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Uncomfortable discussion

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posted on Jun, 8 2009 @ 10:38 AM
Hello members of ATS.

It is obvious that ATS is a place where there is a vast amount of talented people who wish to share their gifts with one another. Many good hearted people who would oppose the oppression and robery of life that is purposed for our children.

I have noticed that ATS has been around for a while and though this great, "gathering" of love and good intent exists, there doesn't seem to be a major, "force" developing at a rate that might be possible.

I believe in the interest of those we love it might be a good idea to start a thread dedicated to the purpose of developing the ATS members into a force that recons..

This thread is written to invite all members [Those interested in change and the preservation of those they love] to give their ideas on how we can coordinate to become an effective force dedicated to exploiting all true talents of the members in the most efficient/applicable way possible.
Thank you.


posted on Jun, 8 2009 @ 11:56 AM
reply to post by noconsequence


Your suggestion is very laudable, but I'm not sure how much scope there is within the T&Cs:

1e.) Recruitment/Solicitation:

i) You will not use your membership at The Above Network, LLC site(s) for any type of recruitment to any causes whatsoever. You will not post, use the chat feature, use videos, or use the private message system to disseminate advertisements, chain letters, petitions, pyramid schemes, or any kind of solicitation for political action, social action, letter campaigns, or related online and/or offline coordinated actions of any kind.

As you can see, it's pretty all-encompassing.

I have no desire to kill your thread. Perhaps there is potential beyond the bounds of what is proscribed above, but it will take some ingenuity!

I'll only add one thing: never underestimate the degree to which the written word can constitute a potent force for change.

posted on Jun, 8 2009 @ 12:22 PM

Here is a thread that is on the right track, but hasn't gotten a lot of responses.

It has drawn close scrutiny by the Mods, but they have been generous so far!

posted on Jun, 8 2009 @ 09:08 PM

Originally posted by pause4thought
reply to post by noconsequence


Your suggestion is very laudable, but I'm not sure how much scope there is within the T&Cs:

1e.) Recruitment/Solicitation:

i) You will not use your membership at The Above Network, LLC site(s) for any type of recruitment to any causes whatsoever. You will not post, use the chat feature, use videos, or use the private message system to disseminate advertisements, chain letters, petitions, pyramid schemes, or any kind of solicitation for political action, social action, letter campaigns, or related online and/or offline coordinated actions of any kind.

As you can see, it's pretty all-encompassing.

I have no desire to kill your thread. Perhaps there is potential beyond the bounds of what is proscribed above, but it will take some ingenuity!

I'll only add one thing: never underestimate the degree to which the written word can constitute a potent force for change.

Not having a dig at you, because obviously you are just posting the T&C and this isn't necessarily your views but isn't the research forums kind of "recruiting" people to investigate different conspiracies and ideas together?

As well as people notifying others in threads that they have "solicited" experts, politicians, witnesses, etc regarding certain issues, like UFO investigation and 9/11 investigations.

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posted on Jun, 8 2009 @ 09:21 PM
to give their ideas on how we can coordinate to become an effective force dedicated to exploiting all true talents of the members

Ok..... they don't sound like very nice words to me.

posted on Jun, 8 2009 @ 11:08 PM
Yes. I am sure they don't have a government conspiracy site just to gather information on the well-motivated/not sold out people for future attack.

I pray that it is a sincere site whose purpose is to define answers to these problems that are coming upon our children.

That sounds like mean words?
Where are you from? They love and will fight for their children where I am from..

Thank you for the link to the thread getreadyalready.

Just assumed the T&C was not against us making an attempt to coordinate to save our children, and that it meant something else, pause4thought. Thank you for your final sentence most of all. enlightenment comes from many sources that can be read.

