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One Question, Simple ...About being "AWAKEN"

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posted on Jun, 7 2009 @ 07:01 PM
Every day there are more and more threads on star people,bibles connections with lost DNA, metaphysics, Etc. But many of these topics are referring back to the same word Awakening or in the Process of Awakening. More and more post are saying it is good people are Awakening. I am nor a believer nay a skeptic only want to ponder one simple question.

When did you wake? And if it has been recently ( 6 months ) how did you awake.. does not have to be lengthy...



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posted on Jun, 7 2009 @ 07:10 PM
Personally I was never "asleep".

I mean ofcourse as a child you have that ignorant bliss which is so utterly wonderful. But after about the age of 9, I was pretty aware of what was going on.

In part I have to thank my parents for making me watch the news and read the newspaper instead of playing video games and watching cartoons.

I learned very quickly that my existance was not the most important, but that our species was, and we would need to be aware of what was going on in order for us to have any hope of fixing it.

My daughter was very awake as well from the age of 9, my son who is 13 is strugling to come to terms with what is truth and what is fiction. He is very interested, but I think he doesn't want to burden of knowledge.


posted on Jun, 7 2009 @ 07:37 PM
I guess as far as there is one single meaning conveyed in the word "Awakening", it would be the process in individuals that leads them to confront their own frame of reference - there are a lot of thoughts out there being blocked simply for fear of a changing inner world. Some people have even told me right in my face they don't want to learn certain things, because it brings a smut to their inner peace. However, when you close your eyes for certain things, you cannot focus on those, nor keep them in check or find a solution.

Whether people are referring to the same type of thoughts, I'm not sure - I actually feel like some people talk about it in the political/governmental sense, others in spiritual sense, etc.
But maybe they're all referring to the global process of opening our eyes a little bit as well.

Edit: roflcopter, forgot to answer the question! With being 'awake' defined as above, I have been confronting myself with confusing information since I was about 10, I think - referring to certain social processes and circulating negativity, some sense of political controversies (mostly concerning wars). But I had little to no spiritual awareness, as far as I know (and I should know if I were aware, right ;]) - still don't have. Maybe when you're aware in one field, it can gradually spread to others when you keep shifting your focus and reassessing the world you're in. On the other hand, I feel like certain parts of me fell asleep along the years as well. Oh well.. interesting thread!

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posted on Jun, 7 2009 @ 09:11 PM
reply to post by InterconnecteD

I found this website while browsing and being curious decided to give it a go, couldn't hurt right? It involved sending out a mantra into the universe. I was very sceptical and have never meditated so wasn't expecting anything to happen. But to my surprise after about 30 mins something unseen took my hands and just held them like someone was sitting across from me and wanted to give me comfort. I was totally blown away and couldn't explain what had happened. Started thinking that my circulation was cut off and blood loss was responsible, but I didn't have any of the pins and needles effect afterwards.

The really incredible part was afterwards. I really wanted to meditate from that time on. I felt like I'd received an "upgrade" and still feel that way from time to time. I'm a believer that something huge is about to affect all mankind in the very near future. I don't know what that is, but I'm preparing myself mentally, physically and psychologically as best I can. Have given up alcohol and meat most recently. Anyway here's the link to the website:

I can't vouch for any of the rest of the stuff that Willy and Andy say about the different types of ET's surrounding the planet at the moment. All I know is I've become a better person and I genuinely feel like I was sleeping before, but no longer!

posted on Jun, 7 2009 @ 09:29 PM
Good posting idea, more neutral compared to many of the others

Ok, will attempt to make a long story short.

I have been in conflict with the 'modern order of things' since as i remember about 9 or 10 when i started to question school and things around me that simply didn't make sense to me. Witnessed large orange bright flying object in the sky around when i was 11-12 along with my steph-brother while walking outside a fall evening..

When i was 13 i had an alien encounter in my bedroom, and i must honestly say that changed me. they seemed to be interested in my fore-head area and what i have learnt to know as the 'heart chakra' or simply middle torso.

The 'awakening' as you refer to it by happened about a month ago to me.

Strange visions while closing my eyes and went in to a trance or sort of meditation while emotions are flowing hard, made me cry alot all of a sudden.
Soon after some lost memories and other sensations started to occur.

I can now use what some call 'Psi' - kinetic energy for healing and defense (cell stimulation\manipulation), had the 'chi' hitting me hard on my 22th birthday (05.14) and had my heart pumping so hard i actually thought i was gonna at least go into cardiac arrest. It settled down after a while, but the 'powers' remain, and are still growing. I have been able to be alot more spiritual, and now feel more back to normal, but as questions are answered, new ones come up all the time.. Now i seem to get pshycic/reading abillities too after some successful tests. I even had a dream of a large passanger plane hitting the water with huge impact a cupple of weeks ago.. Not sure if it is AirFrance releated, but still strange thinking back. I remebered thinking 'no-one could survive that force..' after i woke up and wrote it down.

(just to add as reference; i got aware of the human energy fields when i was 16)

Summary as of present date:

- Pshycic abillites
- Healing (tested on humans and animal, had a dying 16 year old cat who is well and alive now again! yay!)
- Kinetic energy / Chi powers
- Reading of emotions / empath
- Some past life memories
- Increased sight trough planes while focused
- Strange meditation
- El-equipment failures\errors

Keep filling reports!



