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posted on Jun, 6 2009 @ 06:40 PM
This thread is a "release valve" (as I call it) for me. I've noticed I've been wanting to fit a lot into my posts...."perhaps" too much. This just allows me to post some ideas (Not that greatest of ideas I might add.) and get feedback.

I do not want this to become a competing thread and have therefore posted here in the short stories section.

Being a short stories thread this will just be my writing and I’ll be posting “episodes” here occasionally.

If you wish to join in all the fun or simply want to know what I’m referencing as I ramble on check out The Voyages of the Penelope and the Yydyrl

We (can I say we?) are always happy to welcome new writers there. Contact Masqua for more information. (Note: You’ll need writer’s status.)

Input is always welcome. If you read either The Voyages of the Penelope and the Yydryl Thread or this humble thread you can always send me a U2U with your thoughts and suggestions.

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posted on Jun, 6 2009 @ 06:45 PM

A section will be added here based on what occurs in the Story Thread.

The Nyx class dropship flew across the sky, leaving a bright tail as it descended into the night. As it plummeted it approached a small clearing in the desert. The team had worked diligently and had slowed the craft down before impact but the crash was still catastrophic on the craft.

Dazed they attempted to use the radio but found that it has been destroyed. The team, battered and bruised, struggled out of the craft just as the planet’s military personnel arrived. Terrified at the sight of aliens, one of them struck Evans in the face with the butt of his rifle.

Evans: “Ow!! What the h…”

A frightened infantryman yelled to his superior. “Sir, they speak English.”

Officer: “ALEIN INFILTRATORS! Take them down!”

Many infantryman attacked the dazed team taking them down quickly. The team put up little resistance because. Knowing that would probably result in a quick death from their trigger happy assailants.

They were stripped of all remaining gear at gunpoint and hand and leg cuffed. As they were being loaded into a transport they saw teams of soldiers and what appeared to be civilian scientists pouring over the dropship. The team had failed to keep the vital military hardware secure. Once fully onboard their transport truck it didn’t take long for them to realize that these soldiers were different. The others had worn a simple camo uniform but this group wore all black with no name tag or insignia. Even more noticeable was the fact that they were not afraid, as the infantry had been.

“Great.” Ackerman thought, looks like we’ve just met the “men in black.”

They were transported through the dead of night in a windowless truck. During their trip all they could hear was the occasional bump of the tires on the dirt road. Hours later they could hear a commotion outside including the clang of metal and the unmistakable sound of many boots on pavement. The truck stopped as they were offloaded they saw no light pollution which meant any settlement had to be miles away. All the guards here wore the black uniform and seemed unconcerned by the arrival of the alien “infiltrators.”

Taken inside they were blindfolded and taken to individual cells in locations out of earshot of the others.

Ackerman could hear footsteps approaching the cell. Followed by the jingling sound of keys and the turning of tumblers. The footsteps drew closer. Each ominous crack louder than the last. The footsteps moved off to his left and moved around him. The shoes scraping against the cold hard concrete as he went. The thuds his shoes made as he slowly but purposefully circled him were terrifying. When the noise could be heard in front of him again he was asked a simple question. “What’s your name?”

Ackerman thought about responding with “James T. Kirk of the U.S.S Enterprise.” But decided against it. If the others said he was Ackerman it might get him in unnecessary trouble.

The man asked again with great patience “What’s your name?”
He replied “Ackerman”

The man was now very pleasant “Good….good. What do you do?”

Ackerman: “I can’t tell you that.”

The man with an almost philosophical tone asked “Why?”

Ackerman: “Duty.”

The man asked inquisitively “Duty to what?”

Ackerman did not reply.

The man surprisingly understanding said. “Alright we won’t go down that path. But can you tell me your duty on that craft?”

Ackerman realizing they wouldn’t just be let go had to say something. But what? Should he lie? Then again what if the others tell the truth? Any number of game theory ideas flew through his head, but he settled on the truth knowing the others couldn’t guess anything he made up but they would know the truth.

