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Americans, the NWO, and the Fear Factor

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posted on Jun, 11 2009 @ 09:33 AM
Through the years I have had the opportunity to travel the world via the military and other available means. I have met and talked with literally thousands of people
about the same things that are now being discussed in this ATS forum right now.

People globally have the same dreams and aspirations as we americans do, along with the same kinds of fear, but they never allow their fears to detriment from their mental focus. Foreigners for the most part seem quite violent by american standards. Just look on tv and you'll see protests that more times than not, end up in total riots.

We americans on the other hand look at ourselves as a more sophisticated and better cultured society, and believe that for the most part, we are above all others when it comes to civility! But are we really? I mean, we lead ourselves to believe that we're not a violent nation, and yet we allow our gov't to invade any nation it chooses, and for whatever reason it deems necessary!

How civilized is that? But, when our own gov't turns it's focus and agenda on its' own people, the first thing that happens is that americans dart for the first hole they can find and wait for the smoke to clear! They live in denial of what's really happening and look for others to blame for their plight.

Americans are never scared when something is happening to somebody else in a foreign land, but turn the tables and watch the knees start shaking! The american populous never does anything that really matters when it comes to standing up for our own well being, but will raise total hell about things like darfur, anything in the middle east, china, north korea, Iraq, and europe!

Since ww2, the american gov't has eroded the constitution, placed its' citizens on surveillance 24/7, wiretapped our phones, abolished habeous-corpus, done away with the 4th ammendment, inflated the dollar so bad it's now dying, got us into senseless wars (nam, gulf wars 1&2), killed our economy, traded away our sovereignty, and have made america the most hated nation on the planet!

All of the above was done, and nobody has done anything about it! Yeah, a few have tried, and what did it get them? Killed or imprisoned! It's time for americans to stop being afraid of what they can do something about, trouble is, this means making sacrifices, and there aren't too many who are willing to do this! To those who wish to sit back and do nothing, then I hope you get everything you deserve!

Enjoy your microchips, your prison camps, your life-threatening vaccinations, sending your sons and daughters off to die in wars that are not needed, and just soo many more things I would like to show here but don't have the time to do so!

Enjoy being scared of your own shadow and the gov't that is casting the shadow of tyranny over you! And enjoy losing everything you have worked for because you never had the courage to stand up and say Enough!

I know I am going to be dogged out and berrated over this thread, and that's okay, but somebody has got to get americans thinking about serious issues, and I can't think of anything anymore serious than our way of life, liberty, and happiness!

posted on Jun, 11 2009 @ 10:18 AM
An interesting post, and I agree with much of it.

Here is a list of countries by murder rate so the notion of American civility can be looked at objectively:

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