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Finally an Australian pollitition with brains

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posted on Jun, 8 2009 @ 07:59 AM
Fielding 'duped' over solar flare theory

Scientists have slammed Family First's Steve Fielding for suggesting solar flares rather than human activity may be responsible for climate change.

Senator Fielding met with climate change sceptics who blame global warming on solar flares, not human activity or carbon emissions, during a visit to the United States.

It is a theory he believes has some credibility.

"The issue that has been put forward is that over the last decade carbon emissions have been going up but global temperature hasn't," he told ABC Radio on Monday.
"What I heard at the conference was that solar activity seems to be more closely aligned to global temperature changes over a long period of time."

Senator Fielding said there hadn't been a proper debate on the science behind climate change and until now there had been only a blanket acceptance that carbon emissions were the cause of global warming.

further in the article

The former chief of atmospheric research at the CSIRO, Graeme Pearman, said there was no evidence recent warming was due to solar activity.

"We understand that there was probably some warming earlier last century, due to changes of emissions from the sun, but no evidence that the recent warming is due to that,"

So The former chief of atmospheric research admits that there was probably some warming earlier last century due to the sun, but for some strange reason that very same sun has no impact now?

I have said it time and time again.
We should look closer at computer models before blindly believing what is published by a heavily biased media.

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