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The new age superhero is within you

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posted on Jun, 8 2009 @ 06:11 PM
You want to save the world? How about just your neighbor or a friend?

Are you designed to become a hero, or, are you just designed to sit back and do nothing?

Science and DNA prooves we are a design, no different than flora, fauna or the planet itself. YOU are a design, and you are following a destiny that you do not control.

You are a self fulfilling prophecy of your own. However, you are part of a massive universal sized infrastructure where your role is part of the overall role.

What is your design? Are you going to fulfill a destiny or will you live life as an ornament with no real cause?

Can you be the hero? Is this your destiny?

Batman battles one on one with one guy to save Gotham, Spiderman battles one on one with one guy to save New York, and Superman battles Lex to save Metropolis. Can one man or woman make a difference in a community?

Will you become that person? Can you be the next Alex Jones and fight to protect people's liberties? I know some of you will not respond to the challenge, but some of you WILL....because it is party of your design, what you were created to do.

We know that our world is controlled by elitists who operate banking institutions across the globe, and they use commerce to manilpulate governments by loaning them money with interntions of receiving fictional interest.

We know that governments and military are seperate entities, believed to be under the same umbrella. We know that agenda's such as Iraq and the Middle East are politcial and that the events of 9/11 were a design of opportunity.

We know that NASA and Area 51 are holding secrets to extra-terrestrial existence, and we know that millions of people across the globe have recorded, photographed or witnessed their existence.

We know that all levels of government; federal to state/provincial or city/municipal are connected by infrastructure. These infrastructures employ people to set standards, enforce laws within the communities we reside. However, these departments and their employee's are like companies, self fulfilling.

We know that the media reports news as "they are told the events occurred" not how it really occured. We know that we never hear the side of a person being charged in the news, just the side of the accusors.

We know that justice is a figment of imagination, a fabrication of law and politics where the ONLY people safe from the "claw of law" are those who are employed in this field.

What would happen if the people of the community began looking out for each other? What would happen if the people united together to stop abuse of each other? From injustices in the workplace, social services, medical or educational departments, to injustices in homes and communities on all levels?

People helping SAVE people, what a concept! A new age group of hero's whose aim, like Batman, Spiderman, Superman, hell Wonder Woman, is to protect the people in their community. People coming together to connect and protect people from injustices, on all levels, what a phenomenal concept for a new age.

Can you imagine a community that uses their cellphones as weapons against police abuse of other citizens, a community that no longer fears people with jobs in policing, but keeps the people working a job policing in their community STRAIGHT? Well, that will take alot of hero's right?

A balanced society requires basic laws to ensure we all respect codes of condict within our community. The Ten Commandments are a historic foundation of the need for principles of law to live by. We need people to focus on ensuring these laws are respected and abided by, right?

Well, ever heard of a guy named Jesus Christ? Was he not executed by law enforcement of the day over semi religious and political issues? If you ask law enforcers of that day, JESUS himself was a criminal, yet today, he is a hero.

Continued on next post.....

posted on Jun, 8 2009 @ 06:12 PM
Robin Hood was a criminal to law enforcement and yet is a cherished story of today. Hero’s are always welcomed by the masses, but are feared by law enforcement. People who stand for justice and respect always face conflict from those who live by the ego of authority over another.

Authority itself is a self fulfillment and this leads to abuses of those they pretend to have authority over, in this case, meaning the people not working in law enforcement. Corruption can only occur by abusing the masses. Oppression can only occur through apathy. Proactive demonstration is righteous and is feared by law enforcement everywhere. The time for a new rising of hero’s is NOW.

Are you the new Batman or Catwoman? Or are you just a human ornament whose purpose is to be a decoration for those who thrive on control? You’re being called.

The answer is simple, justice can only prevail if the community as a whole seeks to balance the injustices of their community. The leaders, Martin Luther King or JFK always start the action and become hero’s. The Alex Jones and Larry Flynt’s of the world stand out and speak out, they lead the way to keep LAW concerned about their actions.

Become one, the answer is simple. Be the hero in your community to balance justice, start the action in your area and let the community decide their involvement to balance justice. If they choose to keep a blind eye to the crimes of our government, then this is their design. If they choose to rise up and connect to the people in their area and spread the perspectives of justice, to unite the community and take back control over authority, then this is their design.

You’re design is calling – you’re next move is now. Fight to protect the citizens of your city like Spiderman or sit back and be an ornament for the powers that be. You’re choice is based on your design. The answer can be found at, you can become the New Age hero like Robin Hood today.

posted on Jun, 8 2009 @ 06:13 PM
Flag this for truth. Spread the word. Create a Vindication Badge and movement in your commmunity. Unite the people together and be the hero you are designed to be.

posted on Jun, 8 2009 @ 06:14 PM
I'm no super hero, I'm a mutant! Born to be a super being! All you other super heroes/villains were created by means of scientific engineering, accident or pure coincidence while I am the one and only, PURE super human!

posted on Jun, 8 2009 @ 08:43 PM
as John Conner and Sarah Conner say "No Fate But What We Make" and I believe that its true. I'm not controlled. We have freewill, I mean yes DNA can nudge us in teh direction it wants us to go, but I just dont see it man. good post. Flag.

posted on Jun, 8 2009 @ 09:04 PM
Not be a jesus thumper, But after looking at it all. I see the destructive and reactive ones dying together in some blissful state whilst the meek flee the maraudery we all build daily by fear and expectation, while in the backround you are slowly primed by your masters for that which you desire..

Love is the ONLY cause in my mind. To fill the hole of hate and lonliness in the absence of God you make up a voice in your head called self justification through un-reason. I get it and overcome it with love..i my head..i love you, then hug it. But not too tight.

[edit on 8-6-2009 by mastermind77]

posted on Jun, 8 2009 @ 09:52 PM
I certainly hope there will be more people wanting to just wear a badge of honor or put a bumper sticker on a car to show their action. All it takes is someone now in the USA to make the same initiatives come true there, I will supply and render the USA version of the website.

Unfortunately, Obama has shown that even a man of moral virtue can be converted when placed in a serious position such as President, he would have benefitted if communities across the USA had an organization to battle politcal oppression, and the solution at CLASS CANADA is the solution for the USA as well.

Power in numbers, and it is time we balanced the scale of united numbers.

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