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Does Your Desire for Disclosure Impose Undue Pressure on the Rest?

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posted on Jun, 11 2009 @ 06:01 AM
UFO and alien disclosure? Oh YEAH baby, count me in! I wanna know all about it when it happens: who they are, where they come from, and to what extent this has affected humanity. And further, how is proof of their existence going to affect us from now on?

And plenty more too: How can they help us, WHY should they help us, and even is there a way we can help them? Or have we already been helping them by essentially being food for their species, as some claim.

Are there any purple ones? Cause hey, purple is my favorite color!

But hold on a minute here. I got to thinking about this recently and I started playing devil's advocate with myself for a while. Could my own blind desire for this disclosure be so shallow that I would not think of other people in the process?

What people, you may ask?

Well, how about the rest of civilization that has no interest in this subject? How about that uncivilized tribe in the Amazon who has nothing to do with this, and is quite content to live the way they have for so very long? How will disclosure affect them?

How will disclosure affect the people that all their lives have had no interest in knowing one way or the other whether they exist? Or those that just don't care? Or those that do care, but specifically do not want to be told because it could tear their entire belief system, and even religion apart?

Disclosure is problematic, on a myriad of different levels. And it may be even more complicated than that, considering the allegations of US and other government secret involvement with them for past Lord-only-knows-how-long.

So as a concerned citizen, is it really my place to put all those people in that position blindly, or even with consideration, when the effects of disclosure could be so tremendously far-reaching?

I am starting to rethink the viability of disclosure for all. It may not be possible, or even prudent. And this may be one of the key reasons it has not happened so far. I said ONE of the key reasons. But by no means the ONLY reason. This is just another angle on it, and speculation I felt like sharing for any potential reactions. Maybe even to get you to question these things in yourself and see where I am going with this.

Desiring disclosure for yourself may be purely selfish, when the rest of humanity is going to be dragged into too, kicking, screaming, or by volition.

My mother has always told me that dreaming of something you want is often better than the disappointments of having the real thing. And while I don't necessarily agree with that for everything, maybe disclosure is one area we should seriously consider that epitaph.

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