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Economy seperate of State

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posted on Jun, 14 2009 @ 11:12 PM
Imagine State and Economy seperated. That is what should have been. But there were a small group of men who saw something. What did they see? An oppurtunity to control a village, town, city, state, empire, country. They saw an oppurtunity to create an illusion. That illusion is that the population, should pay for their god given rights to live. But how would they fool the population into this illusion?

Well, they didn't need to do much. There was already a system of trade. All they had to do was create some kind of a place, that the population wouldn't really need. Banks started popping out all over the world. Of course we all know how banks work.

So what if banks started popping up? So what if there loaning out our money to others. So what if they need support from the Governments of the world. So what if the Governements of the world need their support as well. Why is it so important to us anyway?

Maybe because today, it is the center of our survival (the banks, or just the monetary system) . Prove me if I am wrong. Who are behind the control of the banks today? They have been called many things, I'll just call them Elite for this thread. The Elite are behind the control of not only the banks, but in control of the governments of the world, or soon will be. The point of this thread is to get you to question the use of banks, and the major role they play in the world. Then try to find out who really controls the banks.

Something you should know is that the after the Great Depression, many men came to power in many parts of the world. These men were mostly Dictators. These dictaors got the support of the people, to turn the government upside down, and completely control the country, state. What did they say to get the people to follow them unquestionably? They told them that they can help restore/improve their countries economies. Therefore, they used the monetary system to gain power, a reason that economy and state should be seperated.

The majority of the people obviously didn't object, that a man, or small goup of people control the country. They just wanted the economies booming, as these men said they would. These dictators are pretty well known. Four of them, actually had a large role in World War Two. Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, and Emperor Showa. The banks of the world played major parts in the Wars following World War One. After all, WHO PAYED FOR ALL THE FIGHTING? The countries obviously borrowed the money they used.

Lets sidetrack for a second. How does the Monetary system work? The link is an ATS thread about why we are in a Global Depression. Watch the videos and follow the links, if you need to understand every detail.
I hope Tentickles doesn't mind me using the thread.

Hopefully, many of you know that in the early decades of the United State of America, the U.S. wanted to stay independant of the world, and the world banks. They even created the Monroe Doctrine to stay seperate from the Old World, which was at that time, in the early 19th century seeing a rapid growth of banks. What were the banks doing to make them so popular? They were investing in inventors.

It is my speculation that the United State of America was meant to stay seperate of Europe, because Europe was controlled by the banks. Infact, thats what inspired the American Revolution. They were being oppressed by England's taxes, which was supported by the banks. I think that around mid 20th century is when America finally was being controlled completely by the banks. I can't at the moment find any link to support what I said. Hopefully someone on ATS can help me out.

There have been many hints at to what was going on. John F. Kennedy, was one of the many to give hints to the American Public. John F. Kennedy talks about secret societies in one of his last speeches. JFK was, from what I am understanding, clearly states that there is a secret society out there. I believe he was talking about the World Banks. The few in charge of the secret society is what I said I will call Elite, the ones in charge of the NWO. Listen to his words carefully, especially about the constitution.

I'm sure that when the Founding Fathers of America, when stating the Free Press, they weren't acknowleding the magazines that distract us with useless information.

I think that Ayn Rand has a good view on this matter, of Economy seperate of State.
Part One:

There is alot of information on the Economic status that led to today. What happened?

The start of the World Bank,00.html

The point of this Thread is to get you to think about an Economy seperate of State. Is it a good thing, from your point of view? Or do you like the way things are going. I think that both seperate and present day economy has its ups and downs. What do you think about the purpose of banks?

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