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Carrie Prejean ousted as Miss California USA

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posted on Jun, 11 2009 @ 01:56 AM
Never-ending saga . . .

I wouldn't notice if I didn't caught a glimpse of the "Today's Top Searches" feature on Yahoo where Carrie Prejean actually won and became No 1 Top Search.

So I read the article and it dawns on me that the Miss Universe Pageant is actually strictly secular event.


Well, that's because the contestants do not include women from the other well-known region of the Universe called "Heaven."

And why is that so?

That's because she would never win, no matter what.

And who is that "she?"


But she's a nice looking woman!

That's true, but her views are pretty self-defeating. See, Virgin Mary believes that folks shouldn't have sex at all -- it's a redundant activity not particular to the task of conception.

And that means Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalene could apply for a marriage license in some "progressive" part of the universe and still have a child without adopting one.

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