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What is this that im feeling?

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posted on Jun, 10 2009 @ 12:39 AM
at random times i feel as if i'm spinning, almost like im floating in a pool, and kind of drifting around. It somehow feels different than dizziness. If you could imagine how it would feel to be thrown into outerspace by some huge bieng, and you just hurtle through the void, then you'll know exactly what the feeling is. I'm a firm believer in astral projection, and deep meditation to reach spiritual planes, and things of that nature. I always considered it to be my soul is somehow trying to disconnect from my body.

I also sometimes (but not as frequently) get the feelings that my hands are somehow on backwards. I know it sounds crazy, but I dont freak out or anything, I just notice that they feel weird, and thats the only way i can describe it, as "backwards" or "inside out".

I've been getting these feelings randomly for years now, and have never reached out about them before, so any help will be greately appreciated

posted on Jun, 10 2009 @ 12:55 AM
I had the similar symptoms for a week or so. I kept feeling like someone put a fish bowl over my head. I ended up going to the emergency room. They couldn't find anything in blood tests and mri. They did however find a fenestration of my right distal artery in my brain. Although they didn't believe that it was the cause. The doctors said it may have been due to a virus. Get yourself checked out.

posted on Jun, 10 2009 @ 12:58 AM
I want to recommend to you, that you consider this to be a physical problem before you consider "alternate" theories...

I have Multiple Sclerosis- and I dont want to freak you out- but my first symptoms were that my hands and feet "didnt feel right" and they eventually went numb, and felt like pins and needles.

Also, eventually my inner ear became affected, and I have balance issues and I also struggle with Vertigo- a spinning, or disorientation.

For years before I was diagnosed, I felt like I had all these "weird" symptoms that would come and go- and I didnt consider them to be serious because I never thought it could be anything serious. But then years later- I got very sick and I was diagnosed with MS.

When the Brain is damaged, whether by a tumor, aneurysm, or even MS- you will experience symptoms in your Inner ear and your extremities...I want to encourage you to go to the Doctor and tell them what you are experiencing and if he suspects something more serious they can perform tests- that could help save your life.

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posted on Jun, 10 2009 @ 01:01 AM
I am very interested in hearing some comments about some of the questions raised by you as I myself have been having feelings similar and even emotional serge's.... I will be just fine and then all at once and at random WAM... I get the need to fall to my knees in tears for no apparent reason. oddly enough it is only the sad feeling that overtakes me at random..... I do not understand what in the world could be causing this to occur as I am able to control my emotion to a greater degree then most as well as my energy levels to complete a task or chore.... any light on the matters would be of great help.

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posted on Jun, 10 2009 @ 01:01 AM
Vertigo, and/or damage to the ears. Yep damage to ears can mess you up.

I had a quite a few bad feelings and such a few weeks ago, turns out I was dehydrated!
I thought something was wrong cancer or anything.

Occams Razor though, I hadn't even paid attention to.

Try drinking a lot of Poweraid to boost electrolytes, it's better then water. Make sure to eat full hearty meals, and see if you don't get better, remember proper dieting does wonders you wouldn't even imagine!

posted on Jun, 10 2009 @ 01:28 AM
reply to post by iwishicould

I have had some pretty interesting experiences similar to what you're talking about. This post is pretty in-depth and bizarre so take what feels right for you and forget the rest. =)

I lived the lifestyle of a Tibetan Buddhist monk for several years. Sometimes during the meditations I'd get a spinning feeling as though I had been cut in half at the waste by a guillatine (sp?) and the top half would spin one way, the bottom half the other. It was very disorienting at first. The Lama I was training under said to "take note and go on." That the spinning was there for some reason but the reason wasn't particularly important; mindfulness is. It went away eventually and maybe happens once a year now.

I have had a few abduction occurances (I posted a thread on it if you're interested). The reason I bring this up is that at one point I was restrained by a sort of energy band across the same 'slice' where the guillatine effect is! I just recently remembered this during a somatic psych session I was involved in. Could have an influence on the spinning.