Thanks for your obviously valid points Vilyariel. They are needed.

posted on Jun, 8 2009 @ 11:38 PM
reply to post by noconsequence

Hi Noconsequence,

I think you have the right idea, but I think we all need to get to know one another better. Many of us here on ATS know each other, not only here on ATS, but otherwise also. I have many good friends here on ATS and we watch out for each other.

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posted on Jun, 9 2009 @ 10:04 AM
Your post shrank Russian scientist. lol. Well you are of course correct about the importance of learning the various talents of those interested in establishing a correct path to follow..

Personally, I have had success multiplying speed and power simultaneously through mechanical means. What that means is that you could gingerly pedal a skycrane helicopter while carrying a loaded trailor.

Though I have had success, I have had difficulty in my consistancy with working models. I am presently working on a design that is more like a physical cad, in that it can be adjusted to many settings in order to optomize the output.

I have more successful work that I will not mention at this time.

I personally am not looking to, "lead" anybody because administrative activitiy is not my specialty. I consider myself to be more of a researcher; and that's it.

I would however be honored to be a part of those who would impart answers that fulfill the need of the masses in general. I pray threads like this are not stopped b4 people can accomplish a good thing.

If a good plan can be developed then action could be taken accordingly.. How can we use our collective ability to effect change that might preserve the well-being of those that we love?

Everybody generally has an applicable talent. Someone has a talent to assemble tools, [us] into a working mechanism. The right one will have a history of at least attempting to make a difference.

BTW The purpose of this thread is to solicit ideas from the members as to how these things can be accomplished, and not to recruit.. A step by step plan of action if you will..

First design the machine. The machine parts [people] can then be found. Is that recruiting?

Thank you.


posted on Jun, 10 2009 @ 03:08 AM
reply to post by noconsequence

Hi Noconsequence,

I'm no fool my friend, my mind is sharp and alert. I had already seen that you had saw what I had written in the long form. Now you know all about me, the rest of the world does not need to know all about me as of yet. My intention was to let you know of me, I saw that you had seen what I wrote and there was no need for what I wrote to exist any more. I have done that on quite few threads, and their responses was very similar to yours.

Thanks for helping out on the other thread. I'm not here to recruit anyone my friend, I'm here to find others that are interested in what I'm interested in. You are here to help humanity as well as I am, and we are people that can help humanity, and we are people that WILL help humanity.

At one point in my life Noconsequence I used sky cranes to lift airplanes up out of their positions and deposited them into other designated areas. It took two sky cranes working in tandem in order to lift huge aircraft safely and deposit them in other areas safely. After being up in those skycranes and doing that type of work I don't think that I could pedal fast enough in one of your sky cranes to lift a loaded trailer. If I lifted a loaded trailer then it probably had a $30,000,000 or so satelite inside of it. If I pedaled your sky crane the loaded trailer would have to have $3,000 worth of balloons filled with helium to give it lift; you must have left that part out my friend, lol.

I like you my friend. Nobody is wanting you to lead, just reaching out and grabbing you, hoping that you will help another man in his endevour that we are both sure is a good endevour on the other thread. I can spot a great scientific mind a thousand miles away, and that is probably about how far away you are from me, haha. You are a good person, because you did come to his aid, and then to further that you even offered further assistance to him on his thread. I was very right about you, and I'm still very right about you; not only that I'm proud of you and for what you stand for, you have a good head on your shoulders.

As I told you last night in your thread here, I will do my part and I told you how I would do it. You my friend have made some interesting break throughs also, but you are just like me, you don't want everyone to know about them yet, now do you? Why is it that you are similar to me in thinking?

I told you last night about what I thought should be done. Everyone can only do what he/she wants or is capable of doing, but without knowing more about each person, then it is not comprehensible. The scope of what you are wanting is insurmountable, simply because there are too many problems facing us in this world. If we focus all of our time and energy on just one problem, then you know as well as I do that the rest of the machine will go to pot quickly.

What problems do you want us ATSers to think we should focus on more than others? We all want to help each other. We all want to leave behind a better world than what we currently live in, but will we as individuals really make the difference?

