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Oil hoarding reveals coming false flag, and attack on Iran!

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posted on Jun, 10 2009 @ 10:19 PM
I think many of us have seen dates come, and go. Many will laugh, and make 'conspiracy nut' jokes; concerning these come, and gone dates. However, just recently someone gave me an idea. The idea of people posting the New World Order's 'chatter' over the net, actually helps stops their surprise folly. In my opinion, for now, People power, and awareness have stopped WW 3.

In compiling different articles from all over the world, and researching; I'm seeing some trends that I find unsettling. I've written on the topic of the Power's That Be many times. They deal in small truths shadowed by immense lies. They'll spin the real news until every 'six pack joe know's about it'; when in reality all the masses really know is what was crammed down their throats. The truth is out there, but it does take putting all the small puzzle pieces together.

The Internet gives us that ability, and that's why it's such an immense problem for the New World Order.
I think most of us know it is only a matter of time before the PTB try to shut down the Internet. There are good patriots amongst us who are aware of this. These people are building parallel networks to the standard Internet which people like Senator Joe Liebermann are ferociously trying to slow down, and control.
An example of one of these parallel networks is

The time seems to be moving steadily closer when those of us that are aware, will be communicating on an alternative network; for a while. The New World Order does have a timeline; which appears to be closing in on them. Whether it really is a run up to 2012, where many postulate a mass awakening of human potential lays, or it is a mass awakening via this beautiful thing called the

The PTB are in a desperate need to seize all control, and it must be accomplished in short order. Now, onto the meat of this story. In economic news we can see that Western Governments along with Israel pulling their strings are stocking up as much oil as they can get their hands on. The story which is linked HERE, indicates that it is only to steady the price of fuel. However, this storage of oil is taking place outside, on what they'd consider outside of the 'danger zone'. I'd define the danger zone as out of the Persian Gulf, and through both the Gulf of Eden, and Suez Canal into the Mediterranean Sea. Not only is the Mediterranean becoming a flotilla of oil tankers, but Europe's supply depots are also being filled to the brink. All this is under the guise of oil market stabilization. LIES LIES LIES LIES, and more LIES; says ME!

.........continued below.........

posted on Jun, 10 2009 @ 10:22 PM
Back in August of last year we all had a big surprise on 08-08-08. We had a surprise attack on South Ossetia; from US, and Israeli IDF led Georgian Forces. There was the infamous Fox News Guru Rubert Murdock video, where in the morning hours he was waylaying the Russians for biting off more than they could chew. In fact, by mid afternoon the Russians had all, but seized full control of most of Georgia. Within days the Russians had blown the Caspian Oil Pipeline, and the major oil port of Georgia. This pipeline being destroyed has now made Russia the main supplier of oil to Europe.

In the Chinese culture the combination of 08-08-08 is considered auspicious. It is widely considered that the decision of the US/Israeli led Georgian forces to invade South Ossetia was a slap in the face to the Chinese; from the NWO. You ask why am I bringing all this up? The reason is at the same time US, British, Israeli, and French Naval vessels had amassed one of the largest naval armada's in history in the Persian Gulf; coincidentally just off Iranian Territorial waters.

It is widely speculated on the Internet that had Russia not been able to stop the US/Israeli lead aggression of Georgian troops; that we would have seen an Invasion of Iran in a matter of days. Russia, China, along with others have pledged military support for each other through the Collective Security Treaty Organization,and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. There is another organization that many of us have not heard about, and that is the Non Aligned Movement. This includes much of Latin America, and Iran. All in all there are one heck of a lot road blocks in which the NWO must set up, in order to take the oil fields of Iran without incurring ENORMOUS losses.

I am of the opinion that the Power's That Be In control of the New World Order Mafia are again, at the stage of commencing a False Flag attack. They will do this in order to make a 'retaliatory' strike against Iran necessary. The evidence to this is numerous. The oil piling up across the Mediterranean, and European depots is an attempt to ensure operational success. They must do this as the Iranians are in position to shut down the Straight of Hormuz; as well as the entry way into the Suez Canal. With these two Sea ways closed, the World's oil supply would be slowed dramatically. If Russia, Venezuela, and a few other's who are all involved in the before mentioned organizations(SCO, NAM, CSTO) also restricted oil at the point of attacking Iran, then the NWO without stocking oil would be finished within days.

