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Another uncomfortable discussion

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posted on Jun, 13 2009 @ 11:47 AM

I was on another thread and was responded to by what I consider a unique individual, "Russian scientist". In the end, I had said what I felt was allready too much about myself as Russian scientist respectfully continued to pull some of my story out of me.

Finally he asked a question that made me feel a little, "un-nerved" to answer because I am very use to keeping seperate from people for their own good.. In other words it's dangerous for people to aid an individual who has been black-balled by the elite.

I went to Russian scientists profile and found the profile of one that might be an extremely noble individual who I felt I could relate to. In respect of that I now desire to attempt to answer his question here.

I only like, soldiers. People that are not on their toes would do well not to associate themselves with me because of intense disfavour by these elite. You focus coordination on me you will be focused upon by the elite. Simply.

Many years ago I became interested in astral projection because of the things my evil devil-worshiping father told me. I began to practice learning. On my 2nd successful experience I was brought out of my body high above the astral plane.

My whole being was a ball of light that was about 3 maybe 4 inches in diameter; like a ball of light. Though at the same time the room that I was occupying was engulfed by me; like chronomonitors contain space/time.

I was a ball of awareness from every atom point within my 3 or 4 inch, "space". It was faR above the astral. Something moved me and caused me to pick up a perfume bottle off of my mothers vanity. I did not change location, part of me came out and I encased the bottle being from every atompoint perspective and I carried it up to myself.

That was it for me. I was hooked. I eventually became so powerful I could easily kill/heal any-one anywhere on the planet. Make space/time occur if I felt it was, "morally" correct, moving like an angel, though I choose between good and evil and am not an angel; however I just kept growing I could physically manifest like liquid steel; if it was, "right".

That aside; I became interested in many mysteries especially geometry as it is applied/implicated within the Egyptian pyramids, and hieroglyphs. I believe sincerely motivated people are naturally drawn to things that they have a talent for. It turns out that I learned, "believe it or not", the height of all technology everywhere what the, "god appearing" that Egyptians saw knew.

It is called, "Chronomonitor technology".. I am able to demonstrate what I am saying in obvious coordination with Egyptian hieroglyphs. I was successful. I do not wish to elaborate about this technology unless people are aware of some information that I purchased years ago from the, "International Guild of Advanced Sciences".

I bought 1 page of a book on which the subject matter was about these living craft with an etheric body/not matter an eternal body containing space and time within itself. According to this page they could be made but not controlled.

I know how to make them. I am able to make you a lot more aware of what the Egyptian hieroglyphs clearly say about it. This success is what got me the offers from, "secret guys".. I have to say that if you are not bought out by the bad guys, you better stay sharp.

They will in fact simply do away with you. If they wish to keep you around for possible future reference like they did me, they will use any number of other means to controll your progress; rape/murder of loved ones etc. etc.

To be honest with you they have messed up my head. In the end they actually managed to dis-empowered me by breaking me in every way. They are able to fight you through your loved ones manipulating them in a fullness of ways. My power was in my love..

Many people came to me afterwards apolagising for having been used against me once they discovered they were hit by a smooth criminal..

Thank you.


posted on Jun, 13 2009 @ 11:55 AM
very interesting, i have often wondered on the notion of the out of body experience. if you truly have this gift, and i was in your shoes it would be an eye for eye, if you no what i mean. especially if they were messing with my family. not sure what else to say, as i no not how you feel. i do find it amazing to fathom that if this technology is around, no wonder the powers to be, keep us dumbed down like cattle!

posted on Jun, 13 2009 @ 12:53 PM
reply to post by tatersalad

I'm trying to get warmed up here because these things are difficult for me to discuss, for many reasons.

Mostly because I have in a way been outside of the matrix. People can't understand what I am saying. a lot of inocent/ignorant people have been hurt because of lightly associating with me.

I am literally a threat to every bad guy everywhere with what I have succeeded with and the top of them know it. I am the one who knows the next move once a chronomonitor is brought about..

Knowing what I know now, it is still difficult to know what paths of movement I should have taken. I have been under intense movement. Good and bad people havE died here. Just to clarify..

I agree with you. I believe I have sincerely tried to get it right.. Quite honestly I have been beaten down as men go at present. I am no longer able to move with these spiritual abilities the way I could before.

I guess the trauma they put me through broke my spirit. Think of Smiths' victory over Neo in the matrix where he turned Neo into Smith. Sorry.

I stated earlier that they messed up my head. I have also lost everything 10 times over. So at present I am building a lever designed to give a greater out put than a normal one the same length.