When are you going to tell us about your breakthroughs that you don't want to talk about yet? You saw something years ago and you recognized it for what it was, while others that had looked at it just skimmed over it. I did the same thing decades ago when I made my break throughs.

You state: first design the machine, and then you say: the people are the machine parts; design only comes about my friend when like parts, or like people get together. Therefore certain people with like thoughts and endevours must locate one another and have peaceful conversations about how to proceed.

Dissimilar machine parts like cogs cannot mesh with electrical wires, or those machine parts (wires) will be chewed up and shredded, that is why one must gather similar machine parts to interconnect like we are doing. I have found many others here on ATS that are like you, many other great people, and we have had many great conversations, and we'll have many more.

I don't believe I ever stated to recruit people, just to get them together in harmonious thought about something. Nothing can be done unless people see eye to eye on a subject, otherwise all is disorganized.

posted on Jun, 11 2009 @ 09:56 AM
I have made a unique lever which uses the laws of physics to give a greater output than input. It multiplies speed and power simultaneously. You could use several in a row to produce any amount of speed and torque that you want with a very minimal input.

The amount of output is determined by the number of these levers used.. You could literally power the entire Earth with a micro motor. Though I have had successful models, I am still trying to perfect it.

I was just telling everyone where my asperations are. Letting them know that I am not referring myself as administrator.

I am sure we have our reasons for not allways wanting to disclose everything. Only doing so at the proper time.

I agree that it seems insurmountable; and this is the reason I am looking for excellent administrative/project coordinative ideas..

In part, the question that I was origonally asking is to discover the best path to move for the problems we might focus on. Like I said, my part could be in helping to get rid of the need to buy gasoline and electricity.

I have revealed much of my work on this site..

"You state: first design the machine, and then you say: the people are the machine parts; design only comes about my friend when like parts, or like people get together. Therefore certain people with like thoughts and endevours must locate one another and have peaceful conversations about how to proceed."

I agree. However a good enough administrative idea to begin with wwould help us to know, which parts we need most to start. It is this idea that I am trying to get out in the open. Still waiting; praying this thread might produce a functional idea.

Thank you.


posted on Jun, 11 2009 @ 11:51 AM
reply to post by noconsequence

Hi Noconsequence,

How are you doing my friend?

Let's get down to business here Noconsequence. Now that you have told us more about yourself, we can see where you are coming from.

You are in exactly the same position that I'm in my friend. Your discoveries have put your life at risk, just as my discoveries have put my life at risk. But finally, it doesn't matter any more, I'm going to forge ahead here in a month or so, and create mayhem in the scientific world by producing videos that will shake up the scientific world and the rest of the world also.

I can see now that you were very serious about your discovery being able to do as you stated earlier. You and I can see what it will do for the entire world. You of course will need to get a patent on it, in order to make any money off of it.

IF on the other hand you have been working for some company and signed some sort of disclosure statement converting all of your ideas to become the companies intellectual property, then you won't recieve any money from your knowledge, all you will recieve is a slap on the back and sent back to your cubicle to make more money for your company's prosperity, and that is sad. Hopefully you didn't sign any type of disclosure agreement where you have to hand over all of your intellectual property to your company. Unfortunately, I can see that you are a very smart person and with that being said, some company must have grabbed you up that has such disclosure statements.

One the other hand, from here on out, until you tell me otherwise, let me assume that you didn't sign some sort of disclosure statement. You should get an International Patent. You might have to fly over to some other country to make it worth your while to get your patent at a cheaper price. I once heard patents in Japan were only $80 American, but that was years ago and I'm sure the price must have gone up. Here, it will cost you $10,000 or more probably. The other problem with getting it here in the USA is this...

If your invention is as good as you state that it is, and I'm assuming that it is, then others will assume that also. Others meaning the USA military. The military and/or the NSA has the right to take your patent and make it dissapear if they can see that it will do what we know will happen, create a form of "FREER ENERGY". If it creates a freer energy, then your life is in danger, and you must understand that already.

