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Your Dream Interpretation

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posted on Jun, 15 2009 @ 05:20 PM
I’ve been thinking about doing this for awhile now, and I’ve finally decided to go for it…

First off, I have always been fascinated by dreams; How incredibly real they can be and informitive. Some I've had have been so real that it was like having a double life, which has made me even consider parallel universes. Personally, I have had dreams that have come to pass, and also dreams that have been powerful moments of learning, but I do not claim to have any sort of super spiritual abilities like a prophet or anything else. It’s just that some dreams, even the weird ones, sometimes have clear meanings to me.

If you have had a dream that you would like to have interpreted, go ahead and post it. If I believe that I know what it means, I’ll share my thoughts. If I don’t know, then I’ll tell, “I don’t know.”

If anything, this should be fun.

posted on Jun, 18 2009 @ 07:54 PM
I had a dream just over a week ago it was almost a lucid dream. It all made sense and had a proper chain of events. I was a bit disturbed by it and had been thinking about asking for help with an interpretation so your thread was a welcome find.

It involved someone who was my best friend before he died several years ago. The last time I saw him was in the hospital.

In the dream I had gone to a hospital to visit him and when I got there I had to be directed to the right ward to find him. Getting there involved going over an indoor bridge that connected two buildings, the one I was in and the one where I would find him.

There was a young woman who was also going across the bridge, but she was a bit apprehensive about making the crossing. I didn't see any more of her after that.

I went to find my friend but was told he was having a break to smoke a cigarette with some other people so I would have to wait. I found myself waiting on the shore beside the sea until he came. Somewhere along the line, my dog had joined me and was he just pootling about the way dogs do.

Then my friend appeared, dressed in white 'scrubs' and it really, really was him. He's very tall and he almost picked me up as we hugged each other. And we kissed each other several times on the mouth - something we'd never do in 'real life' - just from the pure joy of being together again. My dog looked a bit jealous of us showing all this affection.

We had to catch a bus and he had a bag to bring with him. There was some rubbish on the beach which I picked up and put in the bag, which I carried for him.

The next thing, we were on the bus leaving the hospital. To my great shame, I noticed my dog was on the bus too, but I wasn't the one who had ensured he came with us. A man had taken care of that for me.

After the bus ride we got off in an area of town where my friend had a flat (this was in the dream, it wasn't where he had lived in life). The flat was across the road but before we got there we passed a pub where a large barrel of beer was being delivered and some of my friend's friends were there helping to take the delivery. The doors in the pavement were open for the barrel to go through.

At that point, I left. My role in the proceeding seemed to have come to an end.

I've got some ideas about it, but I'd be interested to hear what you think. The most vivid part was meeting him again. That meant as much to me as if I were actually able to meet him in the flesh again.

posted on Jun, 19 2009 @ 05:46 PM
reply to post by berenike

Very interesting dream, Berenike. I had a dream about meeting a friend who had passed away once also, but it was shortly after his death, not several years later.

I have my thoughts on the meaning, but I will have to give it more consideration before posting a response...

...After reading your dream again, I have to say that I just don’t know. I usually understand dreams as they’re being told, but I’ve wrestled with this one...

If I were to take a guess at it, is seems that it is about preparing to cross to the other side; the two buildings representing our world and the afterlife, and the bridge being death.

Wish I could’ve been more help but perhaps it was, after all, just a dream.

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posted on Jul, 13 2009 @ 07:05 AM
reply to post by apaulo

Where have you been hiding, I have been looking for someone like you.

I dream strange and wonderful things, at least 3 times a week.Some of my dream do really come to life, so are warning signs and some are unsolved mysteries

Please solve these 3 mysteries for me.

Dream one.I dream that a woman dressed in a white nurses uniform, in her late 30's or early 40's gave me a really big egg.This was not the first time I met this women in my dream, every time something life changing is about to happen to me, she always appears dressed in white.The egg was huge, the size of a 1 year old baby.She was so careful with the egg, and she was standing to a figure that in my dream represented God.When she game me the egg she said "you are now ready for this, take good care of it"-Strange, what does this mean.This happened in January.

Dream two.Last week I dreamt my mom and aunt (and I always seem to dream about these two people often these days) were shaking this really big tree in our back yard.The tree was full of green big leaves and it looked like a very healthy tree.As they were doing this, our gardener was standing there just looking at them and I spotted a green and yellow snake.I was not frightened , but I decide to go and close the house door, as I did not was the snake to enter the house.As I closed the door I noticed that 2 snakes had already entered the house.They were pretty harmless really.

