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Everything is the same

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posted on Jun, 13 2009 @ 03:58 AM
Everything is the same, it is i promise. We are that and that is us. Ever heard the term you are what you eat? Its true, you can turn into gelatin..

But im referring to what ive been seeing lately and that is a whole lot of numbers and letters coming together in patterns. The patterns, what are they i ask myself?

And with the component of my despair missing so long, I n0w get it, thanks to Jake kotze and his angelic connection to seeking and seeing the subtle and hidden reality.

The bible says that understanding God is as simple as a childs understanding. And now I see it is. Its easy as heck. I could literally do what ancients have done if I just knew the specifics more.

Other worlds, other times, better cultures with more to offer than war and overbearing controls. Thats what my feeble and tired heart desire. A cultural interchange of species and experiences. Can we mere mortals achieve such a thing in our cusp of life here on earth? Or are we chicken?

I would like to erase the worlds problems and mental defects in everyone in one instant, only a wavelength can do that, see, ive recently discovered what others have been repeating. That the sun activity, causes random dirty electromagnetism to bounce around planets affecting the inner sensations of plants and animals. Since we are slightly magnetized creatures and electro-chemical its likely that our emotional states are tied to the sun. Hence the zodiac. So by that logic, is it possible to end all suffering by resonating the human brain at a frequency which opens the concious mind to the sub-concious relaxed living flow like a waking dream state in sober reality? Plugging in a cooling fan of love?

In my experience a lot of my patternistic entrainments take place in a sub-concious aware state. Able to peer from the world of the living to the world of the dead in a way. By allowing the universe my energy wave is still connected to but hindered by a-harmonious waves of unmittigated sun anger, likely because we creatures mess with the sleeping giants in our seeking knowledge to quickly..

I know i write wierd stuff. And have a knack lately for upsetting a populace of opposite thinkers. Well all I come to in this world now is a question.
Whats life for?

Its all the same. Shopping, eating too much, daily activity..objects, friends even meaningless because they hold only fragments of a larger piece theyre all entirely missing..entirely. real love.

Jaded and altered the human mind progresses through being manipulated in a world of other humans, crawling over your psyche with lust, desires, feelings towards things..gross.

So casting off this viewpoint entirely shows us a new realm of thinking. One where as I am a silent example of peace, or outgoing..doesn't matter, the world will be o.k. But no it isnt.

It sucks frankly and should be changed for the better. Nothing works, the sink is busted. And the kitchen has rodents and bugs.

So me, get up off my arse. DO SOMETHING i tell myself.

Invent, re-think. K now eat.

Still nothing. What am I trying to fill inside this human beast like a forest animal, snouting loudly as I roam wildly? A desire to be filled with knowing the aspect of life which satisfies all curious minds with knowing the state of the universe knowing itself. So we dont have to. That is the greatest human error today i think.
Have a good day.

posted on Jun, 13 2009 @ 05:49 AM
Wow as nonsensical as that sounded on the outside, it made a lot of sense to me and is very similar to my thought process lately. Like I've made this huge discovery about the world, but I only have one tiny small piece figured out in a large jigsaw puzzle. It's frustrating that you've gone so far but haven't gone anywhere near as far as you have to go, so most just give up and others continue on. It's frustrating.

Anywho I liked the article, peace.

posted on Jun, 15 2009 @ 12:36 PM
I would have to disagree.

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