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Knee-Jerk Science (oops)

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posted on Jun, 11 2009 @ 09:54 AM
Here we have another example of imperfect people pursuing perfect science. According to some experts in the field, our earth may not be as protected by our magnetic shield as we had once thought:

It has been said that “the science is settled” regarding what we know about Earth’s atmosphere and climate. But recently scientists discovered that something we had accepted as a basic truth for a very long time is not true at all.

link to blog source

Science is awesome because it is how we progress. We discover things, we cure things, we better ourselves. However, the most important thing about science is that every avenue of relevant information is exhausted before making a monumental mistake.

Famous last words of a redneck (yes, I could probably be defined as one!):
"Hey, ya'll watch this!"

Famous last words of a scientist:
"Uh oh."

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