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Dream within a dream...entry to alternate timeline???

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posted on Jun, 10 2009 @ 06:06 PM
I've had unusual dream experiences since early, early childhood. One of the most peculiar for me has always been the 'dream within a dream' phenomenon. I realize that there are logical explanations for it but I don't necessarily buy into them.

Without getting into too much boring personal detail, one incident that sticks out very clearly in my mind is an instance in which I was having an absolutely awful nightmare (common for me unfortunately). In that dream I was trying terribley to wake myself up. I did wake up, in a false awakening, pinching myself (believing to be awake). When I finally came out of the false awakening, I was covered in red marks on my arms, having really been pinching myself to wake up.

I realize this sounds crazy but I'm hoping here on ATS that I am NOT alone in such an experience. In addition, I had several other experiences where I was having dreams within dreams and I would finally wake up in other places in my bedroom or home. Sometimes having caused some disaray, ie. tearing blankets off the bed or moving objects, even hiding under the bed.

As wild as it sounds, I have always believed that there are other realms we travel in. My turbulent dream state has been a major contributor to this idea. Other dimensions and alternate timelines are difficult for the human mind to comprehend but somewhere inside of myself I have always felt 'otherworldliness'.

My question to ATSers is what you believe the alternate explanations for this could be. By alternate, I do not mean medical or 'logical'. I am very educated and I do not for one second believe everything can be put off as something reasonable. Please share your thoughts.

posted on Jun, 10 2009 @ 10:21 PM
reply to post by jackieps1975

Have you looked into Dream Yoga?

I came across the thread you posted earlier on the time monks, and decided to look at your profile first. So before I even saw this post I was going to suggest Dream Yoga as a means of finding answers from your higher self.

posted on Jun, 11 2009 @ 01:08 PM
reply to post by maya27

Thanks, I will have to do my research! I've been neglecting my spirit lately

posted on Jun, 13 2009 @ 12:19 AM
reply to post by jackieps1975

I just started, and left off in Helena Blavatsky's Isis Unveiled. It is online, and very very long. This book is source continually in alternative theories.

The night time is the cosmic day. In the night we are able to reach out to the cosmos; as they are awake; Ready to listen.

I understand dreaming will become more lucid as we run up to 2012. It is an awakening, if you will. I cannot say, regarding your dream, but I could definitely see your "energy body" trying to get you to see...something.

I just don't know. I know that when I meditate, I am able to have lucid dreams where I am making the decisions. I am able to fly in many.

I'd recommend preparing yourself with meditation on the subject. In that way you'll be able to handle the situation.

Of course, each to their own; free will is the law

posted on Jun, 17 2009 @ 11:54 PM
reply to post by jackieps1975

You are on the right track (though I fail to see a strong connection from sleepwalking to alternate realities, you have made a strong connection between dream within a dream and alternate realities)

Dreaming within a dream does very much bring up the idea of alternate realities. Because you have to ask the question: Is it my dream body actually doing dreaming at this point? Or is it the same dream, the same stream of conciousness and my mind doing it all? If it is the first then that means that your dream body has the ability to create it's own point of perception, and now you have to ask if that is sustainable or if it all goes back to your sleep body like layers.

Now if it's the second possibility meaning it's all one perception point (stemming from you, not the dream body) then that means... well what does that mean? It means to me that the perspective in a dream within a dream is still only one stream of conciousness originating apparently from you. That would mean that the dream body is not in fact it's own point of conciousness and simply an illusion of one. So either way, a can of worms is opened, hehe.

Because at that moment, the dream body is either it's own point of conciousness, or the illusion of one. It may be different things at different times, but it can't be both at once I don't think!

What does that have to do with alternative realities? Hmm... well. I think we can admit that alternative realities exist on some level. Possibilities is a good word to. When I'm dreaming of others I begin to realize how things would be different, "In another world." Which to me is the same thing as saying, "Under different circumstances."

So in another world, we'd be friends, lol. Under other circumstances, we'd be friends. That to me is saying the same thing.

Alternative realities exist on some level, the dream within a dream forces us to ask the question of "how." Before we even understand what's really going on.

Is the alternative reality created by a new point of conciousness, can a point of conciousness awaken to create it's own reality? Or is the apparent new reality creation with the dream body as the vantage point only an illusion of the dream, and the dream body is not doing the dreaming. It only seems to be when it reality your self (spiritual)/mind (physical) is the only thing creating the reality.

