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First Extra-Galactic Planet May Have Been Detected

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posted on Jun, 10 2009 @ 04:10 PM

Using a technique called Pixel-lensing, a group of astronomers in Italy may have detected a planet orbiting another star. But this planet is unique among the 300-plus exoplanets discovered so far, as it and its parent star are in another galaxy. The Andromeda Galaxy, to be exact. Technically, the star in M31 was found to have a companion about 6 times the mass of Jupiter, so it could be either a brown dwarf or a planet. But either way, this is a remarkable feat, to find an object of that size in another galaxy.

I should say so too... Blimey.. how big? How far away?

Seems that it was just a simple experiment to see if the micro lensing technique worked elsewhere and not just in our Galaxy.

What a good thing some bright spark decided to try this. It may be a while before we get any photos of it though

Let's hope some more time and research can be allocated towards this.

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