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UFO's, J.F.K, Marilyn Monroe, Robert Kennedy and the CIA

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posted on Jun, 12 2009 @ 03:39 PM
Came across this story today, and kind of wondered about a possible scenario.

Link to JFK, CIA and UFO Request

If J.F.K. did attempt to unite space quests with the soviet Union and share knowledges, and if he did request U.F.O. related material from the C.I.A., and if he did learn of the reaity that U.F.O.s existed and was about to release this information publicly, would the following scenario be a possibility to the conspiracy?

Scenario: J.F.K. learns of secret intelligences co-existing with U.F.O technology, prepares to make this a bartering tool in negotiations with the Soviet Union.

During this time, his brother Robert, and their mistress Marily Monroe are secretly informed of this reality.

Marilyn speaks openly to her closest colleagues about J.F.K.'s personal knowledge of UFO and ET reality, and the C.I.A. shut her up by staging an alleged drug overdose.

J.F.K. becomes aware over the immediate time following of the reasons for Marilyn's demise. Then, J.F.K. within the following year privately tells his closest colleagues he is intending to maintain a patriot role and release the information to the public anyway. Part of his motivation is to avenge Marilyn Monroe.

J.F.K is assassinated, then, the only other patriot in possibilty in a potential position to awaken the masses, his brother Robert over the years becomes guilt ridden of the knowledge of his brother and former mistress's death and becomes motivated to tell the truth about why his brother and Marilyn were really murdered. He makes the same mistake of talking this over with closest colleagues for advice and support, then he is assassinated.

Some of the closest colleagues to these three people were loyal to the CIA, and they were the informants against the three. The mandate to maintain a functional and orderly country is completed with the three risk factors dead, and the knowledge of UFOs and extraterrestrials to the public is no longer a threat.

The news article has to make you wonder. What you all think?

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posted on Jun, 12 2009 @ 04:23 PM
Joseph Farrell in his excellent book The SS Brotherhood of the Bell, makes a very convincing case that JFK's assassination was motivated by the following:

1) JFK's threat to disband the CIA (because of the Bay of Pigs fiasco) which would have potentially exposed a whole range of nasty secrets including the CIA's penetration by Gen. Reinhart Gehlen's Nazi spy organization.

2) JFK's decision to take back the ability of the government to issue it's own interest free currency from the Federal Reserve thereby threatening the international bankers monopoly on creating credit.

3) JFK's apparent double dealing with the Mafia, who helped him get elected and were subsequently being hounded by Robert Kennedy's justice department..

4) JFK's offer for a joint mission to the moon with the Soviets that MJ-12 feared would expose or anger extra-terrestrials that they believed were based on the far side of the moon.

5) The joint moon mission would also threaten to expose NASA's secret space program, which was heavily influenced by, and maybe even controlled outright by Operation Paperclip (ex) nazis like Werner Von Braun.

6) The joint moon mission would also have inflamed Hoover's rampant anti-communist paranoia.

7) Texas oil companies, that were in danger of losing lucrative tax breaks, who also supported LBJ, who was on the verge of being indicted for bribery when JFK was killed.

So there were a lot of groups that were pissed off by JFK. The wonder is that he lasted as long as he did.

posted on Jun, 12 2009 @ 08:11 PM
There wasn't much going on with UFO saucers or ETs
since Truman.

Eisenhower had a missile crisis.

Kennedy had the CIA/NASA/War Machine crisis and did not survive.
Nixon did OK though.
Perhaps he paid attention to the right people instead of being
a head strong President.

Operation Paperclip free energy UFO scientist and their backers
are perhaps the crowd behind the saucers and just joined the
War Machine and Cartels to run things.

They cashed in the free energy ufo card and became part of the
ruling Illuminati.


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