The man asked patiently as if he had not asked it before. “Can you tell me your duty on that craft?”

Ackerman: “I’m the leader.”

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posted on Jun, 6 2009 @ 06:53 PM
"Impact" (Continued...)

In his cell Evans could hear water dripping.


Evans thought to himself “They’re trying to break me. Trying to drive me insane. Well I won’t let you!


Evans could hear a guard get up quickly and rush inside. The guard whispered an obscenity and Evans could hear metal turning.

The guard said sincerely “I’m so sorry…….your faucet was dripping a little.”

Evans sheepishly told him “Oh.”

Meanwhile in Monroe’s cell he can hear someone enter.

The man walks over and asks in a deep throaty voice “What’s your name?”

Monroe: “You should really get that checked you might have throat cancer. If you take my blindfold off I can check.”

The throaty voice replies “Well I guess I don’t have to ask what your job is.”

In his cell Nathan had stopped twitching and was beginning to relax in his cell. He didn’t know anything about his new captors but he knew too much about the Regellians. Nathan figured anything else would be better.

A woman enters and asks him “What’s your name?”

Nathan laughs and says “You don’t need to know.”

They each talked to their interrogators differently...

Ackerman had described the situation the team had found itself in and asked for permission to leave. The understanding footsteps man told him that would be impossible.

Evan’s interrogator entered and asked “What’s your name?”

Evan’s still shocked asked. “How is it possible that you guys speak English? We’ve run into other aliens and they usually speak something else….plus English. Why does everyone know only English here?”

The man replied “Well I don’t know about everyone else but…”
Two guards in the foreground are talking. One asks the other “What do you think they’re talking about?”

The other responds “Eh, probably nothing interesting.”

Back to Evans and the man who finishes talking.

Evans: “That’s incredible it all makes perfect sense now.”

The man then asks him “You’re not a linguist, so what do you do?”

Evans: “Oh, I’m an engineer…”

Monroe was asked to describe medical procedures. He provided the interrogator with a few useful tips but refused to delve too deeply due to the dangers of providing a possible enemy with these types of secrets.

The woman continued to ask Nathan questions to which he always responded. That she did not need too or wouldn’t want to know the things he knew.

Once all the team members had given out all the information they were comfortable with saying. The three interrogators entered their captives cells.
The interrogators told Ackerman, Monroe and Nathan each individually the same line.

“Due to the fact that you refuse to divulge any more information, Central Command has decided to hand you over to the medical division of this base.”

Ackerman responded to his interrogator “What does that mean?”

The footsteps responded. “It means….it means you will be dissected and studied.”

Ackerman: “What! Why!?”

The footsteps: “Our government does not torture but we do authorize gruesome medical procedures.”

Ackerman confused and annoyed says “Why?”

The footsteps: “Our government is very….sick.”

Ackerman highly sarcastically says “Wonderful!”

The others each respond to their own interrogators.

Monroe replies “Does this mean I have to go to the doctor. I hate going to doctors.”

His interrogator confused asks “Wait I thought you are a doctor.”

In Nathan’s cell

Nathan knowing what the interrogator really means begins to twitch again and thinks “Great, more monsters.”

Evans’ interrogator entered again, helped him up and took him across the base. Before they moved him Evans was able to move the blindfold a little and was able to see several planes each with one lone green stripe.
Evans’ blindfold was removed when they reached their destination, the hangar where the Nyx class NI dropship debris waited. They brought him forward to a bearded scientist with thick glasses. The scientist introduced himself as Stan Freehling.

Freehling: “This is an incredible honor to meet a real live alien such as yourself.”

Freehling extends a hand and they shake. Freehling adjusts his glasses and squinting asking “What happened to your eye you look terrible.”

Evans: “I do! Does anyone have a mirror?”

