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'Robocop' gadget developed for police

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posted on Jun, 11 2009 @ 01:49 PM

The lightweight handheld unit uses high frequency microwaves to see through clothes and pick up "reflections" of concealed guns or knives from a distance of several metres.

Intelligent software then interprets the images and only alerts officers to potential weapons - clearly distinguishing between everyday objects like keys and mobile phones.

It is hoped the scanner will reduce the number of attacks on officers who will no longer need to perform a risky stop and search to detect weapons.

Officers will also be able to remain at a safe distance and call for back-up before confronting armed criminals.

While this type of technology could save the lives of officers in some situations, I cannot help but wonder exactly in what context this system will be used. This type of technology has the potential for misuse. Will it be used to constantly have citizens disarmed eventually instead of having them in key areas such as police stations and government buildings? or will the police eventually take to the streets with these scanners and misuse them?

What about the fact that law abiding citizens do carry legal blades? Officers know by inputing the license plate of a person who has a concealed weapons permit, that that person does have a concealed weapon, and in the streets people who carry a concealed weapon legally are supposed to notify the officers that they do ahve a concealed firearm. But what if such device is used on the street by police officers on law abiding citizens who are carrying legal knives, or even a swiss army knife, and the officers react thinking this could be a criminal?

IMO this type of technology should stay off the streets, and should be used only on certain areas, but we all know this is not going to happen.

We are facing a brave new world, a world where the rights of citizens are not seen as rights anymore, but only as priviledge for a few.

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