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Need Advice: Getting ready to buy land...

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posted on Jun, 6 2009 @ 09:10 AM
reply to post by SharkBait

That's the plan. I'm looking to buy land that is bordering national forest preserve land where it will be easy to hit the deep woods/mountains when shtf.

I honestly thin we'll be alright for 2012. Maybe forced consciousness shift which will mostly effect the cities. Or perhaps it will be the start of crazy weather patterns, but then being in the mountains is good for this. Meteors no one is safe except in deep dwelling cave systems.

As far as community goes, I don't want it anything the size of hem Wako wacko's. I'm thinking no more than 3-6 small cob house spread out with survivalist and backup plan mentalities.

Yeah I know the Gov't can come in and take the land at anytime. That's true anywhere you go. But some place that's rather difficult to get to with a population of 1,000 or less, whats going to happen is the cities will get hit 1st then slowly spread to the suburbs then the country.

Not only that, in these small towns the cops are very well known and family members of the small population. They are more keen and weary of the Gov't bullsh** so they're more likely to give everyone else the heads up on what's coming.

Also what we can do is file a UCC redemption process. Basically you turn your own name into a legal entity and then you sue yourself for millions/billions. Then anyone else that ever comes after you for anything, including Gov (if we have have a partial legal system when the time comes), has to stand in line to collect any damages from you since the legal entity collects first

So if 2012 is just a conciousness shift, I'm thinking we got another 10-20 years before it all reaches boiling point. By then I'll have all my escape routes and stash caves setup.

posted on Jun, 6 2009 @ 09:20 AM
Check out all you can find on the "water rights" that are on the property and in the area.Here in Texas just because you "own land" does NOT mean you own the water rights and trust me,it WILL become a huge bugaboo in the future! They sell the "rights" as seperate business-offerings and it has nothing to do with the land owner.

Also check on the power lines: they are starting to put more of the "high-power" ones (and I don't know a lot about this...) that people "don't like" in more rural locations as opposed to in towns and cities...can cause property-devaluations and problems.

Make sure the title/survey are clear and legal:do NOT get into a situation,especially on "rough/un-developed property" where there's any issue as to what you "own" or not...just because there is a fence doens't mean it's the true-boundary!
Get a current survey.

Good Luck and it's great you're planning!!!
BTW: lots of great stuff grows here in South Texas besides cacti,LOL!

posted on Jun, 6 2009 @ 09:45 AM
I own 20 acres in the ozarks of north arkansas,so i would say arkansas.u can grow most crops here,lots of natrual springs,caves and indian rockhouses everywhere,hicory,pecan trees grow everwhere here,lots of wild foods as well.An noone ever thinks of arkansas,so us arkansans have it all to ourself.We have low property tax,i pay 25 dollors a year for 20 acres outa any city limmits.This area was once the home of many indian tribes,and the way the survived here is still very useable today.We have a LARGE amount of nationparks,The only dimond mine in N.america,the finest quartz crystals in Northamerica,we are over abundent in wild game,and woods.I personaly love it,noone talks about arkansas,and thats good,its our little secret eden!

posted on Jun, 6 2009 @ 09:46 AM
reply to post by RussianScientists

Springs don't "dry up" unless the watershed feeding it is so low that's there's no pressure to force it to breach. In any case, you'd tap the spring to the shed, which will naturally pressurize the water from the faucet. Especially after it's corked.

Be careful when you're buying land. Make sure you have mineral and water rights before you buy the property. It sounds crazy, but you can buy land and be restricted from reaping the benefits of it's natural resources because you weren't permitted certain "rights" by the broker, county, or state government.

1 acre is more than sufficient enough to feed a family year around. Chickens are easy enough to take care of as they pretty much take care of themselves as long as you have a shelter that keeps raccoons and coyotes out. I wouldn't even bother with dairy such as milk because it's a PITA that you can always order or even get locally in rural areas. As long as you have access to clean pressurized water, you should be good to go.

As an electrican, solar is the most viable means of energy off the grid as far as I'm concerned. The small home wind units produce decent wattage but not nearly enough amperage to power a house and it's functions, especially taking into consideration that you need an average of 14 mph average annual wind speed to operate at regular capacity, but I've seen 15,000 dollar solar set ups with battery back ups that are AWESOME. If you could get power to your house, you could pay the power company to run 3 phase "high voltage" to your house which would significantly decrease your power bill, especially if you paired up with a solar unit with battery, you probably wouldn't pay squat.

You should also think of a greenhouse, maybe even climate controlled for certain crops you couldn't grow year around. Invest in a good freezer system and a freeze dry/dehydrater.

Having seasonal game is a good thing to have also. I just like to see them hang around, but if you were looking for meat, a healthy deer would go a long way. Raising meat to for slaughter would be a hard thing for me, but some people do it and it's easy. Other people I know have tried it and hated it.

There's a lot to think about, man. Going off the grid is a pretty massive endeavor.

posted on Jun, 6 2009 @ 03:38 PM

Originally posted by SharkBait
It sounds like you got a nice plan and lots of advise from fellow ATS’s. Most everything has already been said except for one thing.

If you going to buy land. WHAT’S THE REASON. Before you can plan on a location what event are you planning for, or rather planning to avoid? Let me throw you a few Curve Balls.

2012-We’ll its been Debunked already, but lets play along. Mayan’s say some Big Planet like thing is going to come close to earth and cause our Earth to tilt and all kinds of things, Bringing about Earth quakes, Tsunamis ,meteors etc.