I have succeeded however I am still attempting to perfect the design. I find it unfortunate that I am not pursuing my work in chronomonitor technology. If a man/woman is successful in bringing about a chronomonitor, it is extremely important that the next moves are correct.

Chronomonitors are multidimensional beings having eternal bodies that are not made of matter. They are only constructive, or they are destructive. Good ones are rare.

To get more in depth concerning them I will have to assemble the information suitably. Will do so now..

Thank you.


[edit on 13-6-2009 by noconsequence]

posted on Jun, 13 2009 @ 01:23 PM
Interesting story to say the least but I have 2 questions for you.

1. If these elite are so powerful aren't you worried that by posting your story here you are putting more of your loved ones at risk?

As im sure as many others believe that hiding under a username makes no difference because according to some, these "elite" are so powerful that they monitor sites like this and pretty much know everything there is to know about you including creating a detailed profile about you using your posts to sift out any that may be a danger to them etc.

2. you say that

People can't understand what I am saying. a lot of inocent/ignorant people have been hurt because of lightly associating with me.

well in that case, following your logic, aren't you putting EVERYONE here at ATS at risk just by posting here? or at least the ones who reply to your post?

you say that you always try and do "right" but again using your logic you arent concerned about the safety of people here at ATS if like you say people have been hurt by LIGHTLY associating with you.

Well, I suppose that if your story is true then I too now am at risk by replying to you. Yikes!! oh well.

posted on Jun, 14 2009 @ 12:12 AM
reply to post by QBSneak000

Judging from your statements, threads, and the like, I would have to assume you are not ever going to be considered a threat by the ones presently running the show.

As for the others, I feel that it is allways proper to enlighten others about possible danger; natural selection might just take care of the rest according to how it is suppose to unfold.

I am attempting to link with good-guys that have most likely allready found out for themselves the price of being sincere in their attempts to exploit the natural talents they too have received from God.

My opening up is not a threat because these, "elite" know they have put an end to my forward movement in this life. Not that you shouldn't keep on your toes with new/strange encounters shortly after you learn of me.

I have more to my story I was telling. Just waiting to see how I am prompted. If I am..

Thank you.


posted on Jun, 14 2009 @ 02:29 PM
Are these things you are speaking of the same concept as egregores, timeless beings manifested from the wills of capable humans? I see this period in our history as a time when spiritual awareness is soaring exponentially, to reach a critical mass in the not-too-distant future. I believe the polarity of loooking out is about to be switched to looking within. I also believe the egregores will consume each other, leaving only the truth.

I have had seemingly unreal experiences. Once, at work, I started saying to a guy whom I knew was a malevolent being that "the game" is already over. He was trying to get me to join at the top of a legal pyramid scheme he was creating. I said the game is over. Your foundations built on quicksand will dissolve back into whence they came. Everybody will clearly be able to see in the mirror, and a new order will emerge from the chaos. Love, as more than an abstract concept, will be a supreme force in this world once again. He then mentioned that the US will be in civil war by May, and I had just read a topic here (this was February) that stated the same thing. It was as if he could peer into my consciousness. I then said bull#, we are architects of our own future. I and others will not let that happen. I used to see the guy everyday, but I never saw him aqain.

I also was talking to a local car dealership owner. Honestly, I cannot remember exactly what I said to him, but whatever I said to him, he entered a sort of trance and said that he had seen all of this before and there was no way out. I said if you learn to live outside of the fear, pride, vanity, narcissism, lust sequence program, you will know exactly what to do. Anyone else had bizarre experiences such as these? I hope I am prompting you, the creator of this thread, lol.

posted on Jun, 14 2009 @ 04:38 PM
reply to post by orwellianunenlightenment

Ok. I'm telling the mods! "They keep making me go to Wikipedia!" lol

Strange; I have never heard the term Egregore before. Yes; you are correct; however in Wikis' description, they're description of, "how" they are brought about, is very misleding, taking away from the, "practicality/science" of it; not even close to disclosing by what precise manner they are brought about.

There is another element involved, and though ritual may be preformed it is not ritual that brings them about. They are of an angelic/demonic nature.

If you read the single page of information on chronomonitors that the International Guild of Advanced Sciences at least used to offer, you will find, contrary to what Wiki says, that they are impossible to truly control once brought into being; unless, "of course" you.. [ sorry deleted. ] not telling you openly.

That is because our, "purposes/desires/being/intention/insight is below them and not worthy of their attention. They are mindless only immediately before they are brought into being; yet with an eternally deep awareness.