Evans takes a mirror a guard has and looks at the large black area around his eye instinctively he reaches for his makeup but realizes it had been taken by the security of the alien ship they had barely fled.

Evans: “Do the people know about us?”

Freehling: “What do you mean?”

Evans: “You know the public, do they know about us?”

Freehling: “The government felt that the impact of such an event would bring about mass panic. I think it’s more likely they fear that learning about life outside our world may eliminate the Toknorian-Vaxx rivalry. It’s feared we might have a unified world identity.”

They begin surveying the wreckage of the ship as Freehling asks questions about the craft and Evans makes up complete fabrications of how it works. Evans knows he can’t stall for long but he has a plan.

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posted on Jun, 6 2009 @ 06:55 PM

Freehling: “I don’t understand. The ‘phase coupling converter’ looks suspiciously like a cup holder.”

Evans: “Well…uh….you see it’s been heavily damaged and element 511 is missing.”

Freehling: “What about the oscillator it looks like a…”

After several exchanges like this Freehling comes clean.

Freehling: “Look, I need to know what parts of this craft present a hazard. They’re sending someone to ship out everything ‘dangerous’ by tomorrow. But I just don’t understand. I see cupholders, you see highly explosive devices.”

Evans: “It’s nothing to be ashamed of it all looks pretty benign until you dig deeper.”

Freehling: “Well point out anything dangerous it’ll be crated and shipped off for safe keeping.”

Evans: “Uh…. ok well you’d better put that converter away and..uh…that piece over there I wouldn’t touch that with a ten foot pole and over there….”
The guards already annoyed by all this ridiculous technobabble backed away out of earshot and talked among themselves.

Back in prison area the rest of the team thinks of their fate.

Ackerman thinks of escape wishing Macgyver………or maybe even Studious was with him.

Monroe thinks of how he’ll go down in the history books as an example for the entire species. “Why, every med student on this planet will read about me one day!”

Nathan sits twitching thinking “At least they won’t eat me when their done dissecting me like the Regellians would.”

Back int hanger...
Evans picked the most useless junk of all to be shipped away. Figuring that the useful stuff might help them escape. At nightfall Evans is removed from the hangar, blindfolded and taken back to his cell. He sits wondering how he’ll be able to keep the charade going much longer.

Then Ford appears outside the door.

Evans says shocked “FORD!?”

Ford whispering “Don’t yell you idiot!”

Evans: “Judging from that comment, IT REALLY IS YOU!”

Ford “Shhh…..This isn’t the time.”

Evans: “I thought you were dead! I saw your body your arms were all blown off and everything!”

Ford whispers “Evans, keep it down!”

Evans: “Hey, you must have been dead man. There’s no way…” Evans turns pale white even the bruise around his eye lightens. “You’re d…d….d….d...d….d”

Ford: “Dead?”

Evans: “So what’s the answer to Studious’ question?"

Ford: “What?”

Evans: “You remember when he asked what happens after we’re gone?”

Ford: “I still don’t know I never died.”

Evans: “Then what happened.”

Ford: “Well I was in the ship firing and then suddenly everything went white.”

Evans: “White?”

Ford: “Yeah and then I saw this beautiful lady and she said ‘come with me.’ So I did.”

Evans: “Soooo…….nudge...nudge know what I mean, know what I mean.”

Ford: “What are you doing?”

Evans: “Doing!? Say no more…say NO MORE!”

Ford: “Look are you insinuating something?”

Evans begins to laugh “Oh, ho, ho, ho,…….ho, oh, oh…..yes.”

Ford: “Evans she’s married!!”

Evans feeling like a fool “Oh….uh…so what happened next?”

Ford: “We don’t have time for that, they’re going to perform autopsies on the others.”

Evans sinks down “You mean they’re dead?”

Ford: “No but they’re going to be.”

Evans: “But your like a living ghost type thing, that never died. Bust them out.”

Ford: “I’m not anymore.”

