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Young Jews Spew Racist Anti-Obama Rants

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posted on Jun, 10 2009 @ 07:36 AM
reply to post by mopusvindictus

You might be on to something with your assumed/suspected disconnect but you ignore the fact that the insanity/hatred is expressed in either actions and/or words at every level of the society. If this was just a few drunk punks flexing their egos and blowing off steam i'd say you were on target, but the reality is much darker... they are expressing a sentiment that perverts and impermiates the collective, in large part due to the government's encouragement/endorsement.

Knesset (parliament) member Yaakov Katz, head of the National Union party, said Wednesday that US President Barack Obama's repeated calls for halting the expansion of Jewish settlements in the West Bank is "nothing less than anti-Semitism," Israel's Arutz Sheva reported.

He also accused the White House of following the path of his predecessors in stunting the growth of the population of Jewish people in the West Bank.

Katz says calling on Tel Aviv to freeze settlement activities means denying the Jewish people the right to give birth.


Earlier Wednesday, right-wing activists allegedly set fire to Palestinian fields near Shavei Shomron following the dismantlement of Ramat Migron and Maoz Esther.

Firefighters called by the Civil Administration extinguished the blaze that police suspect was started by the activists.

In addition, settlers threw stones at Palestinian vehicles near Havat Gilad. There were no casualties or damage, and no arrests were made.


Doctored photos of US President Barack Obama wearing a kaffiyah (traditional Arab headdress) with a caption reading "Jew-hating anti-Semite" will be circulated in the coming days by Israeli right-wing activists in protest of the growing US pressure on Israel to halt settlement activity, even that which is attributed to "natural growth."

The activists, Ynet has learned, plan to circulate another doctored photo showing Obama shaking hands with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad against the backdrop of a nuclear explosion. The heading reads "Yes, We Can."


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posted on Jun, 10 2009 @ 02:12 PM
I have to completely agree...

My lash on the thread, basically amounts to

"Why even put this out into the collective unconscious by distributing it into the media in such a manner"

Some have proposed that TRUTH comes out when you drunk... perhaps, but truth is momentary, we all have moments where we say and think terrible things, particulalry when first confronted with a perceived insult, slight, fear etc, etc...

I found this tape vile... not because of what was being said, when confronting ab bunch of drunk Jewish young adults (sort of) with an insult to them and recording the response...

But rather because the content author chose to .... generate further hate

and yeah, it goes straight up the ladder

TRUTH is... Obamas speech wasn't slanted against the Jews...

it was only perceived that way because he chose to not visit Israel as well in tandem and make the point clear that he wasn't abandoning them...

so now it goes all the way up the ladder

I GET what your saying... 100% correct, this sort of thing will Travel through hearts and minds...

What happens when Obama sees it, hears himself called an N word on it... how does that change or CREATE the very thing these Jewish Youths fear?

This tape... serves a Cause

That Cause is perpetuation of an ignorant cycle of Hate... and it gets my goat, that what was ONCE the liberal, mentally capable part of our society can latch on to it... and fall right into the cycle of Hate going off about how awful these Jews are...

It's no different than when conservatives fall into seeing a protest in Iran and come to a conclusion that all members of Islam are Evil...

but really people in general are just reactionary...

In the end...

It wont be the Nukes that cause the demise of a civilization

It will be people buying into stuff like this, taking people out of context, creation of inflammatory material purely for the purpose of generating a cycle of anger and reaction

The guys that MADE this... want you to hate Jews...

Other people make stuff that make you want to Hate Arabs

In the end...

Falling for this nonsense getting drawn in... is the source of the violence and Hate, not the people themselves

It is shameful to display and promote this kind of material... directed at anyone...

More shameful to buy into it and use it to form ideas

posted on Jun, 10 2009 @ 02:52 PM

Originally posted by mopusvindictus
The guys that MADE this... want you to hate Jews...

Other people make stuff that make you want to Hate Arabs

This is a matter of interpretation, which you have baselessly assumed the worst of intentions. If they had added a commentary that spun the content/context in such a direction, then i'd agree... but instead they just provided the footage open ended. May take was that it was provided as food for thought, a red flag that there is something seriously wrong.

Falling for this nonsense getting drawn in... is the source of the violence and Hate, not the people themselves.

I see no deception here or source of violence/hate except in terms of these guys being the product of their environment.

It is shameful to display and promote this kind of material... directed at anyone...

More shameful to buy into it and use it to form ideas.

It's simply a slice of life... reality... that most don't want to acknowledge, but here it is for all to see the ugly truth. Why kill the messenger... by advocating everyone to "hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil". How can we 'deny ignorance' if we have our heads in the sand?