Dream 3.Last week I again dreamt that I was leading a couple of people out of a funny and dark place,taking them to Ireland by foot (weird).As we were walking I saw a really violent but in the distance.I asked the group to sit and wait for a while, let the bull calm down before we could proceed.Indeed they waited, and after the bull was subdued by some man, we proceeded with our journey, passing the bull by the side walk.No was harmed by the bull.We below some tunnel like bridge and as I was about to exit the tunnel, a swarm of been covered my entire body.I did not scream or anything, I remember telling myself that if I did not panic, they will eventually fly away.2 bees stung me, one on my face and the other on my right wrist.When we got to Ireland I saw a doctor that gave me 3 white pills and told me that no harm was cause by the bees.Strange

posted on Jul, 13 2009 @ 12:12 PM
i have had the same dream for about a year very consistently, i *awake* in my dream lying in a bed and i sit and stare at a digital clock that always sits on 03:00, it never changes no matter how long i stare at it, i then *wake up* for real and find myself soaked in sweat, palpitations and very freaked out as if i had just had a nightmare. for the last month i new thing has started occurring, i have started hearing whispering right beside me i canot make out the voice or what its saying, this occurs about 1 min into the dream i mentioned previously and continues until i awaken. Again i still wake up with the same feelings as before, like a sense of for boding.

i am generally an insomniac and rarely sleep more than 2 hours a night but i have been like this since i was 12 (around the time my granddad night coincidently enough lol)

Anything you can shed on this would be break as to have this same occuring dream for a very long time and no explanation is starting to freak me out because i dont know whats going on lol

posted on Jul, 13 2009 @ 03:25 PM
reply to post by swazi

Very interesting dreams... I believe there is something here, but I'll have to give it some time before I respond.

reply to post by ronishia

I believe you can be helped. It sounds like sleep deprivation, but the source of your problem is the real mystery here, isn't it? I'll need some time with this one as well... I'll be getting back with you. Until then, let me ask, are you a Christian?

posted on Jul, 13 2009 @ 03:29 PM
reply to post by apaulo

yea sleep deprivation is somthing i thought about but i have been like this for many years and get by ok with no major hiccups really its become my normality lol and yea the source of it is whats bugging me, its like when you are talking about somthing but suddenly forget but what you wanna say is right there on the tip of your tongue lol

posted on Jul, 14 2009 @ 10:03 AM
reply to post by swazi

Dream 1 - I believe very strongly that you are about to be tremendously blessed, but the timing is all in your hands. (You are very close.) God wants to bring you to a new level of such transformation that it will be comparable to a new life. The egg isn’t just symbolic of a gift for you, but something you can give. I believe you are being urged to give something. You are resisting, BUT you must remember that the greatest gifts are not the ones we receive, but the ones we give. The greater the sacrifice in giving; the greater the pain or feeling of loss; the greater the reward. It really is a profound truth that it is “more blessed to give than to receive." Also, we're never asked to give what we don't have...

Dream 2 - Your mom and aunt did something to hurt you, but you've downplayed it… almost to the point of having forgotten it, but those snakes are NOT harmless. I believe they represent fear and anger. The gardener could symbolize someone who should've intervened but did not creating feelings of mistrust. I would suggest some sincere reflection…

Dream #3 - The bulls and the bees represent the same thing; you will be attacked and your character and actions will be questioned, but although the situation will be fearful, everything will turn out just fine. The dream has already taught you this, though you may know it only on a subconscious level.

reply to post by ronishia

I really wish I could help you, but your dreams do not seem to express any sort of information. I do however believe that you are under a spiritual attack, and your best defense is prayer...

…you do believe in prayer, right?

I'm just guessing at this but since you've had this problem since you were 12, what changed at that time of your life? Any deaths, divorces, or stressful changes?

posted on Jul, 14 2009 @ 10:38 AM
reply to post by apaulo

my grandfather died 6 months before the dreams happened and its round that time that i became more aware of my own gifts as well, perhaps related i don't know, spiritual attack sounds interesting il need to look that up.

Prayer hmm i cant say that i am a religious person int he sence that most are, i do belive in things but not necessarily one god etc (but thats another story lol), prayer is not somthing i would rule out if it got to much my mother taught me one when i was young to stear of bad energys

thank you anyways hun

posted on Jul, 20 2009 @ 05:47 PM
I'm out in an open area like a field, looking up at the sky. The grass is very green around me and short. In the sky is a bunch of stars and then I notice 4 big blue dots that have a white kind of aura around them that's very bright. The white around it starts to get brighter and the stars in the sky begin to fly by faster and faster like the rotation of the earth has been sped up.

I'm laying on the ground gripping the grass very tightly and I feel a wave of uncertainty but not fear. It's almost like multiple dimensions are converging as I see other beings appear around me as the sky flashes. They are also looking confused and don't know whats happening. The sky flashes very brightly and now it seems like all of us are in a green field on another planet. I can stand up now and the sky is no longer seeming to spin but it also don't appear like the normal sky for me. It seems like I'm viewing the stars from a different planet.

