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Christians, it is your responsibility

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posted on Jun, 13 2009 @ 02:29 PM
Religion is nothing but a belief system, which drives man away from the natural world and into the world of HATE which YOU have clear displayed in your words which is VILE, CRUEL, UNNATURAL AND INHUMAN AND TOXIC TO THE PSYCHE OF MANKIND I guess Jesus supports that because you have shown the true face of your God and RELIGION. On top of that you also support the slaughter of mankind for your BELIEF system. Tell me how many innocent are you going to slaughter for you religiouse righteousness is your god not happy with all the murders that your religion caused under his name? Oh well psychopathic and fearmungering society has been classified: Fundamentalist christians.

BTW you need to wake up because time is ticking and your about to face your self soon, sorry jesus the fictional character cannot save you from yourself because he does not exist, christianity is a cult in nature its the solar cult, you pray to the Sun every Sunday.

Good Luck when you start feeling "heavy" you will know what I mean when hell breaks loose in your mind. Oh on more thing its INSANE not INSINE thats exactly whats going to happen

posted on Jun, 13 2009 @ 02:40 PM

Originally posted by zefiro

1. Christian fundamentalists pervert the values of Christ.
2. The larger Christian community bear a measure of responsibility for the suffering the fundamentalists cause.

I'm not going to go into quoting scriptures (unless necessary) because the ATS community has heard it all before. The message of Christ was love expressed in compassion for weak and meek. Understanding, forgiveness, healing. The dismissal of wealth as a value. Prince of peace. Resurrection instead of murder. Redemption.

The message of Christ was also to stop sinning. Christ spoke of that many times.
Paul the Apostle who seen Jesus Christ said that the government doesn't wield the sword for nothing. When we are attacked we have to defend ourselves just like the Founding Father of America.

Originally posted by zefiro
Fundamentalists value obediance, strict moral codes, punishment of non-believers disguised as compassion, killing is acceptable when threatened, redemption only through thier moral structure.

Where are you getting your info at?
There's nothing wrong with being obedient. There's nothing wrong with strict moral codes, I never heard of 'punishment of non-believers disguised as compassion (please elaborate more), there is nothing wrong with defending your family. Redemption comes through Christ not a moral structure.

Originally posted by zefiro
Christians, it is your God, your Christ that fundamentalists are claiming. Politicians are using Christian beliefs to push war and the accumulation of wealth to the few. They are using the name of Christ to push policy to strand the weak and meek for the benefit of the powerful.

You can't speak for Christians because I don't believe your one of them.
Which politicians are using Christian beliefs to push war? What beliefs are they using?

Originally posted by zefiro
When. . .WHEN are you going to step up and defend Christ, God and the rest of us from these perversions of your faith? When are you going to start defending the poor souls that get seduced by these people?

For me it doesn't matter who does wrong. I'll let them know.

Originally posted by zefiro
The simple fact is that you are in the best position to protect us. You have the authority to question these people on religious grounds. You have the power to protect the vulnerable. You have the numbers to reject those who falsely claim your faith.

You can question them all day long but the only impact will be to vote them out of office.
Who is vulnerable?
Try getting one person to talk to millions of Christians. I think that scope is way to big unless you have billions of dollars for TV ads, etc...

Originally posted by zefiro
My question is. . .why don't you? Do you hesitate for the simple reason that they call themselves Christian?

I do my little part by contacting my congress people.

Originally posted by zefiro
So, I am implying that you real followers of Christ share the blame every time a law is passed that sacrifices the weak to wealth.

That is ridiculous. You can't force a congress person to vote the way you want them to.

Originally posted by zefiro
You share the blame for every live sacrificed to Fundamentalist hate. You share the blame for the suffering of all those people seduced by these faiths

That's ridiculous also. You can't lump everyone in for what a few have done.

Originally posted by zefiro
Your silence is your guilt.

You have no idea what your talking about.

Originally posted by zefiro
Show me how I am wrong. Seriously.

Read my replies above.


posted on Jun, 13 2009 @ 03:49 PM

Originally posted by derekcollins79
I think this applies to almost all people. If something is presented in a factual basis and it sounds good, people will buy it. This is Christians and non-Christians alike. There is much of this going on within the truth movement.

Honestly, I can't say that that is empirically true. There are a lot of things that "feel good" or "seem true" that I don't "buy" into at all. I think that any search, particularly a spiritual one, that is not supported by self-research is foolhardy.

It has been my experience with "most" churchgoers that they tend to take what the pastor says at face value. They tend to be, at least in my estimation, way to willing to say, "Yeah, yeah, that must be right. After all, my priest, preacher or rabbi said it."

posted on Jun, 13 2009 @ 03:50 PM
So shouldn't we change the definition of Religious Fundamentalism to mean ANYONE that follows a doctrine that is more strict or more in coherence with the written words of that religions scripture than the one that you yourself follow?

Example 1)
A Muslim who interprets the Koran to say that all women must completely cover up EVERY single part of their body including the eyes.

Example 2)
A Muslim who interprets the Koran to say that all women must completely cover up ALMOST every single part of their body BUT they can leave the face uncovered.

