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The Laramie Plains UFOs & Mutilations

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posted on Jun, 7 2009 @ 06:28 PM
The following is a story my father would tell me whenever we get on the subject of UFO's. My father is a reasonable man, he doesn't tend to buy into my conspiracy theories, but get him on UFO's and Aliens and he is curious, because of the following.

My father grew up on a ranch in southern Wyoming, in between Laramie and Wheatland. Our family owns a portion of land near or on what is called the Laramie Plains. I have asked my Dad about cattle mutilations and if he has ever had one on the Ranch and he said no, but knew plenty of other ranchers that have. One being Pat McGuire who witnessed UFO's and claims to have seen one pick up a cow.

An interesting note about Wyoming is the Town of Wheatland (and I suspect, the Laramie Plains) is said to have nuclear warhead missile silos buried beneath the ground. Now if you are doubting that fact there is also an air force installation in Cheyenne, Wyoming. After 9/11 I remember security being extra tight around that area with soldiers in the streets asking civilians their business. I'm not sure but I believe Cheyenne was one of Russia's First strike targets as well.

Anyway in the video below you will see Pat McGuire go through hypnotic regression and share his story about the alien abduction he had. Supposedly the aliens told him where a great place to dig a well was, so he tried it out, and it was one of the best wells he ever had. The aliens also told him to run for Governor but he didn't make it, I have no idea where this guy is now, maybe someone else has heard of him.

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