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reincarnation stories....

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posted on Jun, 14 2009 @ 02:31 PM
this might be repertition but i would like to tell you of my story...
i dont no wen i first rememberd this because i could remember it all my life..
well in this memory i was running away from a man in a black cloak in the middle of the night and i ran accross the road into a grave yard of this church (it looked like during world war 1).. i remember the breeze of the wind oround my face and i d k y but i hid behind a gravestone. i then was struggling 4 breath and listning 4 sounds of this man.. and i looked behind me and saw him there pointing a gun at me and he shot it..... i then felt like the world was falling apart.. the sky was swimming and i remembered going to sleep.... i

i think its the first thing i remember 4 some strange reason.....
anyone had any simular experiences???

posted on Jun, 14 2009 @ 04:54 PM
I once met a man who could read past lives. He was terribly accurate in describing things about me he had no possible way of knowing. There was one life in which I had ten children. To this day there are just ten people who I consider myself more maternal towards than just close. They even have commented on this as how they felt toward me.
When I visited Heidelberg in Germany, I instinctively knew my way around the city without ever having seen a map.
After much discussion with my grandfather about people in his past I came to realize I was his grandfather previously. Independently confirmed by a reader without knowledge of my relationships or discussions.
Many times we seem to cross paths if only briefly with others from our past lives.
The soul seems to be attracted to new births to go on with its learning and experiencing of the universe.
I hope my sharing has helped you and others in understanding this, feel free to contact me for further or private conversations.


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