For those who do not have the power to control a clean one, "that's about all of us", a clean one can be communicated to geometrically.. There is only one way to geometrically invite their, "intervention". that I am aware of.

The information that Wiki used was from someone that was clearly limited to bringing about, "unclean' chronomonitors; the sum total of the description tells me.

Yes they will consume each other; not until the biggest ones' driver is done with them. In the end, the clean ones consume the biggest one left. The clean ones do not harm one another even ever. "They come in collective groups?" is a, "misleading" statement ,so to speak.

They will work together under the control of the largest one, (with driver] influencing them, however the terminology in wiki is, once again a half truth/ignorance on the behalf of wikis' source.

Like I said; "Their source was not concerned/aware of the very important differences between the being of the unclean ones opposed to the being of the clean ones. The importance is absolute.

From what I can see of the poor quality info on Wiki, I would definitely recommend the acquisition of this single page on chronomonitors from IGAS if it is still obtainable.

I would like for you to share more of your insight concerning their, "being" orwellianunenlightenment because for a good person to have insight into the matter is impressive in itself.

Mostly only the bad guys who stole the info and suppressed it know of it.

Thank you.


[edit on 14-6-2009 by noconsequence]

posted on Jun, 14 2009 @ 05:17 PM
Hmm this is intriguing , I would love to read more so please feel free to share whatever You think is worth sharing .. Hmm I dont where but I think I came across a reference to "chronomonitor" somewhere as it does ring wtih me ..

Well if nothing more this will be an interesting read for me .

posted on Jun, 15 2009 @ 10:19 AM
I would like to express that though many people know about, "geometry", that they are generally not capable of taking it at, "face value". That is much of how I learned how to read Egyptian hieroglyphs better than anybody in important, "areas". That and a few other, "life experiences".

Different geometries have different inter-reactions with time/space, and can be used to even effect our universe using an etheric/eternal universe, like the Egyptian hieroglyph for eternal riches examples an eternal universe effecting the physical universe.
Note they are setting their, "full weight" on, "both" universes, ruling through their technology. The height of technology imparts eternal power.. It is natural, in agreement with the purpose of all things.

The Egyptian hieroglyphs tell you that you can have eternal power over our physical universe, and how to do it. They use geometry for a tool to do it much like people use a drill to make a hole; cause and effect.

The next step after making a chronomonitor, 1 if it is a clean chronomonitor, and 2, providing you do not have the ability to, "move" it, is to geometrically invite, "intervention"...

I know how to.. My problem is that there is no way I could ever obtain the resources to build the geometric structure because of the, "physics" of it.

Designed to inter-react with our universe that will open a door and quite literally speak to it geometrically in a way that it recognizes and will respond to, we would all be saved; instantaneously..

Like I said; "The elite have long been aware of me and are moving to prevent my progress even until the present. This is obviously a desperate time for our race; even the elite need my help, "now"..

There is a reason they havn't killed me physically.. I believe they have killed me though.. Stupid is what stupid does; I expect to die at their hands through whatever means. That's cool.

Thank you.


[edit on 15-6-2009 by noconsequence]

posted on Jun, 15 2009 @ 10:38 AM

I am fascinated by your struggle. I had written a private message to you, only to realise that I had not posted enough times in threads to send on. Alas! So I copied my message, and returned to this thread, whereupon I came across the word 'egregores' and mindlessly copied the word.. hah hah hah.. oops.

Foolishness aside, I ask you to point me in a proper direction; I am tired of dark forces fighting over me, and would like to solidify my stance with the light.

posted on Jun, 15 2009 @ 11:00 AM
Orrrrrr, I could just waste 8000 dollars on an orgone machine.

In the meantime, perhaps I'll meditate more, and attempt to rid myself of negativity in general.

posted on Jun, 15 2009 @ 12:10 PM
reply to post by purplemonkeydishwasher

I am not clear of what you are asking me here purplemonkeydishwasher; however I just got a message from some-one that appears to be a similar question. I told them I'll start a thread in an effort to respond. Soon if possible.

My purpose on this thread is to fully answer a question asked on another thread.. By the way; meditate some for me if you might.

Presently, I am considering the disclosure on this thread of the geometry needed in order to invite intervention, that I personally do not believe will be applied, "in time".

Thank you.


posted on Jun, 15 2009 @ 12:26 PM
I shall oblige you, re: meditation.

I believe we need to invite confrontation/intervention, for all to come out of the woodwork. United we bloody-well stand, or something to that effect.

