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What About "2012" And Everything that goes with it?"ADVICE PLZ THX"

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posted on Jun, 5 2009 @ 03:40 PM
Then here's what I belive. One has to except defeat. In a Sense, until our eyes were opened, or maybe their still cracked. We all have "sin" and when one can really tell the truth to ones self." you telling your self the truth" One not even to begin to rebirth in the proper way. So what I'm trying to say is. I do Belive in All these horiable things that are gonna happen, because they are all ready happing all over the world as i TYPE to you now. I don't need to go into it all but you know of the things I'm speaking about. So everyone Listen or rather read. and give me some advice. I won't listen to the hate but i will take it into consideration. "to keep myself strong one must be equally balenced. So what I'm getting at, is that I'm just gonna live my life out as peacefull as I can. for this world is evil but maybe we can rise aginst it? I going to be eating as healthy as I can"because evrything is poisioned." I'm going to train in all the Mixed martial arts."KUNG FU" mainly. I know that i"m not to promot VIOLENCE but when do we make the choice to let them win? when do we say I'm just gonna Let them play their game. I guess what I'm trying to say is" I am." "I chose not to play by this worlds Games" "but I'm very capable to surpass them " "and I Am. very powerfull ""and i'am very sensitive. to all things I FEEL> I HEAR. I TASTE and bring the word of peace i know who everyone els thinks "to an extent so I can't wait for someone to tell me in a post." No violence" period but i Will protect beyond any means. So Will anyone reply and ask me more questions? About the life syle im talking about. ReHaB

posted on Jun, 5 2009 @ 03:48 PM

Rehab, i am there with you.. What i have been thinking about lately is that how funny it is.. that all these "starseeds starpeople " or w.e you want to call it.. are coming together but more interesting than that .. they are doing or realizing the same thing.. 2 months ago as i said on the fourm many times i watch the obama deception and that was my wake up call.. ever since than i have been learning or changing myself and my ideology.. As many others here have but we all some how come to follow the same path but we have taken our own paths to get there.. i am not sure you understand me .. but i feel like there is something that has to be done.. and i know some may find that funny.. but others know what i am talking about.. a gut feeling... but i sit and wait...

Thanks all and peace

posted on Jun, 5 2009 @ 04:06 PM
I understand. I thank for you post hope for more. I belive. and it's sad to me "tears" that ppl i love don't understand yet...And theres not much time left. We all Need to make our own Hearts up.. And follow our "GUT" feeling
they have "GOV/EVRYTHING" been telling us the truth forever and ever they just limit it. make it funny or some other plan to make us not belive it as truth but more???SCi-Fi .. but now that i look with my heart and spirit i see the truth in everything. while their laughing at me . because many others can't and i can't push it to far because .. that's why they have every one on look out for the CrAzIes "which their is crazy s out their just like me. to confused and fall subject to "sociaties CRAZY" I hope i'm makeing since i have a good feeling that ppl who read My wurds will get the feeling to. ReHaB

posted on Jun, 5 2009 @ 04:46 PM

You want to know if all those things you see, feel and realize are true?
I dont know what you see, or feel, etc.
But i can tell you one thing:
2012 is true.
in a crazy way the prophesies of 2012 will come true. I guess...

There are too many signs and versions of visions which include 2012 that all can fool.
And if one will happen. The myth 2012 will not be a fake

Nia WiNd

posted on Jun, 5 2009 @ 04:49 PM
Hehe, Funny how Im sitting here with the scenario in my head, but words is unavailable . I have had dreams about this for 25 years altleast and only Now the last year I have been reading about it , and that ofcourse are igniting my nightmares from back then...

Things are coming, in fact , they have started and no one see it, and that is because the msm and govt. are lying to you, lies are the number one rule of getting people on your side.

The best liar gets the most Votes, and I think that has been proven time and again.

This is talked about 1000s of years ago, but we laugh at them, cause that is what msm and Govt. are telling us.
trusting own gut feelings are soon to be 'illigal' just as parents desiding on theyr childrens religous belives, I know , you do not belive me, but google EUs agenda, it is horrible, just as the Codex Al. is coming and all we can it is GM food wich is full of plant genes (Morgellons) and it isnt even required by the manufacturer to Label it as GM foods.

We have now these pandemic diseases that are 'just started' too infet people, but , but , the Bible speak of this, it say Plauges will ensue the earth and Doctors will not know what to do about it , why ?
I tell you why, it is the whole picture that is divided up and spread around as 100 difrent stories and not one true story.. That is the Problem..

We have the masons that are SunWorshippers, the morning star easter star even though it is in the west etc.All seeing eye are not in the loop any more , now they worship the sign of 'the rising sun' , 4 elements , earth, fire , water, air ,. Star of david (behemoth), yes, the 4 elements .

