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Long time lurker, decided to join up finally.

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posted on Jun, 12 2009 @ 05:31 PM
G'day fellow ATSers.

Like the title says, I'm a long time lurker, and I finally decided to join up.

Bit about me:

I'm a sci-fi author and illustrator.

I work in CGi (So I can tell what's fake really really easily.)

I'm a gamer (Everyone needs a way to relax...I do it by playing Guitar hero and call of duty.)

I'm also a believer in some aspects, aliens and ufos yes, and a skeptic in others.

So, I guess that's it.

Time to get 18 more posts so I can delve into ATS properly.


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posted on Jun, 12 2009 @ 05:37 PM
Welcome Red-Eye. I hope your stay here is as long and as informative as mine has been.

Please check out the current writing contest. You may find it fun, plus you get writers status for entering.

I look forward to seeing you around the boards,


posted on Jun, 12 2009 @ 05:48 PM
reply to post by Red-eye-syndrome

Welcome to the best Alternate Website on the web! Come and enjoy what ATS has to offer and bring what you know to the table. Hopefully, you grow in knowledge and spread knowledge to others. Glad to have you abroad!


posted on Jun, 12 2009 @ 05:54 PM
Funny, I have pink eye right now..... but Red Eye has always been a symptom of Fox! (Witty)

Welcome to ATS, you'll get 18 in no time~

posted on Jun, 12 2009 @ 06:01 PM
reply to post by mrwupy

I'll throw in a quick little something that's been lying around here for a while, I'll have to fix it up to make it work as dialogue only though.

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