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Obama's chat with winners

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posted on Jun, 6 2009 @ 01:14 PM

While trying to stress the heroic effort of those guys who fought their way into German-occupied France back in 1944, the prez set the chances for the success.

Obama hails `sheer improbability' of D-Day victory

"Sheer improbability" would postpone the amphibian attack on the beaches of Normandy until the generals would devise an alternative with much higher chances of success.

Well, Obama tried to say something nice to the veterans.

I guess, this was the last chance for Obama to chat with military winners. Even with two presidential terms under his executive belt, the chance that the prez would oversee a military parade made of victorious US troops returning from Afghanistan and Iraq is "sheer improbability."

The invasion of Normandy was surely a brave victory.
Let's see if the prez gave us the right horse to bet on. The Belmont Stakes is only a couple hours away.

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