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posted on Jun, 8 2009 @ 04:14 AM
I was born awake, but I went through some psychological tamperings that covered some but not all of the things that I have experienced and seen while here.

Last year in january I was contacted by a man claiming to be officer or detective Bdarsky of the state patrol regarding a murder I had by email complained to the high superior court judge's office as to the misidentification, handling, and resultant crime spree.

He asked to meet and we set an appointment.

2 men who were not him arrived. 1 of these men cared for me when I was a baby in Europe and later worked with/was in brief proximity to my evil step-father here in America pertaining to agent stuff, though, I didn't reckognize that he reckognized me.

His face is now on an FBI inquest for a crime he didn't partake in.We got to talking about some airline terrorism, which was on my plate for the past and his for the present, though my letter that prompted his response was mostly about my dead uncle. He asked if I 'remembered everything'. I didn't understand the question at the time-but thought I did.

Just his asking that question seemed to have cleared the giant fuzz of specificity.
I've been on a fast recall ever since. No one answers that message machine for the number I was given for Bdarsky. And now the name seems to be 'Birdy'.

Strangely, right after the odd interview in which the 2 men at one point freaked at apparently something on the ceiling, there was 3 or so sets of feet found in the northern Puget Sound of Washington, 2 of them enormous, one of them my size; and ironically both these mens feet were HUGE. But I've spied them both, well one, maybe both, since so I never called it in.

They are definately in my thoughts. I wonder if it is telepathy or has any thing to do with something that had recently happened on base by way of army intelligence infiltrating the Civil Air Patrol program under guise of parenting. I had a dream that wasn't so dreamlike, and wonder if I were not either 'tagged' a locator-or shot with an item that makes telepathy or communication possible.

The gist is, I was assisted just by being in proximity and staring into a familiar face. It solidifyed my life for me. And released something of a binding that a mil level psych was tricked into placing on me in 85 or 86 in Lakewood WA that he had not known was covering something entirely different. Great lengths to conceal this thing.

So...recently, I was at the end of a 20 year mind block of hidden information for things that occurred some years after I was taken from the respondors family while he was away at school. The murder was of a relation of his family too. This man had formerly been/was my psychic link to learning 'normal' information and the functions of speaking, when I was very small with I guess echolia. The murdered man was living with us at that time and later was murdered in America at the home area of where I was taken.
And yes there was CIA and other involvement in our previous life which brought me here. Mostly what his sitting some feet from me-or whatever- did for me was confirm that I am either on my right timeline-or that he is or was able to access here. Which was an ongoing concern for me pertaining to some things that would have me thinking other.

He'd been in the vicinity for awhile, looking at me.
But sure wasn't the State Patrol!

That's not the only form of awakening I have recieved. I have been accessing massive amounts of connectivity material while sleeping and in general just being left alone to think once in awhile. Mostly, I've had the time needed to access the possible or existance of viewpoints of the other people who have shared a view with or on my own experiences in life. Much like ordering a burger is not a one person affair, so too is one person not the center of the world. And I am a bear for that.

posted on Jun, 8 2009 @ 05:00 AM
I am still asleep. The moment I thought I was awake, oh $#@! this isn't yet the truth $#@! gotta seek more!!!

I probably won't stop seeking the truth, that's why I want to live foreava!!

posted on Jun, 8 2009 @ 11:56 AM
I think it means something different for everyone. I will tell my experience with it.

I grew up in a middle class family, attended middle class schools, and worked middle class jobs. I believed what the average person believed; either you went to church and believed in the particular God on display or you thought it was bunk and believed in nothing.

I began to believe in no God as depicted in religion and thought this made me atheist or agnostic, though I knew there had to be someting.

I continued an average existence, listening to all the popualr music, buying all the commercial items that were popular at the time and so on.

I was always interested in UFO, because no average person could explain them and it seemed their had to be somthing to them.

Through studying different topics and listening to different people, while always keeping an open mind, I began to literally feel different.

I got a wierd sense of understanding of things on my own terms and my mind an body craved more. After a day of learning new and fantastic things my mind would become more and more satisfied, like I was finally making progresss and things were finally starting to make sense.

My mind would race, but I would be at ease with the world around me, making it much easier to relax and sleep.

Eventually my mind was so stimulated that I began to have what some think are supernatural experiences. I believe everyone and their body are capable of these things. OBEs Lucid Dreaming and things like this can be achieved if you are fulfilled enough. It may not even matter if what you believe is the correct way, as long as you believe it to be real and correct, you mind and body will respond.

Because of this I have been able to maintain a craving for new knowledge and I don't even have to try to keep my level of interest up. It stays up because I am now aware of the new possibilities to obtain information and my desire to have the information I feel is right.

It drives me to research things deeper, even if I feel like I have hit a road block. I find new things presented to me almost daily and a lot of the times it seems like I brought them into my reality just by wanting the knowledge.

I think being awake is beinging able to identify with new things and learn daily, without outside influence. While at the same time acknowledging these things to be real, because they are in your reality.

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