What is interesting in my personal experience, dreams within a dream have a different feel, they feel even lighter and more dreamlike than regular dreams. This leans towards the possibility that the dream body can in fact be it's own point of conciousness. It affects the way the dream within a dream is "felt." It effects the reality as attitude and thoughts do, in that subtle way (I'm not talking about the Secret lol, but perception).

But if the second possibility is the true one, it's still very compelling because that points to the idea that ILLUSIONS OF points of conciousness ARE POSSIBLE. Meaning that this very body we live in is not the actual point of conciousness this human experience derives from.

Well that's dreaming for you, the lazy mans complicated way of understanding. No wonder so many opt for meditation

It was not easy for me to describe that, I hope it wasn't a painful read.

[edit on 18-6-2009 by Novise]

posted on Jun, 18 2009 @ 01:47 AM
If you are in good health, you should be paralyzed during sleep. Other than involuntary movement, you should have no control over your body.

Now sleep walking occurs at an entirely different stage of sleep, so there is typically no dreamstate involved in sleepwalking. I know this only because when I was a heavy sleep walker, I was a danger to myself and needed to be monitored for this. If there is brain activity, it is usually forgotten.

I recommend meditating. For me, it is a cure-all for everything that I have trouble controlling. Heavy meditation has allowed me to recall and control dreams at will. The whole flying dream seems to be a common occurence since I started meditation, probably because I like it so much.

posted on Jul, 9 2009 @ 11:34 AM
Thanks for the input.

I have given a great deal of thought to my experiences and I am pretty sure they are more than "typical". That doesn't necessarily mean a time warp of course but I think it's a fascinating proposition!

Has anyone given thought to perhaps that when this occurs we are experiencing a time glitch? We are supposed to wake up and be in our own time. Maybe every now and then, we get stuck somewhere else (another realm? time parallell???). I have always been in a panic state when these type of dreams occur. When they are happening, I know something is definitely wrong and I fight to get back.

There must be someone out there that knows what I am referring to!

posted on Jul, 23 2009 @ 05:27 PM
I have had strange recuring dreams about being lost in a landscape very similar to places I have visited. Sometimes I am able to avert some terrible tragic happenings, as I know what happens next. But in those instances that change the future of that dream realm, that dream is lost forever and then I can't even remember the dream but I get I know Ive done something feeling:bash:

posted on Aug, 16 2009 @ 07:06 AM
i have actually, and honestly had a Dream, within a DREAM, WITHIN A DREAM...that i knew i was ....dreaming within a dream, within a dream...

It was rather amazing now that i think about it. I knew i was within a dream, within a i "SNAPPED MYSELF OUT OF IT" by all the sudden FLYING UP in the sky, i barley jumped off the ground when i "woke up"
after that my dream changed, and "shifted" and i was WITHIN my second dream. This time in a mall with people around, i knew that i had to "do something" to snap myself out of it. So i bit my arm and said outloud AM I DREAMING? and almost instantly, i "woke up" i was on the floor sitting
in the same place, just like if i "blacked out"...i stood up and said i need to wake up already, this is getting to much. (really thought and had that much control)
so i tried to "move a box" with my mind, i raised my hand up like magneto would, and tried to push it...nothing happened so i got pissed off, and i said well i need to float, im gonna go to the bathroom stall, so no one can see me and so it wont cause a panic (perhaps i stopped lucid dreaming all the sudden and why would i loose it randomly?)
so i went into a bathroom stall, closed the door faced the toilet stood up on the toilet, took a step back, and then I WOKE UP...

it was amazing, because when i stepped off the toilet, i thought to myself NOW I WILL WAKE UP FINALLY, and almost as soon as i "stepped off" and went blank for a second i WOKE UP, and said ok that was awesome. lol
that is actually the ONLY TIME i have ever lucid dreamed. I kept telling myself as i went and slipped away to sleep, YOU WILL LUCID DREAM TONITE, you WILL BE IN CONTROL!!
and quite honestly i did...

All this was true, it might sound like i made it up, i told my friend and he thought the same. Its quite amazing how you can DREAM...and its not "real"...but somehow u can remember everything....well to an extent.
What i mean is, its amazing how you can have the visual memories, as well as the emotions, but you DIDNT LIVE IT...the only thing that holds u back from believing its real, is logic. Your brain.
weird how that works eh

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