The theories are numerous as to what the False Flag will be. Rep. Todd Akin out of Missouri is sure Seattle will be hit with an ICBM. Hillary Clinton is all over the map with her allegations. She is echoing the false flag strategy, which Ken Welch has been saying. If you visit his reverse speech site at you'll see his alert warning is at RED. I do give credit to Reverse Speech technology, and his findings are right on the mark with what Hillary Clinton is now saying. Considering the oil stock piling, Hillary Clinton's own words, and Ken Welch's work it does tend to sway the scales.

No matter which way you turn there is the PTB, and their NWO trying to take over the entire world. If they aren't trying to gain a strangle hold on the world oil supply, then it is food, or many number of things.
Now in USA taxes is going through the roof. They've almost got everyone labeled as an extremist. Make no mistake PEOPLE you are the ENEMY. There is no West verse East. It is We The People against the NWO. They control by dividing, and conquering. They employ order out of chaos, and their greatest strength is OUR FEAR.

Now, the PTB are making it clearer everyday that the new enemy is you, and I. They are making the switch from the poor brown man to the average black, or white American. You've all prayed for the border to be shut, and a fence to be built. Don't worry you'll get your wish, but it won't be what you expected. It won't be a fence to keep "them". The fence will be to keep us in. When the NWO makes their world power play, they'll close that border just as they've promoted you into demanding. When you want to run, you'll not be able to. It will be stay, and join the "Empire's Army", or die fighting it, and their legions.

I am not writing this to play who knows more. I am not writing this to scare. I am writing this so that it creates thought, and conversation.

With talk comes action.

posted on Jun, 10 2009 @ 10:25 PM
Really looking forward to the rest of your thesis. I too find it very odd that not more than what, two months ago the press was reporting about a glut of oil sitting in tankers parked offshore of the US? All due to lowered demand. IMO, oil is just one more controlled commodity that is used against the common man.

posted on Jun, 10 2009 @ 10:26 PM
This oil hoarding scares me. I think they really are preparing for something big to happen soon...

posted on Jun, 10 2009 @ 10:31 PM
maybe it's tied to the disclosure event set to happen this friday in France? I don't know just missing the old days I guess.

posted on Jun, 10 2009 @ 10:38 PM
This is my first thread, and I had around 10 blind links to add. However, since I could not fit the whole thread onto one post, many of the links are obviously not there. Fact is we are the enemy. With coming border fences, will mean some real surprises. These facts of being the enemy have a chlling ring about them when Senator Clinton throws her weight around. Between her, and the psychic Rep. Akin, it makes me wonder the about all their miraculous premonitions.


posted on Jun, 10 2009 @ 10:43 PM
Not sure what is going on where you all live but gas has gone up nearly 70 cents a gallon or more here since late April. I sure do miss the days of the $14 oil change, the cheapest you can get here (Walmart) is about $30.

posted on Jun, 10 2009 @ 11:08 PM
reply to post by secretagent woooman

No doubt the ENTIRE goal of the PTB is world dominance. In all regards. The world has plentyfull amounts of petroleum.

There are even new microwave devices that can make hard oil extraction easier. This microwave device came out around a year ago. I'm not sure of the progress, but they were billing it with the ability to recycle oil from plastics.

I've been using an HHO system on my own vehicles with positive results.

The world over they are making huge oil field discoveries.

However, none of the above matters. It is in the realm of surpressed information, and technology. Oh well.

It's about power, and control. If they can control the flow of oil, then they think they can win. Now, the these PTB think in multiple avenues at once.

Imagine a spider web. There are 20 lines going into the center, and 20 out.

This oil hoarding is accomplishing a few things. One it is allowing them to hold the supply of oil; which in turn increases the price. Second, they are gearing up for the Suez Canal, Straight of Hormuz, and the NAM countries to cut oil supply.

I'm think they believe they can store enough barrels in order to push through the momentary shut down; after invasion of Iran begins.

In a nutshell, their entire line of thought is corrupt, and evil.


posted on Jun, 10 2009 @ 11:34 PM
The oil flow will stop.

That will be their victory. And a very short one.

The Singularities are nearing Earth. Those, they cannot stop.

Do not let oil enter your heads. Let it stay in their heads.

The Dark Energy Flow, they've already admitted, they cannot understand.

