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Little Green Men Aliens, Elfin-Goblins From Legend

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posted on Jun, 14 2009 @ 03:26 AM
My theory is that the Little Green Men Aliens are the Elfin/Goblin races from legend and folklore.
If I'm right they are present on the Moon and Mars, and they have terraformed or modified planet Earth at some point in the past, and may have inhabited Earth in the past, or still inhabit it (secretly) now.

My story starts sometime ago, when I decided to highlight unusual landforms on the Moon and Mars using a software image editor. My idea was to highlight these landforms to 'color' them in, in an attempt to see if they were artificial. I was amazed to find that giant landforms that are indeed faces, but green faces of creatures we know from legend as Elves or Goblins.

Here's a few


Mars Unmodified and Enhanced

Giant Elfin Face On Mars Huge

These are from the latest Jaxa moon image of Taurus Littrow which shows a giant goblin head statue at the head of the valley.


For some reason, I believe a race of Green skinned Alien Beings have decorated almost the entire surfaces of the planet Mars and the Moon, with giant effigies of themselves, the Elfin Goblins. To do this suggests that they have a technological capability way in advance of ourselves, maybe they are millions of years ahead of us. On Earth we have done this on much smaller scale at Mount Rushmore for example, and it is maybe an indication of an advanced intelligent species, where Mountainsides or areas a planets surface are landscaped into Artistic forms. It may be that the scale and size of an intelligent species Art directly reflects that species technological and social advancement, and perhaps an advanced Utopian society would exist purely for pleasure, the advancement of knowledge, and creation, particularly for Art.

I wondered then if there are places on Earth which may have been sculpted as Art by these Alien beings at some point in the past. Could it be possible that these Artistic beings have created the same sculpted mountainsides on Earth, as they have done on the Moon and Mars. I suspected they have so I went to the French Alps to take a look. Ancient or very subtle to human eyes, and always wearing hats, evidence of Elfin Art can be seen.

And then I had the thought that perhaps some of the most ancient structures in Europe might not have been built by humans, perhaps these longbarrows or henges were in face built by Elfins? Guess what, I think they were, more to follow.

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posted on Jun, 14 2009 @ 03:34 AM
I don't see anything that looks unnatural in any of those pictures.

With the myriad patterns made by nature, we are always going to be able to pick out things here & there that look like faces, etc...

posted on Jun, 14 2009 @ 03:40 AM
Wow this is kind of like cloud watching... People see what they want to see and if you connect the dots, it represents an alien head... (whatever your idea of an alien head is)

I would agree that there are some patterns in nature that might look like something, but you would have a hard time proving a large geographic feature is anything more than natural. Even if you were standing on the very spot. Reminds me of the face thingy on mars that changed to something else when they got another camera angle... it really didn't didn't look like a face.

posted on Jun, 14 2009 @ 05:48 AM
You are REALLY reaching with your last 4 links, especially the second of them.
Sorry dude, try again

posted on Jun, 16 2009 @ 04:32 PM
Sometimes we don't see things that are there, until they are pointed out to us. For example the alignment of stone monuments, churches (built on older active sites) that mark out patterns, energy lines in the earth.

Some people are more visionary than others. So thanks to alhambrial for sharing these images and ideas.

Who's to say that Little Green Men, Elfin-Goblins didn't terra-form the earth hundreds of thousands of years ago. Millions of years ago, even.
It's amazing how widespread the notions of beings like LGM is. Why is this? How might they have done it? Perhaps in ways that would seem magical to us, but were/are just elimentary art/physics to them.

They may occupy a different dimension, most of the time, to this physical one, that we are focused on in our waking hours.

I think we should bee open to new ideas like this and not be too quick to dismiss them out of hand.


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