Whether you like it or not, such raw unfiltered records of human behavior are key to raising people's awareness. This thread is a testament to that fact.

posted on Jun, 10 2009 @ 03:02 PM
It is No assumption, it is a tape, that is five minutes long at best FILTERED

How long were these individuals out with a camera? How many people did they interview? 3x as many 10 x as many? 100 x as many?

I use a Camera for the internet almost daily... I make NO ASSUMPTION here, that when you go out and conduct interviews, even in the most biased locations during the worst of times, you encounter a wide variety of response...

This IS as surely slanted by CHOICE of who and which responses to portray on tape as the worst of anything I have ever seen, it represents 4-5 responses, placed together to paint a picture an intentional picture that presents the view point of the Author of the tape and a handful of people he chose to highlight in this video

posted on Jun, 10 2009 @ 05:19 PM
Maybe it's best to go to the source, instead of making assumptions and speculations on the intentions of those behind the camera. Here is what investigative journalist Philip Weiss, who was responsible for promoting the video clip, had to say. is why his video is important journalism: because it reveals an essential component of Israeli and Zionist society that has largely been covered up.

You can argue about Blumenthal's method all night long. I won't be there for that argument. Is the video somewhat sensational? Of course. But the views expressed are shocking, and, while they are obviously cherrypicked, they are representative of a real current in Israeli society; and a journalist who is on to something important should have the freedom to highlight shocking stuff. That's how journalism works. You don't show readers your out-takes.

Does drunkenness matter? Not really. It didn't exonerate Mel Gibson. And as to the comparison to the frat boys that Sacha Baran Cohen set up on his bus in Borat, plying them with liquor, imagine if Cohen had been touring the south during the days of segregation and had produced such film, would anyone have objected? Of course not. Jim Crow needed to be explained by exploring the underlying racist attitudes. The cruel Israeli occupation, which is so utterly contemptuous of Palestinian existence, must also be explained; and these attitudes explain it.
Blumenthal has now done his part to show that murderous racism is a real current in Israeli society, and among the American Zionists who rally to Israel. The shocking quality of his video may be a rhetorical necessity: in bringing the news home to Americans in a way that so many reasonable blogposts have failed to do. ...

The rage at the video is evidence of the denial about Israeli extremism that has pervaded the American discourse forever.

...A Jewish anti-Zionist friend of mine says he has a policy, No Jew left behind. He means that even as he opposes Israeli policies, he wants to look out for the Jews. I feel the same kind of tribal loyalty. Jews have made a terrible error in Israel by fostering racist policies; and it will require the vigorous efforts of enlightened American Jews to save them. Blumenthal's video is a wake-up call.


and hear is what the filmmaker had to say...

Joseph Dana, one of the co-creators of the video above, has written the following to explain why he and Max Blumenthal made the video, and what he thinks it shows:

It’s about entitlement, stupid.

Max and I went on to the streets of Jerusalem at ten o’clock on a Wednesday to ascertain the feelings of the young population about Obama’s upcoming speech in Cairo. As is often the case, the streets of central Jerusalem were not filled with native Israelis but American Jews. Doubtlessly anyone who has visited Jerusalem has encountered the droves of American Jewish kids that are sent to Israel to study for a period of time from Teaneck or Westchester. We asked people a simple question, “What do you think of Obama and Israel?” Most of the people that we talked to were dual American Israeli citizens. The answers in this video reflect the education and worrisome perspectives that many American Jews harbor towards Israeli politics. The sense of entitlement that the American Jewish community has when it comes to Israeli policy is on full raw display in the words of these young adults.

Based on our interviews these people were from high socio economic backgrounds and had developed thoughts about current Israeli politics. The question is why more journalists are not covering this story. All you have to do is walk the streets of Jerusalem and you will find dozens of people that harbor the same beliefs. As a resident of Jerusalem, I can say that the people represented in this video are not members of a fringe group or simply drunk college kids. These people reflect the sentiments shared by many people in this country and this city. These people and their families are the core of the opposition to meaningful peace between Israel and her neighbors. This is what Obama is up against.


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posted on Jun, 10 2009 @ 07:53 PM
reply to post by The All Seeing I

Who cares who the source is, what background they have, what religion, credentials or anything else...

What the thinker thinks, the prover proves...

I can assure you If I as a Jew, went to Pakistan right now and attempted to make a video of Islamic's and hell bent on the destruction of Isreal, I could go, make that tape and prove the point.

Likewise... If as a jew, I went to pakistan and set out to prove that Islamics actually had very simple desires and sought peace with the Jews, I could likewise prove that point as well

No Journalist is immune to his or her own thoughts, few at the least... being a jew I often have negative feelings to some other jews and aspects of judaism, if I set out to make a point, I could make it and all the information in the world to back it up could be produced...

