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Teen Outsmarts Doctors In Science Class

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posted on Jun, 15 2009 @ 01:49 PM
Teen Outsmarts Doctors In Science Class

Eighteen-year-old Jessica Terry, brought slides of her own intestinal tissue into her AP science class and correctly diagnosed herself with Crohn's disease.

"It's weird I had to solve my own medical problem," Terry told CNN affiliate KOMO. "There were just no answers anywhere ... I was always sick."

For years she went from doctor to doctor complaining of vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss and stomach pains. They said she had irritable bowel syndrome. They said she had colitis. They said the slides of her intestinal tissue were fine, but she knew that wasn't right.

"You go girl!"

I've had a few times undiagnosed problems. When 3 specialists and 2 MD's all scratch their heads, one wonders how one can be charged so much for nothing and when their next plan is invasive, it is scary to think how far the rabbit hole goes.

Once, I had an injury that required 3 ER docs to huddle before coming up with a plan to proceed.

Ironically, it was a simple, yet probably not taught or used method.

I trust them for some things, like taking my temperature or swabbing a culture, suturing.

Vut I am not convinced that all MD's are all knowing or correct at high percentages of diagnoses.

Anyways, a guy I know had graves disease and was blind, and the specialist told him he was SOL, the specialists receptionist researched and called him with info on another opinion.

After corrective surgury, his sight returned and he had the receptionist to thank.

posted on Jun, 15 2009 @ 02:40 PM
Well, this proves my and george carlins theory about doctors..its all guess work in a white robe, thats all it is, they rally dont know what their doing. Thiers so many diseases and infections out thier, can can be easily be mis diagnosed. Just becuase someone comes down with symptoms, thier must be a host of diseases and infections that can be the casue. Obviously, the only real way to diagnose is testing, via medical supplies or prefferably the microscope and blood/tissue samples.

Yesterday at work, an old woman that is a good customer called, and told me she had an ear infection...but heres the catch. She was complaining of having loss of balance, ringing in the ear, dizziness...she went to 2, yes 2 private docotr offices in the area, told her she had ( i forget what its called, it begins with an M) infection. It has a french name. That doctor told her, if hse had unstoppable ringing for 17 minutes, that she should go to emergency room STAT. The other doctor, jsut labeled it an iner ear infection..nothin fancy. He asked about the first docotr she saw, his name, she told him,a nd the doctor lokoed at her with a raised thing i belive is doctors all know eachother..and wash eachothers hands. One docotr practices malpractice...the others will not turn him in...
so, talking to her, i told her she should jsut go to hospitol, and why didnt both doctors prescribe an antibiotic??? When i was a chhild, and had an ear infection, my parents didnt ask questions...they took me to hospitol, bypasing a private office MD> and was better within the week. I told her to do the same go to hospitol..ear infections can be a serious issue and very painful,a nd shuold be dealt with as quickly ass possible.
I remember about 9 years ago, my mom was geting ill, and 3 different private MD's all told her she was under stress, needed time off....
6 months later, she went to hospitol, she had satge 4 lung caner. Not one of those 3 private MD's had the conceit or thought to take an xray or recoomend it. To his day, i will never go to a private MD...yeah i might have to pay $500 and up jsut to lay on the hospitol bed, but at least im getting a REAL docotr and very likely to walk out with medication, antiobitocs or cure.
In the old ladys case i was talkin abuot, it was in total AWE why not one of them told her to just go to hospitol, or at least give her infant tylenol!!! not even that!I also told her, maybe, maybe she shuold stop going to these 2 MD's..dosnt take a genious to figure out an ear infection, if its badm, can lead to permanent infection damage, and daefness


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