The bonanza of evidence suggests that dark matter might be far more complicated than we had ever imagined. For starters, the theoretician's favourite dark-matter candidate is falling out of favour, with the latest experiments making the case for new, exotic varieties of dark matter. If they are right, we could be living next to a "hidden sector", an unseen aspect of the cosmos that exists all around us and includes a new force of nature.

This is a parallel reality that is overlapping the doom and gloom scenario of the Great Game. The PTB are anxious, they think they know why, but they don't.

This Dark Matter is stored in much bigger tankers you can ever imagine.
The measure of the events will be quickly lost to human perception.

You can as well think of this as of "found poetry":

It turns out that the dark force boosts the annihilation rate of slow-moving WIMPs by two to three orders of magnitude, as required to explain the ATIC and PAMELA results. Yet it has no effect on much faster particles that filled the early universe. All this means that there should still be plenty of WIMPs around today that we should be able to see annihilating each other.

But there is a strong resonance in logic and outcome to what awaits us in this "dimension" of molten-minded elite. They will annihilate each other. They are poised to do so.

So guys, when the show starts, keep your eyes and minds open for something else, because This - is not going to end well. We will need a new dimension, where such things are simply not possible.

posted on Jun, 10 2009 @ 11:40 PM
...excellent post(s), sancho...

...i agree on the border-sealing fence deal... if one is errected, it'll be to keep us in... if it was politically prudent and/or profitable to close the borders, it wouldve been done decades ago...

...iran's future was obvious, to me, as soon as haliburton's pipeline contracts in afghanistan and iraq became public knowledge shortly after dubya's bs invasion of iraq... all one has to do is look at a map to determine which country is "in the way" of the pipeline but, i bet, most americans cant do better than 65% on this simple geography quiz (see link)...

Geography Quiz

posted on Jun, 11 2009 @ 12:22 AM
Great deductive reasoning skills there Sancho. If I had the means and the space I'd be stashing away oil too. When they start their next money making war (with Iran) we're going to wish we had a few barrels of gas stashed away lol.

posted on Jun, 11 2009 @ 01:06 AM
reply to post by Wyn Hawks

It's funny you mentioned looking at a 'map'. Through out the 90's we had US 'supported' war in the Caucuses; not until now has one of the primary motives been known. Oil that is, Texas T, and black gold!

Kinda funny to look back at all the wars over there, and realize that oil pipelines lie at the heart of those issues.

As in one of the other thread's we are more able to see the great game play out.

posted on Jun, 11 2009 @ 01:58 AM
I hope this theory worked out for you surfinguru. Dangerdeath, I looked into the Singularities, and wouldn't mind your input there.

Sundancer, Ha ha ha, I've got my apocalypto truck already. It is a 80's model suburban with a 453 diesel w/air starter, manual shift, custom suspension, and then I tricked out the rest as an expedition wagon. In my baby I'm running a 125 gallon tank. I'm getting around 23 mpgs, and as you pointed out I've got a little extra fuel.

Bring'em on!

posted on Jun, 11 2009 @ 10:11 AM
reply to post by sanchoearlyjones

I hope this theory worked out for you surfinguru. Dangerdeath, I looked into the Singularities, and wouldn't mind your input there.

Your presentation is so clear it inevitably sheds light on how things work in principle.

Since this thread depends on the input of news regarding the situation, I hope this will not be too much straying from the topic. I'll try to explain from another angle what is really going on and why.

"Oil" can easily be deemed a "symbol", a multi-pronged symbol actually.

"Dark matter" and "Dark energy" can be treated in the same way as the "subconscious" of human mind.

"Oil" can be interpreted as an "attractor" as is explained in Theory of Chaos. Something everyone is focusing attention to.

Politically, "tension" is the source of energy much more valued by the PTB (or authorities) than the naphtha itself.

Tension as a result of "difference in potential" works as AC electrical power - it moves things, creates phenomena. Tension is the dynamo machine of the politics.

The war itself can also replace this "fictional" liquid dark matter as a source of tension, and is also a great "short circuit" (dumping site) which wastes everything into dust - consumerist approach to politics.

In this game, ironically, human life has the smallest value, although all is done in the name of "survival", while obviously some think "their lives" are more valuable than others'.

Because, for those, life is an expression of power to control.

In truth, control means "have it your way" while treating other sentient beings as means instead of purpose. Control is violence.

This is exactly where humankind is stuck in its own ignorance. So the question is, apart from this war - the "grim rider of the Apocalypse", whether there is another solution for us who are apparently all victimized and passivized by such game planning.

