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Trooper exposed as liar in attack on ambulance

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posted on Jun, 16 2009 @ 06:58 PM
reply to post by TeslaandLyne

It was simply handled wrong by the trooper period. The real story here is more and more video are coming out about how cops/troopers are not as lawful as they make them out to be and that we are going towards a police state by way of their training come to find out... We are the enemy by all the research I've done. Hmmm. Remember your rights and never back down is all I can say.

Great posts

posted on Jun, 16 2009 @ 07:01 PM
this is what america is coming to and yall need to realize this it isnt innocent till guilty anymore "serve and protect" psshhh maybe there own interest, aint nothing going to happen to this officer
they arent ruled by law anymore and neither are we we are ruled by them and they are ruled by themselves

posted on Jun, 16 2009 @ 07:20 PM
What bothers me the most, is that the other cops just stood there and watched it happen. Maybe stupidity is contagious, or maybe all cops are dumb as #$%$.

Either way, when you see ANYONE breaking the law, your duty, as a cop, is to stop it. If that means restraining a fellow officer, GOOD! Cops are there to enforce the law. When they are the ones breaking it, who the hell does one call?

posted on Jun, 16 2009 @ 08:46 PM
Having been an EMT and a Paramedic in Oklahoma, I can attest to the often coarse behavior of the OHP. They are often unnecessarily rough and use abusive language with firefighters, EMTs, and local LEOs.

posted on Jun, 16 2009 @ 08:54 PM

Originally posted by Rams59lb
reply to post by desertdreamer

Great point... That is why when a police car is behind me for more then a minute, I pull myself over allowing them to go by. If they pull over to ask why I did that, I tell them that I don't like them behind me and that is my right to do so. Let they run a check on my DL and they will see that I have nothing to hide but I will not let them follow me at ALL... lol Great post ty

You could also say, "sir, I couldn't drive with you following me so closely, so for safety reasons, I pulled over."

posted on Jun, 16 2009 @ 09:45 PM
reply to post by dreaken1993

I hear ya on that point but I do believe that the tide is starting to turn with all the awareness of video evidence and reports being filed against them... It has to come to a head eventually. Fingers Crossed
ty for posting

posted on Jun, 16 2009 @ 09:46 PM
reply to post by Kaytagg

Great point..

posted on Jun, 16 2009 @ 09:47 PM
reply to post by traderjack

Well that really sucks...
to the OHP

posted on Jun, 16 2009 @ 09:48 PM
reply to post by Nutter

That works too, lol... Ty

posted on Jun, 16 2009 @ 10:06 PM
reply to post by Nutter

So true.
Un lucky to get the hot cop in this case.
And good for all the video evidence to make the EMTs case.

I saw a patrol car behind a car that turned left off a main road to
go home. The patrol car followed him.
He had no blinker on.
How many people never blink when turning.
Its like they can't control the car by taking a hand to the
turn signal.

Another case on ATS is the guy on meds standing on the corner
with his shirt open.
Now how are the police to know the guy is on or off or a patient
of any kind.
Normal people or perps we see on TV are quite unresponsive
but these innocent citizens must be recognized and in a more
calmer setting would be sent to a hospital without the bruises.
Another hot cop case.

[edit on 6/16/2009 by TeslaandLyne]

posted on Jun, 17 2009 @ 01:22 AM
This whole situation is a huge misunderstanding and I hope all individuals involved can work out their differences. In the video I saw on the news, when the ambulance drove by a car on the shoulder of the highway, he swerved to allow room for the car on the shoulder. Unfortunately, this was about the time the OHP officer encountered the ambulance.

The officer's wife said he had only been back from a tour of duty in Iraq for a short while. Many of our soldiers are returning home and finding it difficult to assimilate back into their old way of life. If this is the case, I hope the officer gets to keep his job and that the OHP will assist him if he is indeed suffering from the effects of war.

