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Vid: Feeling the Hate in Jerusalem on the Eve of Obama's Cairo Address

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posted on Jun, 9 2009 @ 08:13 AM
I searched for the it but sorry if already posted.

Did you see that?

'Feel the hate' for Obama

A new video posted on the Internet featuring inebriated American Jewish youth in a Jerusalem bar spouting hate-filled sentiments has garnered massive exposure and caused a firestorm in the media and the Jewish world.

In the video, filmed on June 3 and titled "Feeling the Hate in Jerusalem on the Eve of Obama's Cairo Address," the visitors to Israel are asked their opinions on President Barack Obama and his relationship to the Jewish state (text continues after clips below).

Let's discuss that. Personnaly, it is now clear to me that medias are currently rising the heat. Maybe the "Yes we can" is not adressed for the people... but a private message telling the rest of the world "Yeah, I am ready to go to total war."

This video is really what they want, create tensions or fake reasons to hate someone, or a country, whatever...

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