Example 3)
A Muslim who interprets the Koran to say that all women must completely cover up every single part of the body EXCEPT they do not have to wear a face veil OR a head scarf.

Example 4)
A Muslim who interprets the Koran to say that all women do NOT have to cover themselves up.

Comparing example 1 to example 2 would make 1 look like a fundamentalist and 2 look like a moderate.

Comparing Example 2 to example 3 would make 2 look like a fundamentalist and 3 look like a moderate.

Comparing example 3 to example 4 would make 3 look like a fundamentalist and 4 look like a moderate.

I think the term "Fundamentalist" itself is completely misconstrued.

posted on Jun, 16 2009 @ 03:12 AM

Originally posted by Sundancer
reply to post by Water-tastes-good

I agree 100% with what you say but there are only a handful of us and we are constantly doing missionary work in all four corners of the globe.

Why are you doing missionary work in all four corners of the globe, when it seems you're most needed work is at home? Besides, most of the people on mission now days are just on extended vacation. Christians rarely go where it's dangerous for Christians. They go to hot vacation spots like Antigua Guatemala and Roatan Honduras where thousands before them have already gone and there are plenty who already know God and live in the area to bang on doors and push the bible.

My sister-in-law is a "good Christian" who goes on a few missions a year to great spots like I mentioned above but she won't go preach to the people who really want to learn about God in areas where Christians are raped or burned. Where's her faith that God will protect her when she won't go to those places?

I think most Christians are all the same -Sorry.

Um perhaps it's because she isn't quite ready to be raped and burned just yet. Just a thought!

posted on Jun, 19 2009 @ 12:43 AM
Just want to thank everyone for sharing your comments in this thread. You all have made a difference in adapting the views I stated in the OP. One of the reasons I love ATS is that if your serious about posting, all the flaws in your POV are challenged.

That's a good thing. Most of the new posts, though, are from people who do not have the time to read through the whole thread and see how the conversation has evolved. Since I don't want to rehash the same ground, I'll only be checking back on this thread occasionally.

Meanwhile, I will be pursuing this. I'll be trying to hook up a local pastor or two with a marketing professional and see where that takes us. Like I said before, we'll probably fail miserably, but it's worth putting a few weekends effort into to see if its possible to take it to the next level. At the least, I'll have increased my knowledge and experience with the psychology of Christian beliefs. . .that can't be bad from any perspective.

Thanks again.

posted on Jun, 24 2009 @ 04:53 PM
I am a Christian. Christians are human too, thus still make errors (sin). The Bible does preach against judging others. It is not our place to judge others. The bible does preach standing up for the truth and fighting against erroneous principalities.

A hot topic is homosexuality. It is a perversion of the natural use of our bodies. How many Christians masturbate? Engage in straight oral sex? Straight anal sex? Those are homosexual acts that go against the natural use of how our bodies operate.

It is our place to speak out against these erroneous principalities. It is not our place to judge those engaging in them though. Even us Christians sin and make mistakes ourselves. None of us are perfect. It is vital to acknowledge this, repent, and pray to God for healing. We must remain humbled to this fact.

It is sad that that Christianity is now looked down upon and blamed for so much. I cannot say who is a true Christian and who is not but one's fruits are telling. As Christians, we must correct one another when we are in the wrong. It is wrong to judge or murder in the name of God. It is our job to heal. The New Testament's rule overwrites the Old Testament and is the updated mandate which we must follow.

The Bible does state that this is a time when we will be hated. Those that do not want to hear our message will always look for reasons to discredit us to maintain their current way of life. All we can do is show unconditional love and continue preaching the truth regardless of persecution.

God bless!

posted on Jun, 27 2009 @ 03:28 PM
reply to post by 5thElement

LoL! Seeing as to how you are starting this post off with a silly incorrect generalization. *I do not let what others do or believe define me, sorry, prefer to think for myself. I know how hard it is for others that allow others to do their thinking for them to understand that though.*
I must admit I do find it hard to take take you seriously enough to respond but the rest of the massive assumptions you make are hillarious.
Let's see, the problems with your statements.
1) You found it in a book that just happens to be Russian? Which is convient because I do not know Russian so you can claim it says he had a pink bunny fetish and I wouldn't have a clue. And the link you provided says nothing more than it's about Stalin. And even then, just because it's a book that isn't "mainstream" as you so ignorantly put it, doesn't make it correct even if it does say what you claim. Sorry.
2) You do not know me thusly you do not know how I would respond should you provide your proof or even what I think about anything. Though I have been forced to the opinion based on your mirad of other silly statements of fact despite not knowing me would be little more than myth and fluff. You are the one that spoke about him not being an atheist because you claim he rejected evolution and etc. Despite me never even broaching those topics. Ergo, you consider those things to be intregal, which I proceeded to bust up and you then tried to insultingly squirm your way out. Didn't suceed though.
3) And, since when is it ok to answer a request for proof with "you wouldn't change your mind anyway" acceptable or more to the point proving ANYTHING?

Any more massive assumptions you wish to treat as fact?

[edit on 27-6-2009 by Watcher-In-The-Shadows]

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