You need to do as I'm going to do my friend. I have gone out and purchased a JVC Everio camcorder with High Definition and excellent audio with many hours of recording time; you should do the same. Get it, and start recording your stuff and put it on YouTube, and Disclosure TV, and some of the other sites. You don't need to show them your secrets my friend, just prove to them on video that it works. Let the world know of you and your discoveries, but don't tell or show them your secrets. Later, you can fully decide what you truly want to do with your invention(s).

Get your invention out there for everyone to see, but don't let them see or hear your secrets. Expect many disbelievers and many people with bad words, but get a tough skin and look beyond disbelievers and people with bad words, because you are on a mission. One of your purposes in life was to make the discoveries that you made and to disseminate your discoveries as you choose to disseminate them, at your own choice of time.

You must protect your invention(s) my friend. You must make all of the videos that you need to make before putting them on YouTube and everyplace else; that is for protection purposes. That is for protection of your invention and protection of your life. After you put them on YouTube and everyplace similar, then be prepared, people will find you and that will be necessary for what you know you need to do. If danger comes be prepared to leave and disappear to somewhere safe.

But for now... get the camcorder and video your lifes work, and keep it all safe and secret until you are fully prepared to share some or all of it with the world. You must state who you are, how you can be contacted at some e-mail site, what your device is, how it works, what it is capable of doing, reveal no secrets.

You might even approach Project Camelot by contacting Kerry, she is very nice and will return your e-mail. Kerry and Bill might interview you on Project Camelot and you will definitely be out in front of the rest of the World. Coast to Coast, and Veritas are other good places to contact. These radio stations and/or video stations let the world know things.

You are like me my friend, we are not administrators, we are Discoverors! But.. I will try to help you with your needs, because I've gone down that same road of thought processes as you are going through, and my end thought processes have taken me to the video/interview disclosure process.

Get your knowledge and ideas out in front of the public, but don't show them or tell them anything until you are ready to, that is the way to go. It is very cheap, and it will do whatever you want it to do. But... beware, interviews are dangerous because ones tongue might be a little too loose, and "loose lips sink ships". So for starters, make your own videos and delete out anything that would let others discover your discoveries.

Don't forget my friend, your life is in danger when you state your idea is good in order to eliminate gas and electricity, then you are up against the big boys that like to eliminate the small boys. I haven't read anything about your work until you made this post, so if you've revealed more I've not seen it and am wondering what thread and pages within the threads that you revealed it at. Don't reveal too much here on ATS, because they have the rights to whatever you write here on ATS, that is why I state make your own videos and put them on YouTube and similar media, in which you retain "ALL RIGHTS".

We don't need any administrative ideas my friend. You have one of the biggest answers already. The thing to do is to get you on track, and I hope I've helped you see where you need to get on track, and that is YouTube and other media. Your discoveries and achievements are tremendous in scope and you need to let the world know of your discoveries and people will be coming out of the woodwork to help guide you. Unfortunately many will want to come at a cost to guide you, my cost is Free to you my friend. Seek those who will help you Freely if you are sure their thoughts are in "YOUR" best interests and are very helpful.

See... this thead is starting to work out for you after all my friend.

Keep up the good work!!!

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posted on Jun, 11 2009 @ 12:03 PM

Originally posted by pause4thought
reply to post by noconsequence

Your suggestion is very laudable, but I'm not sure how much scope there is within the T&Cs....As you can see, it's pretty all-encompassing.