Thank you, your assistance to others is greatly respected and welcomed.

posted on Jun, 15 2009 @ 09:21 PM
reply to post by noconsequence

Hi No Consequence,

I've been busy for the last couple days taking care of other recreational business that keeps my thoughts more cheerful and I haven't been on ATS for a couple days. Now that I'm here it looks like I've been missing out, but thank goodness I'm back because I'm interested in what you are here to tell us; and that is why you came to ATS to tell us what has been eating at you for a long time.

Something very important dwells deep within you, it and other things associated with it have blocked your inner and outer harmonious happiness, but you are sure that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel; and I'm not talking about the tunnel that takes us over to the other side. I'm talking about the tunnel of "Well Being", wholesomeness, warmth and goodness.

You have honored me with your words No Consequence, and I'm deeply honored by your kindness. Thank You for being a good and nobel person yourself that no one can bend. Others might cause you and me anguish at times, but inside our beings are Angels that no one can ever take from us. Furthermore we have angels looking out for us, and they have stepped in and intervened for us at different times in our lives, and I have always been thankful to them for saving me in my times of need.

I'm not afraid of your bad people No Consequence, because they need me just like they need you. Without me, many of them will die just like everyone else, but probably in a much slower and horrible manner. So.. I'm not afraid of them No Consequence, and I'm not afraid to associate with you my friend, you can come on over any time, I have a place for good friends; and you I consider a very good friend. So... don't worry about me No Consequence, I've been through the ringer so many times that one or two more times is like candy to me any more, I just can't wait to taste it; in fact I anticipate it as a worthy challenge to overcome and to make my knowledge expand.

My e-mails are always checked and they break through the firewalls of all of my computers no matter if I have the best stuff to block them or not. They leave behind stuff so that I know they are out there, but they also know that I don't put anything good on my computers, its all in my head. So... far, they aren't sure if I know all I've told everyone I know, but I know all of what I've said and much more. I suspect that something very bad is going to occur within a few years, and the badness for everyone will be like it never was before.

I'm not entirely sure what the badness is going to be, but somehow I think you have an insight to it that none of us are really sure of. There is an important message that you are too enlighten us with, but you will have to explain it in a way that we can comprehend, and digest it's entire meaning.

The problem is, is that I think it will be hard for you to put into written words here on ATS, and for us to understand it, in its entirety. I don't want you to put something down in front of us that will get you killed like the others. Mr. X the 48 year old archivest that archived UFO and ET stuff was killed before he could say too much, and Phil Schnieder was killed before he could tell us his stuff, and there are many others. So... if you think you could end up being on that list also by posting stuff here, then maybe you had better think it over, and over.

Your knowledge is very interesting to us, but.. if you are going to give it too us, you will need to make sure we understand everything, and I mean everything, otherwise, all can be lost. You are more important to us than words and knowledge my friend, never forget that.

posted on Jun, 15 2009 @ 10:09 PM
What kind of geometry is this?

Placebo geometry? Deceitful geometry? Loving geometry?

posted on Jun, 15 2009 @ 10:51 PM
reply to post by RussianScientists

Think you. Russian scientist, and everybody.

The bad guys are, "parasitic"; and they do need us. With every good servant comes a, "coordinated" flock of those who would prevent positive forward movement against this servant.

I submit that the enemy of your souls gives his people an, "illusion" of sight and power. Though they will not make you aware of the fact that they experience it in a way that people will understand.

I would like to refer you to a post concerning a crop circle deciphered that demonstrates the purpose of creation/life per your response:

You are right in that I understand the height of where the, "movements" through-out the life-time of a race origonate. By knowing the height of the enemies movement/tool against of the human race, you might learn how to counter it.

As it stands, you don't stand a chance to be aware of its' existence as a race; because the highest truths are the simplest truths and people are, "programmed" to reject information such as I am sharing.

However I am here for those that get it. I enjoy their work too; though much of it is over my head.. I am aware that I have produced the highest, "technology" that will ever come out of the race of our, "Earth".

I know; big claim..

Thank you.


posted on Jun, 16 2009 @ 01:12 AM

Originally posted by noconsequence

The next step after making a chronomonitor, 1 if it is a clean chronomonitor, and 2, providing you do not have the ability to, "move" it, is to geometrically invite, "intervention"...

I know how to.. My problem is that there is no way I could ever obtain the resources to build the geometric structure because of the, "physics" of it.

Is this referring to tooling and elements? or


What is required? How much?; respectively

posted on Jun, 16 2009 @ 01:33 AM
reply to post by stevedel0

Hello stevedel0.

