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The devil and Karen Kingston

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posted on Jun, 13 2009 @ 10:11 AM
This is a true and scientific deliverance of a little girl. There were ten people present during the three day deliverance.
The deliverance was observed by, under the guidance of and supervised by Dr. W. Manley Fromme, a clinical psychologist.

Those who observed and participated in the deliverance:
1. Dr. W. Manley Fromme - Clinical Psychologist
2. Dr. Clarence T. Emory - Psychiatrist
3. Dr. Julian A. Pershing - General Practitioner
4. Peggy Welch - Nurse Therapy Assistant
5. Carol Petersen - Nurse Therapy Assistant
6. Joyce Donaldson - Nurse Therapy Assistant
7. Robert Pelton - Professional Writer
8. Reverend Rogers - Holiness Minister
9. Ruth Rogers - Wife of Reverend Rogers
10. Father Tyson - Catholic Priest
11. Evangelist Sutter - Baptist Evangelist

I have authenticated the authenticity of this book twice. Here's the link:

Here is a synopsis of it:
Karen Kingston's Plight.
Karen Kingston is a teenager. She was born on November 7, 1960. Her father, a drunkard, was brutally murdered by her mother on July 14, 1968. Karen witnessed the crime. The little seven-year old waif was almost immediately placed in a foster home.
Karen's mother, Cynthia, was sent to prison for a life term. The traumatic shock of witnessing a nine-inch butcher knife plunging in and out of her screaming father was just too much for Karen. It was to dramatically change her life. Shortly after being warmly welcomed by her new guardians, Karen Kingston began having terrible fits. She stopped learning. She changed from a cute, playful, and smiling little girl to one who was withdrawn and morose. She became more and more animalistic!
Her foster parents proved unable to cope with the fast changing situation. Within six months, on January 4, 1969, they regretfully turned Karen over to state authorities. She was committed to a home for retarded children.
Upon commitment, Karen Kingston, now eight years old, progressively worsened. Within the first twelve months of confinement, by the time she turned nine, Karen had become practically a vegetable. She could not feed or dress herself; she could not go to the bathroom alone; she could not read or write. Karen was almost helpless. According to Dr. Manley Fromme, "Karen required complete custodial care. She needed to be in protective custody. But this is to be expected in any case where the IQ drops to below a 50 rating."
The ninth year of Karen Kingston's life was the beginning of a new kind of change--the physical! It all started during the spring of 1970. Her pretty long reddish brown hair became gritty, coarse and dull overnight. She began to exude a repulsive body odor unlike anything experienced previously in the retarded children's home. She slowly developed a pale, washed out appearance. Pimples erupted on her face. Her body was covered with open, running blemishes. These sores would not heal when medically treated!
The tenth year was another which saw radical changes. On April 11, 1971, Karen's once bright brown eyes suddenly crossed! The became dull and seemed to be coated with a light gray film. No liveliness was evident in them. Karen's gum's began to recede. In a short few weeks, her formerly good looking teeth took on the appearance of being longer and more widely spaced than normal.
The eleventh year in the life of Karen Kingston was one of even more dire physical reversals! In December of 1971, she began to droop. It seemed as if the little girl's shoulders were being pulled inward and forward as if on a puppet string. By fall of 1972, she was walking all hunched over.
Karen's twelfth year was no better. She started to limp. This, combined with the drooping of her body, made the child appear to shuffle around like an ugly old hag. A thorough medical examination on May 15, 1973, disclosed that Karen's left leg was extremely painful in the knee joint and that it was stiffening!
By this time, no hope was left for her.

posted on Jun, 13 2009 @ 12:42 PM
reply to post by texastig

what a most disturbing account of events---the poor child.
I'm open-minded here on whether it's definately demonic possession.

It certainly is a very strong case for it, but after witnessing the horror that the poor soul did, it would be bound to affect her dramatically mentally .
As for the physical deterioration--is everyone 100% sure that there were no underlying medical conditions that could have possibly caused this???
If not, then maybe it was demonic possession like Emily Rose.

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