificial construct of a mad higher being that locks souls.

I think those who survive child abuse are quite in tune with the other realm (from being close to people who have been through such bad things). I think this is because the soul goes back to god to heal and/or the soul goes out of body to protect the persons psyche. Do you have a opinion on this?

Originally posted by pasteldonna
Predictions? I'll go with King Solomon's...there is nothing that will be done that hasn't been done and nothing that will be said that hasn't been said before.

I thought I had a clue as to what this meant until I was spiritually "awakened", I was wrong. Now I see just how wise King Solomon was.

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