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Project "Home" by Luc Besson

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posted on Jun, 4 2009 @ 08:10 PM
This is about a Movie-Project about us and how we live on our planet and the important changes we have to make in the next 10 years produced Yann Arthus-Bertrand und Luc Besson
I've just seen a glimps of it but as far as i know its narrated in English.

Official Site

Watch the full movie on YouTube


[edit on 4-6-2009 by D0MiNAT0R 1OOO]

posted on Jun, 4 2009 @ 09:33 PM
Great find! A star and flag for you.

I must say that I look forward to seeing it. Though far from an Eco-Freak I believe we need to put the breaks on ruining good old Spaceship Earth and give her a little more TLC. She is the only ship in the fleet we have :-)

By the way, I may have to add your signature line to mine as a counterweight... cheers.

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