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A dream that is life. Or is it a nightmare? Help

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posted on Jun, 11 2009 @ 01:33 AM
A story true but untitled. How can you title something that is so seemingly a dream but indeed has teeth.

I was on a full scholorship to a so. cal collegel for athletics. Very unusual due to the sports popularity at the time...gymnastics.
There were numerous offers from around the country but I chose this one because I thought I knew the coach.....hang tight this is just a pre cursor to the very strange that I need help

with. Long story short I dropped out of the University and joined a so. cal. JC. . Stupid...yea

I, over the past month had been practicing the "faith" ...with faith anything is can say to this mountain, be thou removed and it would obey you!

My workouts were amazing. My drives to the school in the fast lane were un-interupted.....If somebody was in my way, I would say outloud ...move over please...and they did~~~!

A part of me was freaking out...thinking this is sooo weird...other part of me was saying this is the life of faith!

One morning after great sex with my girlfriend..who I loved with all of my hear...I woke up late to travel to a gymnastics meet that I had to judge. I took the wrong offramp and was in

North Holywood. I'm lost. 10 minutes left to get to the school. I shouted from my car ...How can I get to the X south onramp. Nobody cared to respond.. I'm at a red light.....
a cop pulls up behind me ....I'm 17 with a I leave my car and ask him how to get back to the x onramp....He freaks ....says it would be faster if you take my car...I dont.
He then pulls his gun on me....rather started to...I hit him...he goes down, ( well at least he cant shoot me now)

I hear sirens..and run... 9 cops later I collapse..( of my choice, I didnt want to hurt them)

I spent about 2 weeks in jail...before going in I was checked for body fat with the rest of the gymnastic team at 3.5% 135 lbs. I was the lowest %..Even the wrestling coach asked me to

join his team....

So many things happened inside jail that I could write a book. Bottom line is I was visited by two men in suits that said that If I demand a psych evaluation then everything would be


I did so.
The judge said the charge was speeding on the interstate and charges are dismissed...He then says Steve relax. Your in good hands.

And it was.

posted on Jun, 11 2009 @ 01:38 AM
Here is the weird part....during my incarceration I was tested for telepathy...I remember all of the prompts etc..again would take a book My parents and aunt and uncle were there to

transport me to the nearest psyche hospital. I still was afraid of getting a bullet in the brain on the way into the hospital...Once they released me to the "directors" office I had a visit by 3

men in suits. The one in charge said that I did well! and now we can go. I questioned him...bear in mind that I"m still mind fkd... He said that he thought he had a howitzer and it turns

into a firecracker.... Now 30 years later I read about CIA experiments and wonder... I'm glad that my fear kept me in check. I had been so awfully abused in the time in jail that the jail

nurse cried when looking at me. I never became violent!!!

At times I still think that I"m watched, but I figured out 20 years ago that these psychic power things only happen when I'm in good shape...Now I smoke cigarettes and drink on my


Seeing the way things have turned out I may get in shape again.

BTW I was 8 yrs USMC...during boot camp I 140 then... took the company at pugel sticks ..dancing on the log like a gymnast!

Biggest questions..

Has anyone else had an experience like far as the cops? Or even the psy control?

Could this have been a military project?

My grandpa was 30 yr Marine part of occupied Japan, My dad was Marine in Korea 4 years.

Did the Cia slip some # into the mix?

one last thing, right before I went inot the USMC I was working at a pizza hut as a manager. A customer parked in the fire zone while I was smoking a cig. I asked him to park elswhere , he flipped me off and went inside. I went in the back and told the cashier not to serve him, the asst. mgr saw evrything to this point and after, Customer of course was way pissed off and started shouting...I said we can talk about it outside...When outside and 3 ft from me he pulled a switchblade and tried to stab me. .. I counter'ed his stab and took his arm behind his neck in a way that put the point of the blade at the junction of his neck and his spine with his head at my knee level.. I gave him a choice. release the blade or I knee him in the face. Blade dropped. I released him ...only to have him later try and sue me and the pizza hut corp.. I had kept the knife and gave it to the attorney and of couse had a shaken up asst. mgr wittness...4 x bigger than me.. that swore never to mess with me...hehe lol ..he was a nice guy.
Things seemed to go in ultra slow motion....any fighting situation..., but I get to move real speed. I cought his hand coming from behind his back he swung it overhead, yea amateur, ...before it was in line with his back from 3 feet away. He did I. I won. He should have died, I dont kill unnecessarily. Hopefully never.

I sorely hope that some have similar experiences. I don't want to go to the grave not knowing.

Any theory is welcome.. I'll know the truth when it is shown.

posted on Jun, 11 2009 @ 01:43 AM

if you were hoping for a police brutality response... after that rant? haha I see exactly why a cop would want to pull his gun on you.

you're insane. a person who bases his insanity on "faith" none the less.

maybe you should have used your jedi mind control skills to stop the cop from pulling his gun on you instead of hitting him.

good luck on getting others to feel sympathetic... I mean god bless?...

posted on Jun, 11 2009 @ 01:48 AM
Here chew on this thought for a bit... you are dreaming right now.

posted on Jun, 11 2009 @ 01:49 AM
Another point of reference. I have been in over 100 fights...small kid 75 lbs in 8th grade. ... white in black area then mexican.. You fight or you grovel... Had to do that at home not doing it on my own! lol

As i got older the " slow motion" thing increased to the point that it really wasnt a fight anymore...just unfare for me to swing. One of the last times, like 4 years ago, a guy hit me and i asked him why he hit me, and that i'm about to get pissed off. He lost his job and was just drunk and a bad mood. No I didnt hit him back, but warnd him not to blame transfer again.

posted on Jun, 11 2009 @ 01:50 AM
reply to post by YouAreDreaming

Dude my real dreams have twin girls in them

posted on Jun, 11 2009 @ 04:10 AM
As far as your reactions went be happy. Most people not only do not understand or even compredhend WHY someone would fight back let alone know how! As far as the gentleman who laughed at you for hitting a LEO he has a lack of reality. I had a foster sister named Marie who couldn't read but thougt she knew her RIGHTS. I had to explain to her the only right she had, ESPECIALLY when dealing whith a LEO was what right she could enforce herself. That would be almost 30 years ago. Unfortunately I was proved right within a year. The ability to fight back is a gift. Few have it anymore. Be thankful.

posted on Jun, 11 2009 @ 07:40 AM
reply to post by Anomen

That was just a dorkish response. If I wanted a police brutality issue i would have persued it when I was 19. There were other things at work and I knew it.
I still hold back most parts of the story. The parts that tell me that nobody spiked my beer the night before.

If I were to write the entire episode then I would expect comments like yours Anomen. AS for now, bless you for having control of your fingers. At least you can, at the moment, type.

posted on Jun, 11 2009 @ 01:44 PM
I don't say this to attack you personally but have you ever gone in for a evaluation by a doctor? You have symptoms that are similar to schizophrenia or psychotic breaks. I would recommend you seriously consider obtaining some help.

posted on Jun, 11 2009 @ 06:19 PM
i think someone spent to much time watching the matrix and confused fiction with reality. if you really can do all the slow motion things i want to learn lol


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