In times like this, people feel the pressure which is often expressed as a feeling that Disclosure is about to take place. The meaning of Apocalypse (Revelation) is exactly that, and this subjective "difference in potential" is not a political one. It is between physical and metaphysical, and this is where the PTB actually lose control. Because they stick to their physical existence which is transient and therefore an inexhaustible source of fear and anxiety. Their push is in this direction.

My experience of war is that many people were set free when showed against the wall of imminent death from some invisible and deadly missiles coming from above in an undiscriminating way. People simply stopped caring, and only few I know were really panicking.

In this respect, war is the greatest mistake of the PTB because it sets people free, for the lack of articulated form of life - war is destruction of life forms. It is also a medium where the least control over people is established.

The present political and economic situation is a form of life, a consumers model of existence, which is now falling apart. The war has already started, the only question is how many lives will be lost. But loss of life is only a matter of calculus, because for the PTB only life which is submissive is of some value. Those who oppose them are to be destroyed.

In my opinion, the imminent future will not be repeated as a consumers' future, like we know it. Oil, as a source of energy, is probably already outdated in this respect. It really is more symbolical than realistic. This is why:

China has been given (or imposed) the role to simulate a New world power. China is now to play the role America and the West played for the last 40 or so years. It is an illusion which is doomed to fall apart because the Earth's resources are on the verge of being extinct. And, here including the idea of progress, which is also exhausted. Just like the previous dominating ideas, like socialism or communism. Nobody cares about those any more, they are dead.

This possible war in Middle East and Central Asia (Caspian region) is going to affect China in the most powerful way. It will help China burn like in furnace. China is made to depend on those resources and it is falling into this trap.

The Chinese are repeating history, they are attempting colonization, as it was in the last couple of centuries. They are buying ore mines all around the world, establishing outposts in Africa, Brazil and elsewhere. This is all so nostalgic and pathetic from their side. Their isolationist politics from previous centuries will cost them dearly while attempting to "catch on", just like what happened to Japanese attempt in the 20th century. They were left behind and it cannot be repaired.

What I see here is a preparation for the Great Landslide.

It is all a brainless motion, the inertia is so strong, no calculation can save us from it.

The Globalization and NWO may have this effect of entropy.

And the entropy may work in a quick way as a series of short circuits (war). Here's why: at the Bilderberg summit there were two options in play: one for a quick and intensive resolve (a painful one), and another for a slow way out from "recession" - a prolonged depression (agony).

This "way out" is, of course, someone's imagination that things can be repeated, and that the Golden Age of consumerism can be resurrected, which is a total miscalculation in my opinion.

What we have as a parallel is the rise of totalitarian states in the West, Great Britain leading the way, just as it was described by George Orwell some 60 years ago.

What the West is doing now is creating reality in the form of "optional realities" which will amortize any catastrophic event by instantly reformulating it (as was done with the 9/11 event) and faking it into an "official reality". The skills and means to do so are very advanced and the oppression of imposing this "view" is enormous and increasing on a daily basis.

The whole war in the Middle East will be nothing but a Simulation of War, I am convinced of it. Even the Iraq war is just a simulation for the PTB, while for the Iraqis it is a permanent apocalypse into which they are burning themselves. This Iraqi apocalypse is affecting only them, it doesn't affect anyone in the rest of the world. That is a fact. It is very much like the project of "controlled fusion". Iraq is now a controlled civil war in which all goals are lost. It is a total chaos and there are no distinguishing foci or directions of movement.

To force China, and maybe Russia (which I doubt) into the same kind of controlled fusion is the goal of this Great Game. The political profit from such development is much more important to the West than the oil.

It will provide enough energy to realize Orwellian vision, as if it was their own.

This thing is very realistic and I am not mystifying. The same happened with Homeric vision from his Iliad. A constant struggle for establishing monopoly on all trade routes and political control in the known world is defined in Homer's Iliad and humanity is unable to escape his programming.

Orwell's "1984" and Huxley's "Brave New World" are just a few indicative works and patterns which have very strong materialization. This is a semi-subconscious (actually metaphysical) impact on the reality.

These artists clearly projected the pattern of logic which applies to reality in accordance to the Second Law of Thermodynamics. The isolated system must burn itself to total leverage of inertia, to a passive state of existence.

