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* * * NOT SATIRE * * *Peled proposes Israeli sanctions on US

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posted on Jun, 13 2009 @ 07:28 AM
reply to post by FlyersFan

Nobody is antiJewish here but you will find anti Zionists. The problem you zionists have is that you are also pathological racists and rampaging bigots. Fascistic movements like zionism is about selecting one group of people as being more special or more important than another. This mentality is often based on a mythical past such as God given right or an aryan myth that somehow elevates one over another.

The problem that zionism has is that it is manifesting itself in an age ostensibly conscience of racism, fascism and discrimination yet its founding principles is based upon selection, a unique mythology and the conquest of a land in a region of the world that was in the process of unshackling from colonial excess.

Zionists like you have the problem of squaring the circle and have decided to play the role of victims of racism. It doesn't matter who the critic of Israel is, it could be a 12 year Palestinian girl orphaned by Israeli bombardment, an African high school student, an Inuit fisherman, or a Canadian native American chief. The merest hint of concern or outrage of Israeli behaviour results in one being accused of being a racist antiSemite hater.

The outrageous chutzpah is beyond comprehension and resides strictly in the narcissistic hive mind of zionism. Unfortunately for humanity, this mentality spills into the real world and costs lives.

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posted on Jun, 13 2009 @ 11:23 AM
FlyersFan would you like a source to a NON "Anti Jew" site?

How's about the Jerusalem Post, they must be Anti Jew too for posting this story....

SOOOO do you believe the story yet or do you need an even MORE Israel friendly site?

posted on Jun, 13 2009 @ 11:49 AM
I can solve this cunundrum of world issues. I just hope it would be received well.

To all get along we all must be on the same KNOWLEDGE wavelengths. NOT law but rather human emotion spinning along with intellect. This is after all what all men and women seek. A balance, a harmony.

This can be achieved but only through the sacrifice of fear, threats, and hate. With the application of forgiveness, offerings, and an olive branch to light up the future not with armageddon, but with futurism. With spiritual seeking in ourselves with knowing our human experience is circumcinct to any human prevention retaining us falsely in a state of fear or apathy. Not being afraid to make mistakes, because we know the potential for our mistakes will not affect the whole because we worked out things to work the way all people can live together. I see people today in the facade of it all, and know that they can be saved from themselves as they likely have looked at me with the same views in mind. Its a stubborn reality and moving away from undesirable things in a world of so many self created errors is tough. And since so many have the "I AM GOD" attitude towards the world with a mere mortal weapon and a scowl, is it any wonder why world war is innevitable? Who causes there own damnation in the next phase of our souls journey. And who brings others down. God is dealing with a set of self tangling wires. And its killing the machine. Our natural state is natural. Our cities and parks and mental realities, are nothing to do with God, not even buildings. Do we worship a circuit board? Do we hate our cars often when they fail? To infinty, and somewhere else so we dont get bored.

posted on Jun, 14 2009 @ 01:06 AM
It amazes me when considering the complexity of zionism; how they are able to 'skate' by with a 'holocaust get out of jail free card'. The numbers of the event don't ring true. The numbers echoing the Christians, Germans, homosexuals, and others absolutely are real....with bodies, and all.

The entire history of events in the middle east, as well in the USA have been contrived.

We are living in interesting times when the welfare recipient=Israel, is going to sanction the hand that feeds it, and for what? Ah, that's right for not blowing the heck out of Iran.

Control that oil!!!

posted on Jun, 16 2009 @ 09:20 AM
reply to post by masonwatcher

lmao never seen a more funnier....israel really think their sanction can do something againt USA. What a retard whoever suggested that.

Infact to the loudmouth guy who suggested sanction how abt USA stopping giving them all free aid will jolt them to reality in a sec.

posted on Jun, 25 2009 @ 08:18 PM
Actually the Israeli GDP is only a very very tiny fraction of the massive GDP of the United States, and any boycott of the US by Israel would not have any tangible effect at all, except possibly to cause the $6Billion in 'guaranteed loans' to Israel to be rescinded, despite what AIPAC might have to say about it.

I would be very curious to see if Barack Obama makes good on his private promise to his advisors (leaked recently to certain members of the US Press) to 'arrest and detain' certain key AIPAC members in NYC, Miami and Washington as 'malicious enemy agents of a foreign government' a la the Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard, who was the subject of a heated discussion with Benyamin Netanyahu (aka B.B. Nuttin'Honey) and the US President a few weeks ago--Obama apparently reiterated the demand that Netanyahu's government turn over the names of Pollard's Mossad handlers/bosses back around November of 1985, but apparently NuttinHoney is not cooperating...maybe he'll foist another Monica Lewinsky 'situation' on Obama to try and bring HIM down like he did with Mr Clinton, who knows !

(Maybe all NuttinHoney has to do is have his people search some birth records in Kenya from around 1960...hmmmm....)!!

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