Evans: “What!? How does that work?”

Ford: “We don’t have time for this, we need a plan.”

Evans: “Say no more.”

Ford: “Evans!”

Evans: “What? I’m just agreeing with you, we need to get to work. I think I’ve got a plan you see, but first I need to get a few parts from the debris…”

posted on Jun, 6 2009 @ 06:59 PM
"Deliverance" (Continued)

Morning arrives.

Evans is taken out of his cell blindfolded and brought to the hangar again.
Freehling and Evans start where they left off examining the dropship.

Freehling: “I stayed up all night trying to figure out what you told me but none of it makes any sense and I’m a nuclear physicist you know!”

Evans: “Uh….uh well you need to understand quatum..uh…”

Freehling: “Quantum what?”

Evans: “Lea… er… I mean theory.”

Freehling: “But even that doesn’t make any sense.”

Evans: “Uh…of course, it’s very complicated… why isn’t there a team of scientists on this?”

Freehling: “They work at night. They have you explain it during the day.”
Evans: “Why did they pick you to be the one to help me?”

Freehling: “I guess they picked me because I don’t bring an ego. They don’t want to have a personal squabble lead to your noncooperation.”

Evans: “Well, why are you here at all?”

Freehling: “Well I work here because I want to understand. I want to know what’s really out there…….I always have. It’s not about how others see me it’s about curiosity…….that need to know.”

Evans: “Yeah I remember back at the academy. One of my professors really got to me. He pulled out an engine and asked us.

What do you see?

We pointed out the size, the structure, everything we could see.

Then he asked us “What do you know?

We mentioned every bolt, every process, its capabilities and its faults.

Then he asked us ‘would you rather just see the world or know it.'

Freehling: “Exactly, it’s about finally understanding not the reputation or the honors.”

Evans: “How do you get along with those that do have an ego.”

Freehling: “Well my father taught me that. You see a long time ago, he lost his job to some young upstart. This new guy had connections and prestige. The kid wasn’t all that bright really but his ego was legendary. Now you would think that would turn people off, but it actually won him the job. They didn’t want a good researcher like my father they wanted someone who could go on the talking circuit. Someone who could drum up cash for the institute. A humble family man just didn’t seem to fit the bill. I was young and didn’t really understand why he just left quietly. Back then I thought he could have just acted like he knew everything. He could have kept his job, all he had to do was give act like that kid. But then one day he sat me down and said. “Son I know this is hard on you and your mother….but there are things more important than the money and the status. I’d rather have my dignity. I’m not going to pretend and I’m not going to lie. I’m not going to fabricate evidence or alter the truth to fit my theories. I’m not going to use clever word tricks or any of the half dozen other tricks kids like him use. No, I’m taking the high way. It might be tough for awhile sport but we’ll pull through.

I remember telling him “But there’s so much you could discover. So much good you could do.

He told me “Whatever I may have done, whatever great discovery I might have made would be worth nothing if I gained it that way. Remember there’s always a better way. Though the path of a good man sometimes seems like a dark tunnel there is always light at the end.

And you know what dad was right. Look at me now, I’m the one who gets to talk to the alien.”

Evans realizes Freehling might just be able to help him and would certainly take a significant amount of work off of Ford in his plan. Thinking that with inside help this might actually have a chance he tells Freehling to enter the wrecked hull of the ship. The guards again bored by their conversation pay them little mind.

As Evans and Freehling move around and enter the wreckage of the ship Evans whispers. “They’re going to kill the others.”

Freehling: “Others? You mean other aliens? I was under the impression you were the only one that survived the crash.”

Evans: “No, they’re alive but they’re going to be doing autopsies on them pretty soon.”

Freehling: “This sounds like one of them dark tunnels.” Freehling sighs “How can I help?”

Evans, still keeping one core ideal of NI, compartmentalization, describes only Freehling’s role in the plot. Once finished Evans asks “So will you help us?”

