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Why,in Australia when under the coronial system; do we see proceedures fasttracked for minority fait

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posted on Jun, 6 2009 @ 11:17 PM
In Australia we use the coronial system, in regards to criminal justice.
Generally when there are deaths that are: Sudden, suicide, homocide, accidental, or when anaesthetic has been administered; these are veiwed as coronial in nature, and therefore, must be examined under strict government protocal.

Essentially, until a burial order has been issued by the coroner (once the coronial examination protocals have been exausted), then as the law states " the body of the deceased is the juristiction of the coroner".

Time and time again, this process is fast-tracked for minority faiths; particularly Muslims and Jews.
Muslims, under requirements of their faith; request the body be buried within 24hrs of death: they also expect the body to be enshrouded (within the body-bag), after post-mortem.

Jews on the other-hand seem to somehow bypass the autopsy altogether; being granted an External and toxicology examination only!

My bewilderment is; why is the law bent to accommodate the wims of select minorities?
Is it not unreasonable to expect that all citizens must abide by the laws of a country in a uniform manner; regardless of racial ancestry, or religious inclination?


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