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is wwe's dumbing down of wrestling potentialy going to cause more harm.

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posted on Jun, 12 2009 @ 07:58 PM
i have a few thoughs, ats deffinitelly aint the place for them (im new to bts .. kinda).

for the record... im a life long wrestling fan, watched as long as i can remember which is about 20 + years.

i see their is another wwe / kid friendly post, i was going to post in that thread but i did not want to take it over with another discussion (ill be joining in the other as well ).

as anyone who watches wrestling will know, pretty recently wwe decided they were completly toning down their tv to a "kid" friendly brand of entertainment, for the most of it their is no difference as wwe has got very bland over the years as it got bigger, most likely due to them being owned by shareholders and they want their money... not classic wrestling).

scince they have went child friendly, they have toned down alot, but the main difference is that now their is no "deliberate"(if you know about wrestling you know what i mean) blood in any of their matches ... and this is where i think the big problem is.. . .and the problem is not that i am not recieving my monthly dose of blood lust ..

basicly, in as few words as possible, lately in wwe's ppv+ tv events, they have had extreme / violent situations where people are getting beat unconcious and abused by weapons ... yet they show absolutely no sign of injury! people are getting hit in the head with chairs, ladders,tables,bins,canes and probably a kitchen sink, yet their is not one drop of blood, and this is what scares me.

blood, is a very visual form of consequence, when someone gets hit and blood appears, its an instant lesson... you hurt someone and they can bleed.....if you make someone bleed your hurting them. Yet, wwe's new child friendly attitude does not teach that their is any concequence to violent actions, as no matter how these big dudes hit and throw each other about they dont seem to get hurt.

children learn through seeing things and their concequences..... wwe are pretty much showing children that they can hit each other with pretty much anything and not get injured....

(not only that, scince they have had the child friendly, its got maybe more violent, just in a very dramatic way ..some of it has been pretty chilling in the last few months )

right, thats my rant over .. sorry for any bad spelling

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posted on Jun, 15 2009 @ 02:24 PM
How do you "dumb down" wrestling???
That's like "dumbing down" NASCAR....

Oh c'mon, you knew it was coming.....

I get your point on the violence thing though, it's like cartoons, but with the realism of real life I can agree with you on it...but here's where parental guidance comes in.

Wrestling realizes where the money is (the kiddies, and their wrestling toys)... If you want blood, there's always Extreme Fighting....

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