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The Media Fall for Phony 'Jobs' Claims The Obama Numbers Are Pure Fiction.

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posted on Jun, 12 2009 @ 12:57 PM

Mr. Fratto was a colleague of mine in the Bush administration, and as a senior member of the White House communications shop, he knows just how difficult it can be to deal with a press corps skeptical about presidential economic claims. It now appears, however, that Mr. Fratto's problem was that he simply lacked the magic words -- jobs "saved or created."

"Saved or created" has become the signature phrase for Barack Obama as he describes what his stimulus is doing for American jobs. His latest invocation came yesterday, when the president declared that the stimulus had already saved or created at least 150,000 American jobs -- and announced he was ramping up some of the stimulus spending so he could "save or create" an additional 600,000 jobs this summer. These numbers come in the context of an earlier Obama promise that his recovery plan will "save or create three to four million jobs over the next two years."

Mr. Fratto sees a double standard at play. "We would never have used a formula like 'save or create,'" he tells me. "To begin with, the number is pure fiction -- the administration has no way to measure how many jobs are actually being 'saved.' And if we had tried to use something this flimsy, the press would never have let us get away with it."

The Obama administration is getting away with saying, and doing things that not even the Bush administration dared to do.

Now we know, some of us new it was BS from the start, about the claims that they can save an "x" amount of jobs.

There is no way that the Obama administration ahs saved any jobs, and I have found it cinical and even comical when the president stated on the news that on may a bit over 500,000 jobs were lost, but that it was less than the month before, and that to him that showed "jobs were being saved and we are moving in the right direction"...

I mean, over 500,000 jobs lost and the president claims things are going better?.... and of course many in the media, and the fans of President Obama apparently believed him.

posted on Jun, 12 2009 @ 01:19 PM
It's this kind of stuff that is really ticking people off. Not so much that he is saying it, but that the media is trying to pass it off as truth.

They wonder why Fox news is killing them in ratings. And Print media is taking a big hit. The double standard is the pink elephant standing in the middle of the room.

I would really like to see the formula they used to get these numbers though, something tells me they were just sitting around the conference table and Obama asked well what number are we going to use. The laughed and told jokes and right when time was about to expire he said we are going to use 150,000.

It's pretty clear that Obama doesn't have a clue about anything considering he appointed 16, and counting, Czars. The only reason for having that many people is because he hasn't the slightest on what to do.

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