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The Greys suck

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posted on Jun, 15 2009 @ 09:19 PM

Originally posted by mystiq
reply to post by Donnie Darko

Actually, greys are individuals just like we are, and the rest is misunderstanding their species, half memories, or pure disinformaiton, though they have a collective consciousness, but this is primarily due to their advanced psi abilities, and I suspect they are one of the most psi races there is.

There is a lot of disinfo about greys. There are those who work with the federations and galactic organizations that could be seen as neutral/positives, or neutrals, and renegades. Zetas seem to be more renegade or ruthless and questionable in some of their behavior and also seem to be supportive of nwo. I've read some accounts that didn't seem to be nice, such as taking two abductees, male and female and taking them out of their bodies, and then entering their bodies and having sex with each other. By the way, this also reminds me of the fact that the greys I've experienced from Orion, the males for example, felt like males, and had traits that were male (not adrogenous and this was what we commonly would refer to as a drone type or bot, that was similar to this in looks:
They had the typical male, one upmanship that felt like testosterone to me, and I have no idea whether their bodies are sexual as we think of it, but I suspect their minds are, and very interested in it.

Also, they are not emotionless. With extreme telepathic and psi abilities they completely compartmentalize their minds. The surface, and what many feel is cold and emotionless or robotic, is simply that layer of themselves that they operate on, and is perhaps shown to those who are fearful or feeling traumatized because they dissacociate from the negativity. But for those who have a different attitude, they connect and show their emotions.

Actually I don't think they're totally emotionless. Are they more like Vulcans - emotional but they try to put feelings aside? Like Spock, lol.

posted on Jun, 15 2009 @ 09:20 PM

Originally posted by lee anoma

Originally posted by Donnie Darko
The reason being, they have according to lore bred most of the capacity to feel emotions and be individualistic out of them...

Nothing could be further from the truth.
They are more emotional than you could ever know.

You have no idea really what they really are.

They aren't even a "race" in the conventional sense.

I would drop the speculation if it makes you feel this hostile, though.
It's not really productive.

- Lee

Are you a contactee?

posted on Jun, 15 2009 @ 09:44 PM
Sometimes I wonder...

That my hard line on the Greys is wrong, that maybe i'm the one missing something despite a phenomenally high IQ, that maybe on another level for having this intense desire to hang them up like pinatas is all wrong... That maybe, there is some kind of rapture coming and...

i'm going to miss the boat because of my aggression

and then I think...

well heck, it would rock to be left behind with a bunch of loosers I can kick the crap out of, empty malls to raid a whole planet to start over... I could form my own completely fake religion and start the process all over again... it would totally rock...

I can be Pharaoh!

and mostly I think, you alien lovers just don't get it.... they are going to take you off to a Meat packing plant and grind you into chop meat and drink the fluids from your Pineal Glands to get their rocks off...

and damn

The fishing will be good when you guys are all gone...

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posted on Jun, 15 2009 @ 11:45 PM
What has happened in the history of the human race is we were taken over by a race of renegades that rule through our bloodlines, of ancient Sumerian fame, no less. This is a slave planet, but the lease on the real estate is up. There is a war, it was cold with the contracts, but its warming up. This is about freedom and there are sides.

posted on Jun, 17 2009 @ 08:12 AM
edited because I could

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