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Osama NZ's famous sheep gets TV haircut

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posted on May, 1 2004 @ 04:44 PM

ok this has been on the news as of lately so id thought id share with you all what it looks like and its background aparently shady videos from a cave have been released

Shrek, the Merino sheep, was shorn live on national television by top shearers David Fagan and Peter Casserley.

The 10-year-old sheep had managed to roam freely on New Zealand's South Island for more than six years before being finally rounded up.
Shrek's giant fleece - possibly the largest ever - is to be auctioned off for children's medical charities.

> . Now why call the sheep Shrek why not call Osama Bin Laden
after all he was hiding in a cave for six years.

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posted on May, 1 2004 @ 05:03 PM
He was an amazing sheep. Survived for 6 years on a hillside with up to 5 foot of snow each winter. His fleece weighted about 27 kilo. (59.52 pounds) Thats a hell of weight for any small animal to carry. if he had rolled over he might have died trying to get up again.

They are selling his fleece for charity..

heres the sheep in a red cover, and the fleece that wa over it.

it was a unique situation, the fleece had no burrs, or knots or blackberry or wild rose. But more suprising is that the passive placid nature of an animal that had been wild for 6 years.

It "feels" like a con - like it was a pet sheep some nut had cared for, but no one gains anything, and everyone seems so amazed by it all.

The farmer who owns shrek has received offer to buy shrek for up to $50,000
(USA $$ I think), the offers have been coming in from americans. (who else would pay that for a sheep

They sheared the sheep live on TV and got a viewership almost a record for the news program it was on.

So what was the biggest news story for us in the last week? Iraq .. nope .. politics ... nope, ... a sheep? ... yep!

People love a feel good news item.

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