Then I find myself with hundreds of others mostly human and we are inside some type of structure that's very labyrinth like to me. For some reason I feel like I'm on the bottom level of what ever it is and I have been separated out by some sort of ranking and I'm on the bottom of all the ranks.

I'm wandering around and I find a small hole that I climb in and get to a level that is one higher then mine. This time I see very few humans and a variety of alien looking creatures that are wandering around lost. I ask one of them what they are and he replied back with something that started with a c. Sadly I told myself to remember the name because it was very important but I never wrote it down and it escapes me now. This alien looked like it was kind of a plant with bark textured skin. It also told me it didn't know why it was here and looked a bit scared.

I only remember wandering around and then I woke up. The weird part is I woke up and I feel different, I couldn't tell you how I feel different but I just feel different. I feel like part of me came awake but I just don't know what to do with it. I also woke up feeling like this is an event I will see in the future and others had the same dream.

Sadly it's probably just a dream because nobody has mentioned having the same one


posted on Jul, 22 2009 @ 09:28 AM
Ok one more thing

I keep dreaming about my mother these days.Dont know why, as all is well between my mother and I.I had a dream the other day, that I was wearing my mom's wedding dress.We were both looking at the mirror, and I said to her the dress is a bit too short, it does not touch the ground.She said to me, I must be patient, it is almost there, soon it will fit properly?


Then I had the tree dream again, the difference is that there we two white egg looking like things on the tree, and birds were nesting over them.These birds kept on whispering something to me, I just dont remember what it is.As I was gooing past this huge tree, a tree was following me, and I could see this by looking at my shadow.

What do these dreams mean.

posted on Jul, 24 2009 @ 02:17 PM
I was wondering if you could help me with this dream I had the other night, it's sort of been bugging me as if there was something in it that I should have paid more attention to.

My dream started by me walking up a dirt path before coming to a stage, there were seats set out in front of the stage either side. I walked up the aisle between the seats and onto the stage. At this point I should mention there was no one around. But as I climber off the stage on the other side I saw a massive theme park. It was pretty much like any other one except there was this really strange blue and yellow diving board that was REALLY high in the air, kids were jumping off this and onto a trampoline for some reason.
Although I'm only 16 I do have a Saturday job and in this dream one of the women I work with was stood next to the ladder for this diving board thing and somehow she persuaded me to go up it even though I'm a bit scared of heights.
So I climbed up the board and was stood at the top and I was was too terrified to jump and was about to turn back down when I suddenly thoguht to myself 'hey this is a dream! I can't get hurt!' so I turned and jumped of the board and found that it was kinda fun, what I then saw was that someone was filming the whole thing.

The next part of my dream is probably the bit I remebr most, I found myself in a hotel room with red walls and red bedsheets. It was a double bed and I found myself sat at the top resting against the pillows whilst a friend of mine, who is both male and also a few years older than me, was sat on the far edge. He was watching the video of me that the person had taken earlier on a large, widescreen TV. He then turned around and told me how proud he was of me. Then he climbed up the bed so he was sat next to me, his head resting against my shoulder (I should mention I'm a girl btw, so this was kinda strange). Without really thinking I put my arm round him and he then turned round to kiss me. I don't remeber much then until we were both sat on the bed facing each other each chocolate muffins, which seemed kinda random. lol

So yeah, if you have any idea as to what any of this means I'd be really grateful, thanks

posted on Aug, 6 2009 @ 12:37 PM
Sorry for the delay, friends. I have been on vacation.

reply to post by whoshotJR

This is a real interesting dream, but as to whether or not it is prophetic is anyone’s guess… I would say it's just a dream... a fascinating dream BTW.

reply to post by swazi

The first part of your dream seems to be self-explanatory… you’re eager to get married but don’t worry about it. Just be patient. The right one will come along in just the right time…

This second dream seems to be a confirmation to the first. ((original post)) not the one above.)) The birds are spiritual messengers and their gift is the eggs that are related to the shadows of your past.

Have you found any truth to the first interpretation?

reply to post by Rachel1111111

This is a teaching dream… did you notice any difference in confidence afterwards in real life? If so, please don’t try to figure out how the dream worked. The more you try to figure it out the less effective it will be.

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posted on Aug, 6 2009 @ 05:28 PM
Recently I've had odd dreams about the sky, the night sky to be more specific, that does not look like our normal sky, the stars are all different, unknown constelations and there are a lot more of them then we usualy see from Earth.
Then as I am watching all that and wondering what the hell is going on, the stars start moving, buzzing across the sky at high speed and they form new constelations, like giant circles or triangles or some wierd undetermined shapes.
It is an absolutely breathtaking spectacle and I feel very good in these dreams.

I haven't a clue what this means. Any ideas?