Firstly is your land far enough inland to avoid a Huge 100-200ft wave traveling miles inland- I think you said you’ll be near the mountains, so you o.k
2nd: Earthquakes, It has been said that Mountains are formed by land masses pushing against each other, so make sure you not too on top of the mountain or in an Earthquake zone. I read an Article some time back that said a large part of the East coast has an old dormant Earth quake belt underneath it. You’ll have to research this.
3rd :Meteors- well lets hope a big rock does not land on you home.

Nuclear fall out: If something happens to NYC you’ll be o.k. but if they Hit Norad or Houston. Our weather patterns comes your way. You might need to plan on a chemical suit.

New World Order: You should be o.k against Financial crash-you got your own food and place paid off, Disease induced Population reduction. Buy a Gun(a few) keep people off your property.-I would suggest Solar Power sensors on perimeters with camera’s –They’ll give you an early warning when someone is coming. Don’t forget the escape route.

Mark of the Beast- Here’s the real Problem- This is the only time where they’ll come looking for you. Out in the country is where they expecting People will go hide and do exactly what you doing. Remember Wako Texas-David Koresh –The wako from Wako who said he was Jesus. Well ATF were first on the case because of his Gun’s and so called Community he had set up. These Places are Magnets for the Police. You in the open, you easy to see and they can send Satellites to see what you up to. The same technology they use to check for oil and Minerals can find your under ground tunnels. The new Infrared scanners the Military have, can pick up heat signatures in dense Bush from high up.

The thing is you really cannot hide-You can avoid most all situations but not all. You’re place will be fine until they come looking for you then you’ll need to hit the mountains on foot living off the land for 3 ½ years.

Ok evryone read this and then reread this and keep rereading thins till you feel safe agin. I personally still fell rather safe beliveing in the feelings I have, and I don't Hate or even Dis-like you - Shark-bait. You have alot of usefull information to share. and I do Except all critisizim and if you would rather I don't quote you, plz U2U me and let me know and that will be that.

Now to my point. The Grand Canyon / here and on MARS -> Research Except for 4or 1ne Thing "It's 7x Bigger?"


posted on Jun, 8 2009 @ 12:46 PM
reply to post by Unit541

I agree with you isolation has always been our #1 priority. More cattle than people down here. Everything else has worked out.

In my part of the state water is more of an issue than firewood. We have an abundance of standing dead trees due to a beetle infestation.

Greenhouses are the way to go for us, conserving water and creating a humid environment for plants in this desert region. It's often the fierce dry winds that adversely impact our food crops. Greenhouses also protect plants from the cool summer nights we enjoy at this altitude.

One thing I would consider when buying land is the use of wood burning stoves in the area. Because of emissions some areas prohibit them.

I agree with Irishchic get a current survey. People have been shot over property lines here in Colorado. Make sure you own access. Some people buy land sandwiched between other property owners with no way in or out. As long as neighbors are agreeable this seems to work until the neighboring property gets sold or a dispute arises.

Where I am zoning laws are fairly lax in outlying areas. Some people live in boxcars out here. If we build something we still need permits and inspections but we can bring pretty much anything in that we want within reason, no junk yards or tire dumps.

Hope you find what you're looking for. My location may not be ideal for many but for us it's all we've wanted and are quite satisfied. Whatever adjustments or sacrifices we made to live out here has been more than worth it. Don't look back just do it!

posted on Jun, 18 2009 @ 06:10 PM

Originally posted by DrumsRfun
My advice is to make sure it is paid outright and not mortgaged so they can't take it away if it gets real bad.
It will be yours with nothing owing on it.
Thats my only sounds like you know what your doing tho.

agreed, personally it's alot less headaches after the fact too

soil, depends how your growing crops, as most my land is fairly rocky mountanous area, I've been starting to work more with hydroponics, mostly experimenting with what would work, between that and what i get from my greenhouse, I usually produce enough to feed myself, maybe a couple friends if they come calling around winter, and occasionally have enough left over for the local farmer's market.

If you could manage it too, i'd reccomend property with a large stream or creek runing through, good supply of fish, bigger waterways can push a waterwheel, and you can damn them up either for a water supply (boil or treat it first), fish pond, or maybe could rig up some sort of small turbines for power if you're mechanically inclined enough

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posted on Jun, 18 2009 @ 07:59 PM
I bought land in Missouri. 11 acres. With a well and a pond. I am about 7 miles outside of a town with a population of 2500. For some reason it has a walmart... It may the smallest walmart store you ever seen but it is there all the same ...for whatever thats worth.

Lots of Nut trees. LOTS. An abundance of wild life too.

I would not be to quick to discount Texas. If I could of found a good deal there I would of. The growing season down there is much better then here. West Texas is desert. East and north Texas is fertile farm land.... Although there are issues of military bases if thats a concern....I miss Texas. But I could not find a place in my price range with everything I wanted.

I made the move here back in January. The Dirt roads are hell on my tires. I use 6 ply and I still go through a 1 tire a month. Its because we have a high quartz concentration up here .

posted on Jun, 23 2009 @ 01:01 PM
reply to post by titorite

Hey Titiorite,
What kind of price did you pay for those 11 acres? You got neighbors close by or is pretty much super rural??

You are a lucky man t have that get away you know?? Must be nice. I'll be there too one day, getting closer and closer.

I'm also trying to keep in mind being as far away from any military bases, big major cities, and polluting factories like evil monsanto who spews out all types of poison into the rivers and streams of mother nature.

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