I study somatic psychology and getting my master's in Transpersonal Psychology currently. I bring this up for a reason as well. In cases of severe anxiety, PTSD, and many other situations we tend to dissociate from our body. This, from an energy perspective (in my experience), is that an astral/energy body aspect of ourself is out of body somewhat. This can cause confusion and a sense of spinning, limb sense confusion, "reverse breathing," and a few other mental/psychological changes.

If some of these hit home I'd recommend talking to a Buddhist Lama or someone in a spiritual lifestyle whom you respect. If anxiety or PTSD could be the cause also possibly talk to a therapist, particularly a somatic therapist like a Hakomi or Acupuncture practitioner.

Hope this helps =)

posted on Jun, 10 2009 @ 01:39 AM

Originally posted by iwishicould
I also sometimes (but not as frequently) get the feelings that my hands are somehow on backwards. I know it sounds crazy, but I dont freak out or anything, I just notice that they feel weird, and thats the only way i can describe it, as "backwards" or "inside out".

I get this sometimes as well, almost like your wearing thin gloves that throw off your sense of touch.

I notice that my equalibrium is thrown off sometimes, it gives a sense of being lighter. I get this feeling that I am walking and the ground is moving against my stride, like trying to walk up an escalator that is going down.

posted on Jun, 10 2009 @ 04:05 AM
reply to post by iwishicould

This is being going on for how many years now? Is this since childhood?

Please read the thread below

posted on Jun, 11 2009 @ 01:34 AM
thanks for the reply's everyone..

kemik and xynephadyn Seeing how I am officially on the "poverty train", and am unemployed (22 living with parents). I cannot go to the doctors, but I do feel healthy, I dont exactly experience vertigo, its extremely hard to explain. I dont get dizzy (although i have before, but not in a long long time) its more like i could be sitting here typing this, and then if i pay attention to how my body/soul feels, it feels as if im floating to one side, but tethered to my body. It's happened when I've been walking around and doing things, and its not disorienting in the least.

darkspin when i was younger, i did used to get emotional surges, but thats subsided (i've been having the "floating" feeling for years now)

republican its weird that you make the ear statement, since i was a baby my ears have leaked (i've been tested, and its nothing major, but still unknown what it is, possibly a duct that supposed to be in my mouth, happens when i eat alot, lol) but i've been having the feelings since i was around 17, and not before.

notreallyalive your reply has intrigued me the most. I once considered myself to be a "psychic vampire" where i would feed off of others energies, able to reach deep meditations after i went to events that had a large gathering. Now I dont consider, i know, that I was always destined to be someone/thing that gathers knowledge. I've had a few OOBE's, and had years, and years of daily deep meditations (beginning a little before the feelings came on, and ended about a year ago). I have had visions of holy people, and the next morning (i meditate at night) everything looked clearer, brighter, more healthy. The sky was a deeper blue, the trees were a more vibrant green, animals seemed to welcome me. (i know this sounds crazy but im being completely honest). I mainly align myself with the Taoist philosophy of life. I have always been interested in psychology (am currently trying to obtain financial aide to attend college for psych.) I've thought many times about visiting the Buddhist Temple here (detroit, not alot of buddhists, as you can imagine), but i am always too nervous to go. Honestly, I have noone that i can talk to about my spirituality, I've only had 1 person that understood my spirituality in my life, and I have lost contact with him years ago, and have no way of finding him (he lives in pourtugal now, last i heard he was teaching astral projection, and reiki at a college there). Any suggestions that you have of people that I could possibly email I am open to. thank you for your reply

Raj what you describe is pretty close, but my "feelings" are in a different direction than yours, my thumbs sometimes feel like they are on the wrong sides of my hands. And as with my body, it always feels like im floating to the left or right. (i can still feel my feet on the ground and such, but it feels like its somehow over 5 feet to one side and resting on an invisible plane, its extremely odd)

thanks again every1

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