Maybe this has no meaning but I thought I'd ask just in case.

posted on Aug, 9 2009 @ 03:07 PM
reply to post by laura petrie

Your dream seems to have the element of a lesson to it, but whatever it is it is something that you can only understand at a subconscious level. Again, as I’ve said before, don’t try to figure it out, or else you’ll ruin the effect.

You see, we are a spiritual being having a flesh experience. The message was for the spiritual you, and the flesh can only be curious… it will never understand. HOWEVER, if we try to let it understand it is like a curious 4 year old deciding that he can drive the car just as well as his mom, so while cruising down the road, he grabs the wheel: A potential disaster.

Please be sure to flag if you liked the response you got...

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posted on Apr, 5 2010 @ 09:06 PM
Well early this morning right before I woke up, I had this dream about a house. It was full of furniture, basically a bit overloaded. Kind of disorganized, well just the placement of the furniture was really close and oddly placed. It was illogical. I have often had dreams of houses before, but usually they were conservatively furnished and very organized and many floors/rooms, but doors to most rooms were closed. This house was one level not many rooms and no doors were closed. Also only my one daughter was present, and usually in my house dreams are alone, not with anyone else present. I've also had ones about attics that open to wonderful hidden rooms that are like giant playgrounds. But, this dream was totally and completely unlike any of the previous dreams I had about houses.

posted on Apr, 8 2010 @ 05:34 PM
I´ve been interested in dreams too since I started to write them down as an 11 year old. I like to interprete them too, especially the significant symbols, but some of them are just remained mystery for me. It would be good to hear what you think of them.
Her´s two:

1. Year 1997. I came from somewhere and saw very vivid and shiny golden bison in the sky. It was so different from oter surraundings and so vivid, that I still remember it, but I haven´t found any explenation what this symbol might mean.
After that (same night) I saw another similar dream too: there was Moon in the sky and two shiny golden wheels next to it.

2. Year 2004 and the most significant and powerful dream I´ve had. I was in old Egiptian temple, but it looked nice and clean. I was on some higher plane and looked down. There was old and weak pharao and priests. I was holdning little clay tablet in my hand with 2 dates. I remember only one: 12th November. Male voice then said to pharao: "You had to die in May, but you´ll die November 12th instead, it means today!" Thay wanted to destroy pharao lineage (I didn´t know anything about bloodline themes back then). Pharao died then and priests catched his soul into blue Ankh. It was a beautiful shinging ball like little sun, this soul. After this a big golden statue of pharao swallowd this soul. But then a modern military man ran in with some kind of tube. He opened it and placed before golden statues mouth. The tube was smoking and sucked the soul out of statue and inside the tube. Then solder run away. I knew, that Pharao´s soul is stolen and my mission is to bring it back.

Would be interesting to hear some ideas!

posted on Jun, 3 2013 @ 07:31 AM
I want you to know that I am a born again Roman Catholic. I am Roman Catholic but became born again. I do not want to give up my catholism. Last Night I dreamed of a few white doves. "Some one " was with me. I do not know who. Never saw face etc. The dove's eyes were lion like yellow; but much more beautiful. he looked directly at me kindly. I felt at peace and comfortable. I "Knew " it was the Holy Spirit. I said to the person who I could not see, but knew was there "look it's the Holy Spirit." The bird sat for a few moments and then flew away. I became somewhat sad that he left. The person that I was with, but could not see said very gently and softly ( Male voice), " How do you know it was the Holy Spirit?" I said I know [it was) .

posted on Jun, 3 2013 @ 08:23 AM
reply to post by apaulo

There was this girl , whom I used to love , comes to my dream almost every night for the last 5-6 months . In my dream , she stares at me but speaks no word . What does this mean ?

posted on Jun, 3 2013 @ 08:37 AM
reply to post by apaulo

Hello Apaulo,

I will share one of my dreams that is a repeat offender in my dream world.
At the start of the dream, I become aware I am dreaming, and am able to fly. These dreams differ in context, but always end the same.
By the end of the dream, I am no longer aware I am dreaming, and I get a running start, and jump into the air, and float for about 20 feet, and land back to the ground. I go to jump and I get lots of air, but can no longer fly.
Each time I try, my hang time becomes less and less, until suddenly I am surrounded by water. On all sides is ocean as far as I can see, and then I sink into the waters, and unable to swim, and everything goes into slow motion, and feels like I am trying to swim in thick gel of some kind. Yet I can breath as if I am on land. Yet my eyes feel like they are shut, and I am trying to open my eyes, but can not.
By this time in this reoccurring dream I wake up.
It always starts as a lucid dream, and ends in a dream so far out of my control.

5% of my dreams are fully lucid. And reoccurring.
90% of my dreams are vivid, but have no control over what I am dreaming.
The other 5% are dreams in which I do not remember.

Thanks in advance.

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