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Liquidation Of The UFO Investigators

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posted on Jun, 11 2009 @ 01:07 PM
I was reading this study about a number of ufo researchers dying under strange circumstances.heres an example. errie

Death by gunshot to the head. Death by probable poisoning. Death by probable strangulation. Deaths possibly by implantation of deadly viruses. No one lives former. Yet the recent suspicious deaths of UFO investigators Phil Schneider, Ron Johnson, Con Routine, Ann Livingston and Karln Turner, as well as the deaths of a host of researchers in the past, only seem to add emphasis to a reality with which many of the more aware UFOIogists are now quite familiar: not only is UFO research potentially dangerous, but the life span of the average serious investigator falls far short of the national average. (read more)

Mysterious and suspicious deaths among UFO investigators arc nothing new. In 1971, the well-known author and researcher Otto Binder wrote an article for Saga magazine's Special UFO Report titled "Liquidation of the UFO Investigators:' Binder had researched the deaths of "no less than 137 flying saucer researchers, writers, scientists, and witnesses' who had died in the previous 10 years, "many under the most mysterious circumstances."

The late astronomer Dr. M.K. Jessup was the first to reveal details of the Philadelphia Experiment-he died a few months later.
Phil Schneider

No one has shook up more those who have been following UFO fact and rumor the past low years than Phil Schneider. Schneider died Januarv 17, 1996, reportedly strangled by a catheter found wrapped around his neck. If the circumstances of his death seem highly controversial, thev are matched by the controversy over his public statements uttered recently before his death.

Dr. James McDonald tried to convince Congress to look into the UFO situation. He died after shooting himself a short while later.

posted on Jun, 11 2009 @ 01:12 PM
Ron Rummel

Another recent disturbing case is the death of Ron Rummel, ex-air force intelligence agent and publisher of the Alien Digest, on August 6, 1993. Rummel allegedly shot himself in the mouth with a pistol. Friends say, however, that no blood was found on the pistol barrel and the handle of the weapon was free of fingerprints. Also, according to information now circulating, the suicide note left by the deceased was written by a left-handed person. Rummel was right-handed. Perspiration on the body smelled like sodium pentothal, or so it is alleged.

Ron Johnson

An equally disturbing and more recent death is that of Ron (Jerrold) Johnson, at the time MUFON's Deputy Director of Investigations. Johnson was 43 years old and, it would seem, in excellent health. He had just passed a recent physical examination with the proverbial flying colors. However, on June 9, 1994, while attending a Society of Scientific Exploration meeting in Austin, Texas, Johnson died quickly and amid very strange circumstances. During a slide show, several people sitting close to him heard a gasp. When the lights were turned back on, Johnson was slumped over in his chair, his face purple, blood oozing from his nose. A soda can, from which he had been sipping, was sitting on the chair next to him. Did Ron Johnson die of a stroke? Possibly. An allergic reaction? Another possibility.

Ann Livingston

As a side note, a nurse returning home from Austin shortly after Johnson's death reported a similar death-situation aboard her plane. When she tried to move rearward to offer her assistance, she was forcefully restrained from doing so. Could it be, one wonders, that some agent, through an accident, was the victim of his own machinations? The idea strikes a nice note of poetic justice, if in fact that were the scenario.
Another death involving elements of high strangeness is that of Ann Livingston, who died in early 1994 of a fast-form of ovarian cancer. Livingston made her living as an accountant, but she was also a MUFON investigator and had in fact, published an article entitled "Electronic Harassment and Alien Abductions" in the November 1993 MUFON Journal. The article was highly critical of Julianne McKinney, directorof the Electronic Surveillance Project of the Association of National Security Alumni. McKinney discounts U FO phenomena, believing that what passes for such is most often one kind of governmental ploy or another, whether in the form of experimental machinery or experimental psychology

There's a whole lot more to read about, check it out.

posted on Jun, 11 2009 @ 01:18 PM
reply to post by joe82

Opus Dei or whatever that secret Vatican assasination group is called like to keep revealing info away from the public... hence they kill ufologists, energy people and all kinds of others

posted on Jun, 11 2009 @ 01:22 PM
Also a crop circle researcher died in March this year.

