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Wordless (Poem)

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posted on Jun, 8 2009 @ 03:29 AM

As the music slowly dies
My drunken mind is sure
If heavens angels have green eyes
One stands in the corner

Gorgeous there, she stood alone
Not catching any stare
Not wandering with some guy home
Approach her, do I dare?

As I walked in her direction
Without words to supply
I had all the best intentions
But here came another guy

I wandered out into the rain
Shattered one more time
Walking home again in pain
My lack of luck, the crime

I ran into her that night
While walking home alone
Even in the rain she cried
Just wanting to go home

Drenched in rain and her in tears
We sat there on the ground
Without words to express our fears
A night of bliss we found

No words suffice the glow of her
No words needed to sound
Just holding on to each other
While sitting on the ground

No need to chat about small things
No worry from the rain
Just looking into each others eyes
Not needing to know her name

Every moment of that night
We laughed, we loved, we shared
While staring in her eyes so bright
No other time compared

As the endless hours passed
All moments kept in heart
If only somehow this night could last
We would never part

The only words uttered then
The only words we spoke
While gazing into each others eyes
These words, the silence broke:

If I had only just one wish
I wish this night will last forever
with all my heart and soul, promise
This night we will remember


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posted on Jun, 10 2009 @ 11:03 AM
Just messing around here, but . . a wordless poem ?

So I thought about this for a day or so. Let's see ;" a poem is a form of
literary art in which "language" is used for its aesthetic and evocative
qualities." I like that word "evocative" too . .(tending to bring forth, as an
emotional response, . .tears, etc.)

Now I know that your poem was named "Wordless", and that you didn't
mean a wordless poem. But I started to go off on a tangent here, and
thought about doing a wordless poem. Would it even be possible ? And if
someone came up with a wordless poem, how would we know who wrote
it ?
Then I started thinking about signs, and pictures, and DNA. You know, the
picture of an eye for "I", a heart to represent love, and so on. Maybe if it
was done in blood, no words just symbols, how far could we take it ? At
least the blood would give us a signature . .without words.

And then I said, you fool, you knave,
recognition need not be craved,
poems are words and words are doors,
wordless poems abound . . for sure,
in paintings here . . and sketches there,
wordless poems are everywhere.

posted on Jun, 10 2009 @ 03:22 PM
reply to post by SIEGE

Wow that is rather enlightening.
Now my mind is wandering with the possibilities, metaphors, descriptions, pictures. Wordless poems are everywhere from the sun setting to a busy city day to a funeral and the nights silence. Poems however, seem to me to take these wordless scenes, arts and plays of life and give them description or definition in a limited sense that can be used within a limited vocabulary. Or basically we give them words where they did not have them before. I think the best description of a wordless poem would be a picture, to best describe. Oh the many senses we take for granted!

However, your thoughts are giving me ideas. I think I'll ponder it some more and write some more! Thank you!

From thought to view and waft so sweet
From voice to touch and musics beat
All beauty encompasses each natural feat
The taste of sense, oh what a treat!

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