Freehling: “There may be light at the end, but I hope this “tunnel” doesn’t cave in before we reach it.”

Evans: “I’ll take that as a yes. Could you hand me that, we have a few things to build.”

Nightfall comes and Evans is blindfolded and taken back to his cell knowing his plan should already be in motion.

Ford arrives and asks “Do you have the device?”

Evans: “You won’t need to do that anymore.”

Evans describes the changes to the plan.

posted on Jun, 6 2009 @ 07:03 PM
"Deliverance" (This is just getting annoying.)

Freehling takes a walk instead of going back to his quarters. On this “walk” he just happens to travel past the power facility or at least that’s what he wanted everyone to think. Getting inside wasn’t too difficult because he is, after all, a nuclear physicist and has clearance. Once inside sets up the small explosive he and Evans had built in the hangar.

Meanwhile Ford knocks out a guard and takes his uniform. Then sneaks into the enclosed storage space attached to the hangar where a lone officer is looking at the empty crates and the piles of “dangerous” debris to be loaded into them.

Approaching the officer he says “There’s been a change in the content of the transfer.”

The officer asks “Well what are we shipping out now?”

Ford: “You.”

Ford’s first blow is devastating but the officer only stumbles back spits out a few teeth and cracks his neck to both sides.

Ford smiles and thinks “This is going to be fun.”

Several minutes later Freehling enters the enclosed storage area to find two men both bleeding. One on the ground in a soldier’s uniform. The other in officer’s garb standing.

Freehling begins to back away as if he had seen nothing when the officer approaches him. “Are you Freehling?”

Freehling: “Uh….”

Ford: “I’m a friend of Evans.”

Freehling: “Oh, for a second there I thought…”

As Ford hides the officer he says “Yeah, yeah. We need to break the others out.”

They travel to the prison area.

A Prison guard seeing Ford bleeding says “Woah, sir what happened to you.”
Ford: “No time, we need to move the prisoners.”

Prison guard: “Look I haven’t heard anything about this. I can’t jus…”

The base is rocked by a large explosion as the lights flicker and go out.
Ford: “Now do you believe me!”

Prison guard: “Yes sir…uh…officer sir, here’s the keys.”

Ford and Freehling free a surprised Ackerman and Nathan and a not so surprised Evans. The others know to be quiet and in the dark don’t say very much.

But when they free Monroe he yells “Ford! Evans!........What happened to your faces!”

Evans covering his bruised eye. “Not the time, my friend!”

As the team races to the storage area where the crates wait they enter a pitch black area that the emergency lights do not reach. Then they hear something.

Ackerman: “Hold it…….I’d know those footsteps anywhere.”

The footsteps get louder and louder closer then suddenly stop as if in front of the team.

As if able to see them the footsteps asks “Is that you…….Ackerman?”

Ackerman: “Yes……..are you going to stop us?”

At first there is silence but then.

Footsteps: “Go ahead four corridors and take a left you’ll avoid the security sweep.”

Ackerman: “Uh…..thanks.”

Footsteps: “Don’t let the actions of this government reflect on us all.”

The thuds of the footsteps slowly head directly away from the team and then get softer until they are gone.

Ackerman: “You heard the man it’s up four corridors.”

Evans: “We’re going to trust him?”

Ackerman: “You want us to trust this scientist. I just want you to trust him.”

The team races ahead and hears dozens of boots against the ground behind them that head in the opposite direction back toward the prison area.

Ackerman thinks “Well I owe him one.”

The team arrives at the storage area and everyone but Ford and Freehling maneuver into the crates. Ford enters the main hangar and yells for the guards there to assist him.

Ford still wearing the officer’s uniform tells them “Alright let’s load up a plane and remember do not FOR ANY REASON open these crates. These are highly dangerous perhaps deadly materials.”

They load the crates unto trucks and Freehling and Ford lead the way as they approach a plane.