The only way to escape this fate is to understand how things really work, to distinguish from psychological conditioning which leads to this kind of reality of "states in war" and to finally overcome this conditioning into a different dimension of existence, which is the real "Golden Age", now only dimly remembered.

posted on Jun, 11 2009 @ 11:36 AM
reply to post by DangerDeath

That was an awesome post. Very clear, and to the point. You sound familiar; almost reminding of a friend of mine...? Knowing my frined, I'm sure I'd have to make my mind up on that one. Ha ha ha, create my own reality, and perception.

Again, that was awesome. Your description of every day society, and war, in comparison to death, and life was great. I've long told people close to me, that they need to wait. Judging others while they hold onto something they consider life can be a little too harsh. I've long waited for the vendication of many. It will indeed as you pointed out come in the night as the NWO think they are gaining ground.

Just as you said opposing forces. As the NWO pushes it's force harder, and harder, then so shall forces of nature push harder. I guess these NWO guru's don't quite understand the strength of Nature. They'll be living their worst nightmare for a short time.

posted on Jun, 11 2009 @ 11:51 AM

Originally posted by sanchoearlyjones
reply to post by DangerDeath

That was an awesome post. Very clear, and to the point. You sound familiar; almost reminding of a friend of mine...? Knowing my frined, I'm sure I'd have to make my mind up on that one. Ha ha ha, create my own reality, and perception.

Again, that was awesome. Your description of every day society, and war, in comparison to death, and life was great. I've long told people close to me, that they need to wait. Judging others while they hold onto something they consider life can be a little too harsh. I've long waited for the vendication of many. It will indeed as you pointed out come in the night as the NWO think they are gaining ground.

Just as you said opposing forces. As the NWO pushes it's force harder, and harder, then so shall forces of nature push harder. I guess these NWO guru's don't quite understand the strength of Nature. They'll be living their worst nightmare for a short time.

These NWO people behave as gamblers who are losing game and enter a "tunnel consciousness", want to play to the bitter end. They have no control of their own actions, all they do is project their state of mind on everybody else.

I think this is typical for emotional or ideological kind of reality - it is a programmed reality. People are taught to react instead of to understand.

The big problem is that only ignorance is affecting (is affection itself).
When it comes to knowledge, knowledge does not affect. As you have noticed, no matter how much you try to explain things to people, it won't affect them unless they turn their attention on their own impulse. But sometimes, catastrophic events destroy this programmed shell and sets them free, at least for the moment. It does involve enormous energy surge to deconstruct the Big Lie.

That is the true reason for incompatibility of these two approaches. Lies and manipulation will always find their way to those who are trained to be affected and pretend to be "the reality". In the Age of Information, information=disinformation. Buy on rumors, sell on the news - that's why this always works.

Knowledge and truth belong only to those who refuse to be affected. Their world is very different from the tangible one.

posted on Jun, 11 2009 @ 11:56 AM
It is typical, and also often misinterpreted, for major philosophies and religions.

For instance, Buddhism or Christianity are not about "saving life".

In fact, they are about "saving from life".

In Buddhism, for instance, the source of suffering is ignorance, and the primary result of ignorance is life itself, and in a causal way, it leads to Samsara, the circular movement of being born, living, dying, and then again, reborn. The vicious circle.

In Plato's dialogue on Socrate's death, Socrates, as a philosopher, prefers death to life.

This is understandable, but not by "everyday" logic.
To everyday logic of the ignorant, death is deemed "bad" and is outlawed. For them, Knowledge or Truth are like death - it destroys the Big Lie.

The more knowledge one has, the more force one has, and the less is dependent on the physical form, which is life.
This is the truth every one who bothers to understand life and death will arrive to.

This is how one surpasses "death".

[edit on 11-6-2009 by DangerDeath]

posted on Jun, 11 2009 @ 03:20 PM
This article is about the Russians pressuring the Israeli's to stop supplying the Georgian's with arms. It also gives a little information regarding Israeli involvement in the Georgian aggression toward South Ossetia.

posted on Jun, 11 2009 @ 03:54 PM
I was keeping up with that conflict reading various news sources on the net, then I would catch a little bit of An American talking head on TV. I have to tell ya, the stories weren't even close!

posted on Jun, 11 2009 @ 04:08 PM
reply to post by Sundancer

I'm confused? Are you talking about Israel's involvement on 08-08-08, and with supplying arms?

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