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Photos of abuse in Iraq faked?

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posted on May, 3 2004 @ 04:10 AM
Photos of abuse on Iraq faked??

Right as I am sure you are aware the headlines in the UK have all been about the prisoner abuses in Iraq.

Looking at the photos, if i am to be brutally honest, made me laugh. Not because of what was going on but due to the details in the pictures or lack of them in fact.

I will post the pics if/ when i can find some.

For example, the pic with the British squaddie giving the prisoner a shoe in the face, gives us a great view of his army issue boot. Please tell me if I am wrong but in the desert / Iraqi landscape there is a fair bit of dust and sand, correct?? well then did the soldier clean his boots BEFORE he booted this guy in the head?? there is no dust on his boots at all.........and most of the kit shown in the pics is sqweaky like the prisoner??

Fear not though comrades, a quote from the Daily Mirror (British Tabloid rubbish) who first published the pics, 'interviewed' another squaddie, soldier A and asked him to rat on his mates says:

CLAIM: The truck, the soldiers' uniforms and boots, and the Iraqi are too clean.

REALITY: Soldier A: "That's the way it was."

oh really! Thats the way it was?? phew! that put my mind at rest. More from Soldier A and the Mirror later.

Next point, his boots were not laced in the standard army way. They were criss crossed up the boot rather than being laced up and under.

My next issue is the relative good state of the iraqi prisoners. No bruises, no marks, no cuts, no dirt and strangest of all, no blood. If I had undergone such abuses as we are told occurred, I am pretty sure that i would have bruises, cuts etc. To be honest they look kinda good for a people in upheaval....

The prisoners also had Clean white t-shirts with the flag of Saddams Iraq wait a minute??

British troops are based mainly in Basra, Iraqis in Basra carried out the first public rebellion against Saddam?? (please correct me if I am wrong) so why on earth would they be wearing something that bears his flag.....unless it a case of been there bought the t-shirt!!

Another beauty from the mirror and our best buddie soldier A, will ease your fears that maybe its all a bit convienient for the arab world:

CLAIM: There are no visible bruises or marks on the Iraqi.

REPLY: Soldier A: "I can't explain that."

You know what, this soldier should be a general!!

My next issue is the cheek of all of the Arab 'News' stations. For them to come out in condemnaton is a joke. Only last week they were showing the world their photos of hostages being executed / beaten / paraded in a worse state than these prisoners!!

Anyway its my first post cos I joined 20 mins ago so feel free to rip it to pieces, just don't take photos of yourself doing it......!!

If anyone can find decent copies of these photos please post them. thanks


posted on May, 3 2004 @ 04:16 AM
Welcome to the group.
Everything you brought up about the photos has already been discussed in more than one thread:

People on this site are pretty quick with news items so it's best to do a quick search before posting and then just add to an existing thread.


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