...I'll only add one thing: never underestimate the degree to which the written word can constitute a potent force for change....

nonconsequence - I really have to agree with Pause

I'm always amazed at how much of an effect just expressing yourself in public can really have on people - the types of discussions (and brawls) we all have here

one of the things I love the most about this place is when I see two people who were resisting each other actually come to some kind of understanding

when someone says "I never thought about it like that..."

just thinking and talking out loud - there's no way to measure it, but it would be fascinating if we could know how many people's lives are touched, or even changed by a simple conversation they read here at ATS

besides - Pause is also right about the rules - don't want to go to ATS jail...


posted on Jun, 11 2009 @ 04:06 PM
reply to post by RussianScientists

I find it your insight into me interesting. You said that my life has been in danger. I am not able to tell you the ways that they came against me here on ATS in the interest of being, "family friendly"; however I can tell you that they succeeded in killing me without doing it physically. That's all I'll say about that.

Secondly; As a result of a successful experiment in 1993 I was offered a job in an area 51 sort of place. I was informed that once I saw their work going on there that I would have to remain within their society for the rest of my life. I declined.

I ended up getting involved with a friend, "way up there", being running buddies with the head of the CIA at that time. My friend does deep research and travells all over the world all the time.

I ended up leaving my research friend in Michigan because of the people around him selling the well-being of the race so effectivly that I wondered that there was any freedom at all. I came back in early 95 and it has been hard living for me every since.

After it was over, a lady in the CIA was shot in the head because she ended up liking me and knew too much about me. In the news she was referred to as an FBI consultant concerning her asassination in around 2002; in real fife she was a CIA consultant. They origonally sent her to meet me in 1992. She was a good person who actually earned her job..

So no; there is nothing in the works between me and others. Not that I know everything, however the bad guys have taught me to stay on my toes.

As far as my invention that is in the form of a glorified lever is concerned, I am still trying to perfect it. Some models work while others that seem identical do not.

I believe I might have narrowed it down to what makes the the ones that have worked, work. I am presently building, "yet another" one to see if I am right. If it works, I will take your advice and demonstrate it on various sites without showing the assembly of the mechanism.

I am interested in the Japanese patent you mentioned. Could I do a multinational patent through them?

And thank you for your post Spiramirabilis. We are in agreement concerning the value of the input that we are able to get from others.

I would like to point out once again that I am not recruting in any way; however I wholeheartedly believe that I am trying to bring about a working train of thought that might benifit people.

If a good enough plan could be put together then we could talk about it through a medium other than ATS. Though it discourages me to think a reasonable plan of action will not be, "tolerated" here.

I am only trying to find good administrative ideas for how such a coordination could be effectivly managed; and not in any way to recriut. I believe a good train of thought in this area would be enlightening to the ATS audience..

Thank you.


posted on Jun, 11 2009 @ 06:34 PM
reply to post by noconsequence

Hi Noconsequence,

The details of your life are extremely interesting, and I for one realize that you are very like me, having to stay on our toes so to speak. ATS does have its ups and down, there are lots of crazies on ATS, just like there is in the real world.

It's good to know that you had the right qualities in you my friend when you turned down that job in 93. You still have those same wonderful qualities within you still to this day, and just like you, we will carry those qualities to our graves; hopefully after a long life. Its amazing how the government and companies hide stuff from the public stating that its in the interest of the public that they keep it hidden or knock people off so their free energy device technologies become lost.

Its too bad that your CIA lady friend was killed by those jerks. Its also too bad that we can't find out whom did it and whom ordered it. To loose a close friend of 10 years, and to know that she ws killed while doing her duty is terrible.

It's good to know that you aren't under some sort of disclosure statement through some company. That leaves you open to go and get a patent. As for the Japanese Patent price of today, I'm not sure what it is, but I'll help you look into it.....

Here is the Japan Patent Office.

Japan's Patent Office Fee Schedule

Japan Currency Converter;to=JPY;amt=1

Currently it is 97.54 Japanese Yen for $1 American; basically 100:1

So.... it looks like the fees are still very cheap over there, when you basically can knock off the last two zeros of their price and get the American dollar amount. You might be able to get your patent by sending it through the mail even. You will have to contact their patent office to find out if you can do a multi-national patent through them; but I would say off hand "YES", why not?

