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initiate in other words..enjoy.

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posted on Jun, 6 2009 @ 09:05 AM
do you make this life a nightmare
because objection to the time
i spend making up the time between
these half wit simple wrymes?

Is this life
merely an image of my minds eye
is the world
a sinful hypocrisy unless your in the eye
of the fallen one
the running trumping
deadly cur
waiting for a moment to kill
the next moment to get that thrill

why do scare the small ones
why do you lose control
what is the meaning in creating this shameful
moment in time
in your waisted historical dreams
small tokens of fallen simplicity god hates it

and i see the masters follow masters
the fools they continue
the lovers always apathetic
to anything in the world
the people who we see everyday
theyre just the ones who love you
so much that its repeated that they want you

theyres nothing more id like to see
than a world of freedom without owning
a weight that holds us down
a bait to historical clowns

the future is all simple list
recorrect into bliss then kiss
your fate goodbye saved by something
ancient and new and rediscovered himself
in you. You disgust me, and now you dont
im bouncing between decisions
about you

and the slanderous banters
the rumorous rumors
are merely a lost cause
and always has been
hang us all on a cross
in this indecision
the greed is you
infecting the pearls
and gold and silver
with iconic madness
floating here i am
inside without you
just fine
please just leave quietly go
this moment is sad for me
ill miss you terribly
for hurting you im sorry
i was hurt my whole life
i expressed myself to change
the violent hateful heart towards
the things you hated so obsurd
you made me you break me
im your doll your slave
now your perfect thought waves
i follow im your slave


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