As they get close to the plane a guard tells them “Hey, what’s all this? We’re on lockdown nothing in and nothing out.”

Ford still dressed as the officer tells them “There are some ‘materials’ that need immediate transport out of here.”

Plane guard: “Look, I can’t let you load this stuff. A lockdown is a lockdown.”

Ford: “Maybe you’d like to get the General on the phone? I’m sure he’d be very happy you delayed this critical flight.”

Plane guard: “Alright I’ll do just that.”

The guard gets the general on the phone.

Plane Guard: “Yes sir…….Yes sir….There is a scientist here.” He hands the phone over to Freehling saying “He wants to speak with you.”

Freehling: “Yes sir….the blast might have been the materials we were going to ship out….yes sir we’re shipping it out now.”

Plane guard: “For a second there I thought you were trying to pull a fast one.”

Three large crates are loaded onto the plane and Freehling and the Ford as the officer board it.

Plane guard: “The pilots are on their way, they’ll be here any…..hey wait a sec doc why are you leaving?”

Suddenly the alarm goes off inside the still darkened base and the tell-tale sound can easily be heard out on the runway.

Ford slams the door and locks it as the guards stand stunned and confused.

Soon the engines of the green striped plane start and the plane guards run for cover.

More guards begin pouring out of the base toward the plane but it’s too late they’ve already begun to takeoff. Several of them fire at the plane but the small arms fire does almost no discernible damage.

Ford sets the plane on autopilot and heads to the cargo hold, Freehling follows. Ford opens one of the crates and Evans pushes the materials he had previously told Freehling were dangerous aside.

Freehling obviously distraught asks “I thought you used empty crates! You said that stuff was deadly.”

Evans: “Sometimes a cup holder is just a cup holder my friend. But this….this piece of junk you helped me build will let me contact our ship.”

Freehling: “You mean there’s another ship up there?”

Evans: “Yes and if I can contact a friend up there we’ll be just fine.”

Freehling turns to Ford asking “So you’re an alien too?”

Ford: “Yeah.”

Freehling adds “I thought your nose looked a little….off”

Ford: “Wait, how do you think Monroe knew my name?”

Freehling: “How did I know he was talking about you.”

Ford: “He said look at your faces.”

Freehling looks at Nathan then turns and doesn’t answer.

Nathan rolls his eyes.

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posted on Jun, 6 2009 @ 07:07 PM
"Deliverance" (You've got to be kidding me. Does he really expect anyone is still reading? But at least this one has CGI.)

Ford works to free the others from the crates as Evans and Freehling modify the radio of the aircraft.

Once the rest of the team is freed from their debris filled crates they make their way to the cockpit. As Ackerman the pilot of the group arrives he notices the radar shows two objects closing at a high rate of speed from the direction of the base.

Ackerman tells them as he shuts off the autopilot “Great. Everyone buckle up, they’ve probably sent up some fighters.”

As the dots become closer and closer Evans asks “Can’t you go any faster?”
To which Ackerman responds “I’m givin’ her all she’s got.”

A few minutes pass as the blips become closer and closer. As they draw near Ackerman asks Evans.

“Have you ever seen Crimson Tide?”
Evans: “Cri- yeah Crim…”

Ackerman: “Crimson Tide! The U.S.S Alabama. Remember when they were gonna launch the missile.”

Evans: “Yeah they need to get the stand down message.”

Ackerman: “Exactly now I’m Denzel and you’re Vossler. I’m telling you if you do not get this radio up, we are all going to die. Now it’s all up to you, I know it’s a bad deal but you got it, can you handle it?"

Evans doesn’t respond as he’s still working.

Ford still looking at the radar asks “Vossler?”

Evans: “Aye, Denzel.”

The others not knowing the ancient movie shoot each other a few nervous glances.

The dots are now almost in range of the plane as Evans finishes hooking up the device gathered from the wreckage to the radio.

