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Former elected official now lobbying for China

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posted on Jun, 4 2009 @ 10:40 AM
Paid by nothing more than tax payer money these former elected officials are working for the Chinese and Idian governments to undermine the America working force.

Their training was provided by the Government of the US and then paid by tax payer.

Now some members in congress are putting a team together to track down this traitors to the American work force.

But I don't hold my breath on this one.

The Chinese defense team is filled with former American trade officials and government staffers, who left their public positions for private employment as lobbyists for interest groups. The Chinese obviously want to influence the ITC ruling in their favor and, according to the USW and the associated team of U.S. Representatives, are able to accomplish this by employing individuals who still have influence in Washington policymaking.

In their letter to the Government Accountability Office, the Representatives claim that federal employees receive finely tuned training and expertise all at taxpayers expense, and that it is a breach of their social responsibility to use their acquired tools against the public.

Don't you love how this politicians are now giving the finger to America in favor of foreign agendas and money?

The United States is in a state of outright economic collapse and our government is unable to work toward solutions. Much of this has to do with the revolving-door in Washington, which produces highly trained and intimately connected officials who use their expertise for the sake of a special few.

Got to love what our own government is creating in Washington.

Present Procedure – From Government Officials to Special-Interest Lobbyists

A Troubling Trend: Former U.S. Trade Officials Who Lobby for Foreign Importers

USW Presents Trade Case on China Tire Imports Jun. 2

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posted on Jun, 4 2009 @ 11:42 AM
Bless you marg6043 for sharing this.

Too many people are asleep at the television remote, and for some reason they can't seem to see what is exactly happening to our nation. and who is doing it.

Even our highest political officials shamelessly serve foreign interests (I'm reminded of Secretary Clinton's pronouncement that Human Rights will not stand in the way of US-Chinese relations.)

I hope many people see this. It's important to know WHY we are losing jobs to oversees, especially since it the political and financial operatives who are 'incentivizing' the larger companies to leave with extra tax-breaks and other benefits; despite their corporate citizen status as Americans.

posted on Jun, 4 2009 @ 12:59 PM
reply to post by Maxmars

Since I did a thread a few years ago about who is lobbying for the American people this problems has gotten worst. The lobbying is now open and outrageous, it seems that is Ok to be a traitor the nation of birth as long as is money to be made.

From the blatant bail outs at the expenses of tax payer to support corporate greed to now ex politicians working for everybody else but the American people that elected them and put then in power is just nothing but traitors in the white House and congress.

And nobody is working for the people to fix the problem, and those than try are always behind agendas of their own.

We are becoming the world example of what a corrupted democracy and capitalism can do for the few selected pocket books and wallets.

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