What is troubling is that our police, fire, and emergency services don't seem to be able to communicate effectively with one another. Why even bother with disaster drills if the people that are supposed to help us can't get along with each other.

posted on Jun, 17 2009 @ 02:50 AM
I've been watching this case since the beginning and the paremedic and the driver did nothing wrong. That officer escalated a situation over nothing but sheer pride. He risked the live of that patient not only by delaying her transport to the hospital, but also by causing her to become unneccesarily excited by all the drama he was causing.

He sure doesn't need to be on the force if that's the way he acts towards people, especially paramedics attempting to get their patient to the hospital. He wasn't the least bit concerned with the health of the patient inside that ambulance

And what the heck was his wife doing inside the patrol car ?!

posted on Jun, 17 2009 @ 02:56 AM
reply to post by chise61

Awesome abservation about the wife... ty for posting nice post

posted on Jun, 17 2009 @ 03:01 AM
reply to post by icenine

Great point of view, I respect your opinion about he trooper who just returned from Iraq but as a 12 yr vet of desert storm I'm not buying it. He has some other deep issues i.e. the police training our police to treat all others as enemies of the state and that they are above the law. What was his wife doing in the patrol car. Lets see, doing some shopping? Oh I know, she had a dr apt and he as a loving husband wanted to take her to be by her side... He needs to be fire and law enforcement officials need to take heed... I do like your post and ty for taking the time

posted on Jul, 23 2009 @ 11:45 AM
An update to this - the trooper has gotten a short suspension for his actions.

Oklahoma Trooper Suspended Over Scuffle With Paramedic

An Oklahoma trooper accused of using excessive force while stopping and arresting a paramedic will receive a five-day suspension without pay for his actions, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol announced Wednesday.

An internal investigation concluded that Trooper Daniel Martin was justified in stopping and arresting paramedic Maurice White during a traffic stop, but "the situation could have, and should have, been handled differently," Highway Patrol spokesman Capt. Chris West told reporters at a news conference.

The investigation also found that Martin should have allowed the ambulance to proceed to the hospital when he realized it was carrying a patient, West said.


Martin, who has been on administrative leave since June 1, was suspended effective Wednesday. He also must undergo an anger assessment.

Hmmm...well a 5 day suspension and an anger assessment. Sounds like he got the basic "slap on the wrist".

posted on Jul, 23 2009 @ 12:18 PM
as usual, the bosss cop's LIE! The offending trooper was NOT justified at all in any charges. It is LEGAL to flip off a cop ( unless you are trying to provoke and violent retaliation, which is never the case with a cop) and the driver of the ambulance did nothing wrong. The cop simply got his EGO bruised when the driver flipped him off, or allegedly did so, and was going to show that black guy that he would not tolerate ' disrespect' which is not at all legal.

The trooper got angry...obviously..and being a veteran is No excuse.

If he cannot contain his ego enough to obey the law, then he should get a job where he has no authority to affect the public.This is all we need; soldiers used to killing Iraqui's with impunity and a grudge for being sent to a useless and phony war with a badge and gun and a bad attitude out on the streets.

He should have been fired, and fast. A few days suspension is a laugh. All the other troopers will see this and say" Not too bad...If I am careful I can get away with a bad temper too and not face any real punishment".

Thank God for cameras and video or the cop would simply LIE like they always do and this would never have been known about. Shame on the cop.

Funny how none of the cop groupies are defending this moronic trooper; they usually find some way, even if ridiculous, to justify their actions. I guess even they have some sense of reality, even if limited.

posted on Jul, 23 2009 @ 12:27 PM
reply to post by richierich

sorry but what is "flipping someone off?" ignoring them? or giving them the finger? im foreign and never heard this expression b4.

posted on Jul, 23 2009 @ 12:40 PM
"Flipping someone off" is the same as "giving them the finger".

posted on Jul, 23 2009 @ 02:32 PM
Damn cops. I'm getting sick of seeing vids of them doing crap like this. It disgusts me. It seems recently more and more of these vids are coming out and more people are taking notice of the wrong stuff cops do.


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