The materials used in your device's structure is probably what makes it work better on some of your devices compared to the other ones; as is stated in this video:

I hope that I've helped you my friend. Let us know more, when you get the chance.

Take Care My Friend.

posted on Jun, 11 2009 @ 11:47 PM
reply to post by RussianScientists

Ok russian scientist! lol

You continue to give me no other choice than to come clean.

I am not so much trying to enlighten people concerning myself; only my work.. Thank you for being a considerate observer.; Like you know the fact that there are enougH things in the face of those making their own sincere attempts in life; the exact same pressure in one way or another.

That's the reason Christ said, "Don't say I did this, or that: say I have only done that which was required of me.."

Every one of their attempts are the same; "life and death.." They all have my love and respect.. Every one of them. The enemy of their being is subtle where he needs to be; and blatently, "bad" where he can get away with it..

I promise you; the aluminati is nothing more than a sick cult.

Stupid is what stupid does..
You would never destroy your own planet unless you were deceived to believe you had something to, "fall back on".

Forget I said that! lol

In other words; Yes.. I am aware of the, "height" of their technology enough noW.. I can promise you that most of them will never be able to use it.. Lol; "good guys?"

Excuse my getting caught up in the moment. Since I'm not getting much response to help with the main purpose of this thread; [I'm not including you or the rest who have given an attempt to participte here.] I will go off topic and say; "I am getting ready to show adrenochrome on their respective thread concerning Carrs' design, something about the way the cohesive-field of the gyro and the rest of the, "spinning" part of the craft are inter-reacting with the physical universe, that might help them to understand the, "physics" that they're origonal post was purposed for..

I am concerned that they are clear that I am not attempting to hijack/waste the main theme of adrenochromes" post. So please examine it because it will explain alot about the way the cohesive fields of the gyro, and the other spinning parts are inter-reacting with the physical universe< shown in adrenochromes' referred illustrations.

This might clarify how they are inter-reacting with the Earths'/any gravitational field, in an effort to answer adrenochromes' question.

Finishing some graphics now.. Just so you know; my work in this area is very similar to Walter Russels work in the, "old/unedited version" of the book, "The Universal One".

It is an excellent book demonstrating, "applicable" knowledge. Learn his, "unedited" version of his book and step ahead of false claims in this area. He knew that light and matter/field are one in the same.. Walter Russel was not, "unenlightened", as men go. _javascript:icon('

By the way on-lookers; please give your administrative ideas concerning the main purpose of this post._javascript:icon('

Thank you.


posted on Jun, 12 2009 @ 01:02 AM
reply to post by noconsequence

Hi Noconsequence,

I don't know anything about the illuminati, they could be standing right beside me in a crowd and I couldn't tell them from the rest.

Its a good thing that you enlightened us some about your background, because it makes it easier to understand different things.

Don't worry about adrenochrome, you aren't taking over his thread, you are helping him and he knows it, we all know it. You can bet his mind has been going a mile a minute trying to think that stuff over on his thread, but its still during the week and he most likely writes more on the weekends after doing a little research. On the other hand, he could be throwing together his own spacecraft in his garage and not telling any of us about it.

I seriously thought about building my own spaceship a year or so ago, but it would have to have been built out in my yard, and I didn't want others to see how it was being built, so I just forgot about that; strangely enough I was going to use Carr's design to build it.

One brief thing Noconsequence, what do you really mean when you ask the others to please give their administrative ideas to you? I think you need to break that idea down so that "ALL" can understand what you fully mean by that.

When I look at the opening post of your thread I see nothing there about "administrative" ideas. I think you have been extremely vague in that particular aspect. Do you want them to give you their particular ideas about something in particular? If so what? Are you looking for "business" ideas? I think of business when I see the word administrative. Explain to us in further detail what you are searching for in greater detail, what other things are you wanting or expecting to hear from people?