NEWS UPDATE 20-03-2009: Some extremely sad and distressing news. Crop circle researcher Paul Vigay (pictured right) has died aged 44. His body was discovered in the sea at Eastney, Portsmouth on Friday 20th Feb after he went missing late Thursday night. All of us at send our deepest condolences to his partner Louie Smith and his family and friends. Within the crop circle community Paul was probably best know for running the excellent crop circle website, it would be nice to think that someone will come forward to continue his work and take over the running of the site. We here at crossed swords with Paul on numerous occasions, but he was always an intelligent and witty adversary, his death leaves a large void in the crop circle community, rest in peace Paul.

posted on Jun, 11 2009 @ 01:29 PM
Didnt Leslie Kean pass away fairly recently as well? If so, what were the circumstances of her death?


posted on Jun, 11 2009 @ 03:46 PM
how about Marilyn Monroe and Journalist
Dorothy Kilgallen?

(see image of CIA document at link above)

This eventual released the Marilyn Monroe CIA Memo through Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) which was authenticated by the CIA themselves. Within this document President Kennedy mentioned a visit to a secret air force base to view “things from outer space” (UFO information)...allegedly on a document dated 03 August 1962 - Marilyn Monroe has came across information and evidence of Roswell UFO Crash and aliens from President Kennedy.

Along with the top US Journalist and TV celebrity Dorothy Kilgallen (also a very close friend of Monroe) who had uncovered crucial evidence of a UFO crash and were about to disclose UFO revelation in a would be major joint conference on 14 September 1962.

Information received of the 1954 UFO crash in England at Caldbeck Cumberland was leaked through Dorothy Kilgallen's exclusive reporting of the hydrogen bomb test in Bikini Atoll by a top British diplomat and aristocrat - suspected to be Lord Mountbatten along some British official rank. She forwarded this in a national press release which was printed and published. She was put under CIA scruitiny and surveillance, which had her stopped on the UFO pursuit of a government disclosure also due to being under stress of mental breakdown (evidence of toxic fluoride and '___' traces were in her water supply). But by 1961 resumed (she had concrete evidence from her 1955 investigation (fact finding)).

But by late August 1962 Marilyn Monroe was dead (cancelling the, would be public conference). Dorothy Kilgallen would be found dead in her apartment in Nov 1965 by nearly same circumstances as Marilyn Monroe (silencing the revelation).

All three were soon dead and the disclosure event never happened.

posted on Jun, 11 2009 @ 05:38 PM
reply to post by imd12c4funn

Wow that is an interesting tale I haven't heard before. Mountbatten was assassinated by the IRA, wasn't he?

posted on Jun, 11 2009 @ 05:39 PM

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posted on Jun, 13 2012 @ 07:28 AM
an interesting thread with 0 traffic.


Most interesting op i ve seen this article circulated here and there.Copy pasting at its finest.But thats irrelevant.These mysterious deaths along with the 9/11 victims now warrant a thorough investigation.

bumpin an interesting topic to hear opinions from other members

posted on Jun, 13 2012 @ 07:36 AM

Originally posted by Majorion
Didnt Leslie Kean pass away fairly recently as well? If so, what were the circumstances of her death?


What??? I have not heard that. Where did you hear that from?

posted on Jun, 14 2012 @ 12:22 AM
Leslie Kean is still around. And the circumstances of Dr. John Mack's death (hit by a drunken driver (in London, 2004) don't appear suspicious. The whole UFO thing probably contributed to Captain Ruppelt's death from a heart attack at age 37, but it doesn't smell like foul play. But Dorothy Killgallen's right after she said she was about to blow the lid off a conspiracy surrounding the assassination of President Kennedy death does.

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