Interview Nyers about Islam the day after 9-11

You would have a very easy time convincing the Islamic world that all Nyers sought the destruction of Islam, particularly if you went to the BARS to make the tape...

Often on our News, Fox, CNN we will see... Hundreds of thousands of people in Iran burning a US and Israeli Flag...

But all that matters is the CONTEXT

There are...

80 MILLION Iranians... our media is just as guilty of sensationalism...

My attack is not on the individual filmmaker it's the genre, the method

It's like interviewing Gangsta rappers on a street level in Compton while high on crack as to Black views on White People...

Again, what the thinker thinks the prover proves...

and yes Weiss above Proves, that Drunk Jews drinking between the ages of 18-21 will talk _____ when confronted with personal and hostile topic matters

But again, I guarantee, a Objective sampling of the population would gather an equal number of rational response under the right non volatile circumstances...

Again, what the thinker thinks the prover proves, this IS how the human mind works...

This tape shows...5-6 groups of drunk post adolescents confronted with a topic of war, anyone would be talking smack at that point, anyone at all...

You throw out who did this like it matters... what are they a MASTER? Do they hold the title Guru? Are they immune to bias and complicated programs in their head that seek to create equlibrium between thought and actuality?


It's a dope with a degree of some sort and a camera, who probably....never learned that much in college in the first place...

In any scientific study... the very presence of alcohol would invalidate any of these findings, the lack of a control, a true demographic, variable locations and times...

It has no bearing... no meaning beyond the message the author wished to convey, it is useless information

Same as the tapes of Iranians burning Flags...

so... 200,000 Iranians give enough of a flying fart about Jews to protest...

Meanwhile, the other 78,800,000 are home hoping those 200,000 don't cause too much trouble feeding their kids and don't...maybe don't LIKE Jews... but don't give a damn either way... so long as they are left alone

I guarantee you, even after cheery picking these few interview for the volatile nature of the response and by going to exactly where and when he was sure to get a volatile response, those same Jews, when they go back to AMERICA lol where half seemed to come from... go to their local Circle K and banter friendly like with Islamic's and don't actually give a good gosh darn about the issue... except when approached with it as threatening

Break it down to the real... you can make all the tapes you want on either side

there is a singular truth

If Jews had wished to exterminate Islamics, in any way, at any time in the last 50 years they could have pushed the button...

so if these things are true...why does mecca stand?

Likewise, if even a remotely significant portion of Islam was bent on destruction, with 9 Million in the United States, we'd have blown a few Reactors and Lost a couple of cities by now...

IT is IMAGES, painting the picture the ARTIST wishes to portray, nothing more, it has NO bearing on reality... no matter which side commits this kind of atrocity and tries to convince people of any pov

In the end, I think this kind of exploitation, when we do it, they do it or anyone does it... lends to us that, it is good advice to not worship Idols, a Tenant of religion that all 3 religions that worship a singular deity agree upon and for good reason.

posted on Jun, 10 2009 @ 08:27 PM
hoooolyeeee crap... that was one crazy ass rant

...i am nearly speechless and in awe... as in 'shock and awe'

sorry i had no idea there was so much baggage there bubbling underneath

All i can say in reply that summarizes my point is this... in order for us to deny ignorance, we must first and foremost expose it... and that is exactly what this video is doing.

posted on Jun, 10 2009 @ 08:45 PM
reply to post by The All Seeing I


your promoting it... it's an inappropriate sample, hand picked by choice, taken out of context after an inflammatory event while under the influence of alcohol with absolute no opposing view presented which surely could have been gathered at the time...

and, I don't appreciate you speculating on my personal issues, as at this point all others have opted out of this discussion for almost 24 hrs

Like I said, what the thinker thinks, the prover proves... you wish to believe 5-6 a drunk teens represents part of a society in a meaningful way, than that is the reality you choose to live in and what you wish others to believe and there is nothing i can say or do to dissuade you beyond...

It's a poor excuse for journalism

I can add only one other thing...

If nothing else, watching these senseless attacks, contrived interviews, phony rabbis, extremists etc... pushed on ats by those with agendas...

This has given me something

A profound sense of what many Islamics go through when the same is done to their people and a deeper understanding of how contrived and false and surreal the actuality of this whole fight really is...

so for that, I thank those who make garbage like this... it has increased my empathy for others who suffer the same indignities and has made me a better more aware person

G'night, enjoy the last word if you so choose to, I tire of dignifying what amounts to complete tripe and propaganda designed to elicit a reactionary response... In the end The best I can ever hope for when approaching threads and videos of this nature is to become angry myself and in doing so provide support to the irrational claims being made via one sided journalism.

posted on Jul, 3 2009 @ 06:40 AM
It is what it is. Don't make excuses for them. You didn't make excuses for Mel Gibson.

Check it out while you still can...

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