If they can understand it more, then I'm sure they will come out of the woodwork, if they can't understand it in more depth then they will shy away. I saw one guy gather a lot of people around his thread, and he seems very similar to you, I wonder if you both are looking for the same thing. So... please detail more of what you want out of peoples posts here on this thread, and lets bring them out of the woodwork.

posted on Jun, 12 2009 @ 09:18 AM
In other words we are all sitting here just about to bust with a massive variety of valid talents. A good administrator could develop a plan that could apply the various talents, "effectivly". I feel that many people could give a reasonably efficient plan; which in turn might cause others to come up with an even more efficient part to it.

That's what I mean, in that amoung the vast amounts of talents here are talents that could assemble an efficient plan to make a positive difference for the masses.

Someone wants to build a machine; they go out into a scrap yard to find good parts; though there are many parts all over the place, the builder must choose the best parts with the design in mind by which to choose these parts.

Down the road the idea would be to expand the number of parts in order to make full use of all legitimate talents of the people. In Gods kingdom everyone has a task that they alone were made for.

In a book called The Flying Saucer Reader by jay David he was talking about an encounter where the alien said, "We follow the will of God" as a race. This race makes use of the natural talents that God has imparted to all of them, because His talents are real and necessary.

Of course they have succeeded in doing what I am talking about. Like I said; I am only trying to get good ideas as to how this might be done from people whose talent is to know efficient ways to assemble these things/people. Thus I am calling it administrative ideas.

Not saying I intend to do anything; however a good idea could inspire the one who can do it. Just getting the idea out is all I am after. I believe it is good for people to think along these lines.

Got carried away in my last post because they have put me through a very intense fight just because I got a few things working. Sorry.

Thank you.


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posted on Jun, 12 2009 @ 11:41 AM
reply to post by noconsequence

Hi Noconsequence,

That last post really cleared things up for me, I'm sure it did the same for many others. Yes, there are a lot of people here with a lot of talent.

So whom were the crazies that got you all fired up and flames shooting from your ears my friend?

I think we all go through that experience. That kind of experience makes us all tougher inside; others that will be the same way in the future we will brush aside as nothing, and they will be shocked at being brushed away so easily, when they instead were hoping to get under our skins.

Be good to one and all, always.

posted on Jun, 12 2009 @ 05:11 PM
Russian scientist.

Who were they? Did you happen to catch the X File show where Mulder and Scully encountered these people who moved in such a way that when you told others about it you would sound nuts?

I am not comfortable discussing it.. It is definately not something that is fitting to say here. There was a lot of bad things that happened. They did not relent.. I said before they succeeded in killing me without doing it physically.

I am not wanting unfitting attention there. Christ told me not to say I did this, or that; only that I might say, I have only done that which was required of me..

God has shown me everyones attempt is, "equal".. I believe it. We all get all we can handle.. Every-ones' fight is equal..-To the death.. They have not ceased dying..

There was only one relevant/determining fight. It happened 2000 years ago. Right now we are victoms of an agenda that seems to be out of our controll.

My response?: God was faithful unto death 2000 years ago because the three are one.

To remain consistant with the purpose of this thread: It is for these reasons that I am seeking administrative minds that might take an interest in this thread, in order to help us, "assemble" an idea of proper movement that might preserve the well-being of those we love..

posted on Jun, 13 2009 @ 03:19 AM
reply to post by noconsequence

Hi No Consequence,

Its good you clarified how the bad guys are, I was starting to think that they were people here on ATS. Obviously you are referring to people not on ATS, but prior to ATS.

What do you think might happen or occur in the future my friend that seems like it will endanger us and our children and future generations? Maybe you are aware of something that I'm not totally aware of my friend, so please broaden my view of what it is that you are referring to. I'm very interested in what you think is going to happen in the future.

There is no problem that can't be solved my friend, have faith.

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