The Rising sun , the Cross isnt an christian symbol, it never was, it is used to symbolize the coming, the 'return' if you wish, the burning cross in the sky. Here on earth the weather will keep getting more and more bizzare as the sun is 'failing' in its task, the magnetosphere is wahooing as it needs the suns solar storms to stay active, no solar activity , little magneto activity.

Scientists sayd just resently : Ohhh this changes every thing we thought we knew about the magnetosphere... Uhh ??? these people we are supposed to 'trust'..? Maya sayd this 5000 years ago , and they were right..

Dont give me debunk crap, debunk is allways just Facts decleared as fact by the very institutions we are talking Conspiracy about here...

Ok, Planets, we have anomalies in our solar system that can only be explained by a huge steller body passing thru it, yes, use Google again, what happend in March ? yes they found SUDDENLY an asteroid going retrograde of the sun and guess what ? it passes 'close to earth in 2012' , yea , sweet , there they got it out in the ppublic as an small icy thing that can cause no harm , yet it was discover RESENTLY, where did it come from ? has it been there for 3597 years but just starting to get Visible and an tptb story has to leak out ?

Pandemics , yes , we will see alot more of them, the ET virus at the so called 'man made ozone holes' are there still we have diseases here on earth that are poping up and no one seems to think it could be just that, the times befor the end, the Bible is after all 80 % unfullfilled prophecy .

the Awakening, Revelations, exOdus . Hmmm...

Planes are falling like flies, of course , the planet is under bombardment, get it allready, Bible again , Stay put, do not travel in these times ...??
Reading bible as an fairytale, ofcourse it makes no sense, it is an ET coded Message, and it have all to do with Maya , they were told that ....etc.

But we 'modern' monkeys know it all, we use fossile fuel driven cars when we dont have too course we are too afraid too stand up and speak our mind, much easier just sitting there, and we believe in the Evo theory that requires 100 billion years too work, we just swallow it all raw, Earth is 4.6 billion years old, the single sentence is 16.5 billion years old, oh, my bad, the uni-verse (single sentence)..I have the bad habbit of thinking that you all have read what I have read.. Sorry ..

Well my point was, we monkeys have scientist that teach our children, that apperantly dont know any thing, and yet we are ok with that, they are allowed atleast 1000 mistakes, or untill they kill us .. ??

We have all heard / read about Reptilians here and ther, I have not seen one my self, I can NOT say that is true , But , on 3 occations I have seen things that are out of this World , and that is what keeps my faith about an God and other Life forms, when and why? have no clue, but , I think Our God is the opposite of theyr Allah, so to speak..
you heard of Enki Enlil and those guys ? ok , Masons say that allah is an Moon God, Enlil went too the moon befor he flooded the Earthlings, ok. Enki told suiZudra about it , they bacame enemies, yet brothers , weapons of old were used, we call them Nukes, and this technology is burried in the sands of Iraq, Oil yes, freedom for Iraqi people ? well yea,. But back to the Ancient computers and 'et technology' burried in the sands there.

Well, no matter, Sumaria was nuked, and the Victor got to build Babylon , I think Enlil got pretty upset and some how took care of it ,.

Ok, things are allways moving in circles, that is the laws of the universe...

But, how bout those Rangers ?? !

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posted on Jun, 5 2009 @ 05:30 PM
I thank all For the posts Keep them comeing please this is pretty much
a Last resort for people like me who almost lost it . in looseing it i mean like. i have "like meany others" rebeled aginst autority to an extint maybe just to prove my point / my side but discove myself find out diferent things. my favorite question was..."WHY".. and i 'm glad i went threw all my likes paths made me who i am to day ...which reminds me ...I write ..Poems so to speak.. but alot of them i have been rereading is referring to alot of the things going on but ... All I know is keep Your heart open for what it supossed to recive and be aware of the evil in this world because its all around.. and it's real.. and probally still has most of us by it's choke holds. but WE MUST PREVEIL TOGETHER IN PEACE AND LOVE..


posted on Jun, 5 2009 @ 09:04 PM
Ahh, so much to say, so much to say. I think this is an excellent post my friend. Personally, I believe that we are being called to awaken. Whether you look towards the bible, science, or any of many empirical observations, the end point is the same. I have come to believe that we are all seemingly trapped between our lofty (and perhaps realizable) ideas of a world living together and helping each other always and our lowest (and also perhaps realizable) manifestations of evil towards each other. What if we ARE really One? One consciousness, of one heart and one mind? It is not lost on me that God in the bible describes himself as the I Am. Well, I am as well. And even Jesus was pretty adamant about being the "son of man" and only admitted to being the son of God after dragging Peter through some interesting dialogue. I am a son of God as well, as we all are. Let us have a little fun with it.

