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a truthseekers path

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posted on Jun, 7 2009 @ 10:33 AM
Hi guys im 17 just wanted to no what everybody's central beliefs are

at first i believed in aliens i was one of the many who was waiting for the galactic federation of light to appear October last year and was disappointed when they didn't

after that i carried on researching i found out about reptilians i thought that all the elite where reptilians shape shifters and controlled the whole world and they evolved from dinosaurs

then i believed that there was several species of aliens and that we were made by aliens in the garden of Eden . i thought that maybe it was a lab or something and we were something like there pets and they ruled us

then i watched zietgiest and did not believe in any kind of religion ,thinking that it all was a adaption of sun worship it was a very believable video

after researching about the lucifearan conspiracy and think this is were the truth lies
now i dont even have to research i can just sit and think on my own (seriously) and find out things by my self just by thinking

can anybody else do this and what do you beileve in

heres a couple videos you can watch aswell

try and tell me that Obama doesn't show traits of being the anti christ

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posted on Jun, 7 2009 @ 11:40 AM

posted on Jun, 7 2009 @ 06:23 PM
Patience youngster. Don’t expect instant gratification, whether in your pursuit of the truth, or in responses to your thread. As you seem to have already found out, the truth is a diamond beneath a ton of rock. It takes some time and trouble to separate from the stock. You sometimes have to listen to a lot of useless talk. Grand Designs.

My beliefs are similar to yours, though you didn’t go into much detail. I do believe that there is a creator God, and that there is a Satan who is the god of this world. (God gave us dominion here, we have in turn given it to Satan) I believe that aliens are the nephilim, or fallen angels, as described in Gen: 6, and the book of Enoch.

There are many ways that fallen angels disguise themselves before the eyes of men, and aliens are one of them IMO.

Of course Obama shows antichrist signs. He is in and of the beast system. I would be surprised if he turns out to be ‘the’ antichrist though. His look is not more stout than his fellows. Obama is the one chosen to oversee the destruction of the USA I think. China will rise, the USA will fall.

Be happy youngster, you get to see Christ return.

posted on Jun, 7 2009 @ 07:00 PM
reply to post by tdrowe2008

My path was a little similar to yours. I was always a good little sheep that believed everything I was told and did everything I was supposed to do. It wasn't until I met my best friend and we started having late night conversations about philosophy and what not that I started to branch out my mind. I was about 16-17 as well.

It was that year in August that I saw my first UFO, or dozens for that matter go across the sky. I never believed they weren't there I just knew then that I wasn't looking. Religion came next and after years of study I pretty much gave it up.

I laid low in life and studies, going through college while doing a little research here and there, but I was never really paranoid about anything. I guess my fascination with the Metal Gear Solid game series is what opened my eyes to the idea of the "Patriots" or as we call them here, the New World Order. I never thought that what I was playing was more true than I could imagine and after more research I became a staunch defender against the New World Order.

From there I encountered Zeitgeist and let my imagination flow. It led me into activism and other paranormal activities while solidifying my disbelief in religions of all types.

It wasn't until the economic collapse came that I started fearing and pawing around for a sign of hope that there were others that believed like me, and that was when I found ATS. Since then it isn't a matter of what I DO believe but what I don't believe, because usually that list is smaller.

I can say that I don't know much about magnetism theories and what not, and I don't believe in the reptilians simply because I have not found the time to research such matters (I don't want that on top of my paranoid plate as well

What I can summarize my beliefs in is a figure of my mind only. I am a logical thinker, realizing facts and critically finding holes in theories, but unless something is COMPLETELY debunked I will be the first and the last to tell someone that there is always a chance, and that you should always be prepared.

Since that time, do to experiences of my own I have changed my beliefs, few on facts, but most based on my heart alone. I have again found religion, and now have a heightened sense of urgency that something wicked this way comes. I think most do and that is why now we are more awake in numbers then ever before.

Though I have not had the time to check out this Lucifearan prophecy, I shall definitely put it on my list. If it is about the anti-christ then I can say only one thing that I believe in that matter. It won't matter if we know who the anti-christ is or not. All that matters if that it is true, he will come, and as it is written, our destiny of Revelations is already laid out to us. As long as you keep faith and an open mind to salvation, you will be fine.


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