Evans: “Studious, you won’t be able to respond but please contact NI send them this message ‘Sigma Omicron Sigma’ Type IN on your ‘run’ program. We’re on the planet. Don’t tell anyone aboard, we don’t want any trouble with the crew. You know what that will mean for us. Please Studious.”

An alarm goes off in the cockpit of the green striped aircraft. Missile locks have been achieved but they haven’t fired yet.

Monroe: “I don’t think your message got through.”

Evans: “It did. We’ve just got to give him more time.”

Monroe: “How do you think we’re going to be able to do that?”

Evans: “Take us closer!”

Ackerman turns around.

Evans: “Yes, yes I said closer. We can prevent their missiles from being able to arm if we get close enough.”

Ford: “If they have guns we won’t last long at that range.”

Evans: “We’ll last longer than we would against their missiles.”

Ackerman turns the plane sharply and heads directly for the fighters which don’t fire.

Monroe: “Why haven’t they killed us yet.”

Nathan: “We’re the only specimens they have, they can’t kill us like this. What would be left to study?”

The plane flies closer and plays chicken with the oncoming fighters. The fighters don’t fire but don’t change course either. Tense minutes pass as the range closes and small dots on the horizon turn into large imposing fighters.

The fighters pull up at the last possible second.

The green striped plane passes the fighters at close range but the maneuverable fighters easily get on the plane’s six again and this time fire a few shots over the wings.

Monroe: “They’re warning us, this is it….” He closes his eyes expecting to die.
A loud explosion rocks the craft.

Monroe: “I’m dying, I’m dying!”

Ford: “Shut up, you’re fine. One of the fighters just disappeared from radar.”

Evans: “How?”

Another loud explosion rocks the plane.

Ford matter-of-factly says “There goes the other one.”

Just then another Nyx NI dropship appears outside flying at the same speed.

Monroe: “It’s one of ours! We’re saved!”

Evans: “Ha..Ha….I told he’d to it!”

The team begins to congratulate and embrace each other.

Freehling: “Not to rain on your parade but now what?”

Evans: “We’ll just parachute down and the dropship will pick us up.”

Freehling shaking “Para…c..c..cute?”

Evans: “It’s easy once you get over the fear.”

The team and Freehling don parachutes and jump Freehling shouting all the way down.

The green striped plane with the “dangerous” ship parts plummets out of the sky and crashes in a fireball.

Once on the ground the dropship lands and NI-12 rushes out. They all pile into the ship and take off.

NI-12 Tech officer: “Where’s your ship being kept commander?”

Ackerman: “A hangar at the base to the west.”

Freehling: “It’s hangar 81…uh…if that helps.”

The new ship heads back to the base.

NI-12 Tech officer: “Downed ship on sensors.”

NI-12 Leader: “Very well…I’m taking us closer”

The dropship dives and gets close to the hangar flying just above the ground.

NI-12 Leader “Fire.”

The Nyx class ship fires and destroys the hangar. Then turns and heads out into space with its stealth technology activated.

Evans: “How did you get here so fast?”

NI-12 Leader: “We got dropped off by the Arneb. She’s just outside sensor range of this system. We needed to avoid any interference from the Penelope. Unfortunately we had to burn out our engine power system getting to your position fast enough. It looks like we’ll have a long trip back to the ship.

Evans: “That’s fine by me. It’ll give more time for us to debrief and I think Ford has a quite a story to tell.”

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posted on Oct, 28 2009 @ 06:52 AM

Originally posted by Studious
"Deliverance" (You've got to be kidding me. Does he really expect anyone is still reading? But at least this one has CGI.)
[edit on 6-6-2009 by Studious]

Somehow I expected more.

Computer-generated imagery (also known as CGI) is the application of the field of computer graphics or, more specifically, 3D computer graphics to special effects in films, television programs, commercials, simulators and simulation generally, and printed media.

But the story is GOOD!


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