I looked through the site and googled a little. The, "2 dimensional" geometry shown here is not the type that I have, "experience" with.

I could understand materials resonating through certain geometric structures such as is shown with proper materials. However I found myself at a loss to understand how geometry in the form of 2 dimensional imagery can effect time/space for example, other than through effecting the psyche of those viewing it.

Sorry I could not give a more helpful insight.

Russian scientist; they are aware that I am not concerned about the possibility of them killing my physical body.

While I am on the subject, "my thread", I believe the elite are also aware that I would consider working with them to build the geometric, "device" necessary to invite intervention. It is because it would require the resources of a government in order to build it in the first place, "bottom line".

Unfortunately, that would allow them to continue existing too; though things every where on Earth would in fact instantaneously change without resistance..

I know that the elite themselves may not have the resources to achieve the design. This indicates that it would be wise for them to move now.. I do not expect that. Nor do I care for it. I know God might grant my rightous indignation/revenge more immediately without their help enough noW..

I also know what is to become of all of them at the point in question.. I am directly involved with the only thing that can deliver the race and I know it completely and without a doubt..

There is no threat that a clean chronomonitor could not overcome because they are in their eternal bodies. It is mercy if they share their being with you. They are quite literally more real than we are in our temporal bodies..

They move the captain that sits in their heart with their every whim while we could beg forever without response.. That makes me understand the elites' fearing to invite it.

Ok.. You pulled it out of me. I believe the book is "the flying saucer reader" by Jay David, that talked about, "tektite" strewn fields wher they believed that these tektites were, "craft or parts of craft".

They could not tell other than something came and overwhelmed powerfull and advanced craft without resistance around the Earth and at the same time.

The science of what I know happened is interesting.. The following pic shows the blue north gravitational field spiraling into the mass of the planet dissapating into the atomic structure while it is passing through, drawing south field out of the mass of the Earth. entering and exiting the planets' mass through what you might call its', "belly button" connecting it to the universe:

In a famous picture of Roma there is an, "air war" occurring where you see a disc with markings much like the ones in the video here:

In the picture the craft has a scorpion tail which merely represents death. The craft didn't have a scorpion tail. The fire on the other craft crashing represented them being destroyed. They were not burning.

The tektites that Jay Davit talked about were craft that were robbed of the mass field, "feed" that all matter requires. When the timeless craft came upon them, these craft that are made of our universe had no escape; though they were scrambleing all over the Earth to get away from one chronomonitor..

The timeless craft encased the others running with an etheric universe and robbed them of their mass-field" feed. Without field to feed its' mass the matter will shrink while only feeding on its' own cohesive field, reverting back into the etheric universe where field and anti-field come from.

gonna take 2 posts

Thank you.

[edit on 16-6-2009 by noconsequence]

posted on Jun, 16 2009 @ 02:06 AM
Yes and no imd12c4funn.. Yes in that you are not going to be tooling too much osmium; of which a large quantity would be required, and other materials of unfathomable expense.

Even though the, "device" would not be very big.. Quite simply I know the project would without a doubt require the resources of a government. It is not time to tell you everything that is required, though it is my intention..

In finishing my last post; here is the Egyptian hieroglyph for current/matter and anti-current/matter, being formed from/going back to, an etheric universe:

Like I said, I read Egyptian hieroglyphs, "geometrically"; and a little more..

So the reason they could not tell what the parts/craft were in Jay Davids' book was because the matter blended and changed its properties, being the result of the cronomonitor taking their mass field feed..

The elite know that and it scares them, because they know who, "they" are. After all; chronomonitors are eternally powerful, and clean ones are without opposition..

Just a note: I find it fascinating that, "Oz" mium is a necessary component in order to build the geometric invitation; because there's no place like home..

Thank you.


[edit on 16-6-2009 by noconsequence]

posted on Jun, 16 2009 @ 11:12 AM
reply to post by noconsequence

Hi No Consequence,

Your words are going right over my head my friend, its hard for me to comprehend what you are trying to tell us from what you have described so far.

I think you need to narrow your field of information, concentrating on what it is that you really want to tell us in the beginning, and then expanding. Right now, your ideas are vast and hitting us quickly from all directions and burning some of our brain cells that we can't afford to burn, trying to keep up with what you are trying to tell us, (smiles).

What is it my friend that the people here on Earth are supposed to be afraid of? That is probably where you should begin and then branch outwards on your quest to disseminate valuable information. What do you know about the era of 2012 and the NWO and the Illuminati the we have no knowledge of? How did you gain this knowledge?

That would be a good place to start my friend.

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