Back on topic, I agree with you that we should take personal responsibility in regards to our health, etc. Keep up the good work, friend. I look forward to more of your posts!


posted on Jun, 5 2009 @ 10:42 PM
That is the question isn't it. Thank you agin for the support. this is what I was meant to do. And how can we wake up the rest of the mind? To destroy the illusions we all see they, tell us not to be brave but be rightous. "read the book of Enoch" the part where the creator of all begging tells that the rightous shall lead the way."we are all of sin" that much is true but, when you know in your heart."and aLot of you do" the truth how long do you keep lieing to your self , others, and family. some things are ok to keep secret. because we all have had some secret dark past"goverments way of BLACKMAILING US" thanx BIG BRO.....but we half to tell ourselves the truth and push forward. It is going to get Scary. Imagin all this "Sci-Fi" coming true the main population would be like.............................Ok It's not funnyno more' I try to tell people to imagin a world ran by retoid shapeshifter and 20ft tall Roman soldiars so to speak..... like my fellow friends say.."so much to say, So So SO little time to say it ...I need help..more on what i got planed but i'm building trust. and on that note. everyboyd needs to question everything, but expect know answers because the truth is inside us.."Truth shall set you free" yes it shall but it's a millions of years you must travel in the 3yrs we have remaining........and it will be rough for those who don't want to understand that don't want it to be true...but you know wat we don't allways get what we want??????or do we......ReHaB

posted on Jun, 6 2009 @ 08:32 PM
reply to post by rehab

Rehab. You keep sucking me back in! Good job. I have read the book of Enoch. Very interesting read to be sure. The translation and subsequent return and re-translation of Enoch really got me thinking. Personally, I am starting to believe in the (our) power of creation / suggestion, etc. Let us take time to create a paradise on Earth together. I just know that we have to do this in both dimensions if you catch my drift?!? Thanks again!

posted on Jun, 6 2009 @ 09:08 PM
Indeed I do Im' trying to develop my lucid dreaming and my astral plain travels I Am the travler. so to speak. I like trying to drawn in my spirt guides and my psychic trining are progressing. It takes alot of mental concentration but i have been referd to crazy as cazies can get "you know the wrap" But really It's almost to easy for me to fall in and out of the "4th" dimension I just have been Thinking all the time and not even try to make sense of any of it. because that s where we get things distorted. .....ReHaB

posted on Jun, 7 2009 @ 03:23 PM
Ok this just came to me?? Everyone keeps saying their is something wrong with my english and the way I write?

Just read some of my threads it kinnda hurts? but now I could care less...

"Wanna know why?"

If you only new me. It's like this I just started think all the time.I know this how . Do I really half to ans...

I love thinking "I am psychic" I hate man made words any more I have mastered Everyaspect of the english Language. And that ranges from English Major-all the way to slang- "I know it all" Plus I eben KNow a'lil bit of about 7 different languages. But any ways babies don't speak and we confuse the heck out of them by the time their 5 or 6. just do your own research, and look at where i'm comeing form yourself, and I promise that I will spell,reference,and well ECT,ECT,

"The bottom line, I got carried away, and I apologize."

"I love thinking, and I use more of my brain then the 10% were only supposed to . Please evryone be respectable, And I will slow down and make it "UNDER-STANDABLE"


posted on Jun, 13 2009 @ 03:53 PM
I am Truely sorry about the confusion in this post please just try to understand. . .Or please move on to A more recent "steady post"

I recive more and more wisdom as the days go. . . bye. . .


posted on Jun, 13 2009 @ 04:43 PM
reply to post by rehab

*reading the thread clearly
the answer is nearly

posted on Jun, 13 2009 @ 04:59 PM
You want questions? Sorry i dont have many questions at all. Not about things which will maybe happen or not. If you are longer here at ATS, you learn a lot. (I dont know how long you here, but thats not important..)

You said you are a time traveller? You write about things nobody can understand, cause they sound simple a little bit crazy? oh no matter
thats normal here.. Cause there is always somebody who know what you mean. Many people exit who had and have strange lifes. To have such lifes includes that you learn a lot. and if you stay in yourself..then you are not a traveller. or is it the splitting?
Thats my question
Can it be possible that a soul includes two souls? but not the two full souls, more like the half souls... and the connection is the fourth-dimension.
The question is why.
and answer is simple: be...

Nia the panda

posted on Jun, 13 2009 @ 05:17 PM
reply to post by rehab

hiya-man-i-agree-wiv-u-that-sumfing-is-goin-down-in-2012-as-wierd-fings-hav-happened2me-that-i-only-have-recently-been-able2add-up2-a-coherent-realisa tion-that-it-is-not-my-imagination?-what-i-would-lke-2ask-is-what-do-u-think-is-going2happen-as-i-have1or2theorys-that-i-dont-want2say-right-now-as-it -may-sound-a-wee-bit-craaayyzie???pls-post-as-i-would-imagine-u-dont-have-just-the-one-theory--wud-like2see-if-it-relates2mine-in-any-way???and-soz-ab t-the------my-space-bar-is-not-working-at-the-minute

posted on Jun, 13 2009 @ 05:29 PM
well all or most of my new replies are summing up what I believe and so on and so forth


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