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Pyongyang: Japan uses DPRK to beef up defense

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posted on Jun, 15 2009 @ 01:59 PM
Read what the Chinadaily has to say about N.K. and Japan, it is REALLY eye opening.

PYONGYANG -- Japan was exaggerating missile threats from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea as a pretext to beef up its air defense system and "invade the DPRK by force," said a commentary carried Monday by the official Rodong Sinmun daily.

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The purpose of the DPRK missile program, the commentary said, was self-defense and securing the country's independence.

I am not sure if I should laugh or cry.

Japna's claim of a missile threat from the DPRK is "entirely groundless and wild guesses," the commentary said.

Any attempt from Japan to intercept the DPRK's missile would be a "declaration of war," the commentary said.

The DPRK media said a Japanese senior military officer recently said Japan was ready to deploy its PAC-3 missile air defense system at any moment to deal with the DPRK's possible test firing of a long-range missile within weeks


For anyone who had any doubts where China stands on the issue of little kimmy and his missiles/nukes, here ya go.

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